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8 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets (Review)

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Safety is the first thing any rider should consider before hopping on a motorcycle. One of the ways to guarantee on-bike safety is to wear the best motorcycle helmets. Whether you choose motorcycle racing helmetsdirt bike helmets, or ATV helmets, you could combine protection with beauty to make your outing livelier and more exciting.

That is why you need the coolest motorcycle helmets that do not compromise safety for style, or vice versa. Many riders rarely think aesthetics is essential when it comes to donning safety gear, especially helmets. But that is not entirely cool because riding is both fun and activity. As a rider, you must strike a balance between the two.

NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle...
Nitrinos Black Full Face Motorcycle Street...
SHARK Helmets DRAK Blank Matte
NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet
Nitrinos Black Full Face Motorcycle Street Helmet
SHARK Helmets DRAK Blank Matte
NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle...
NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet
Nitrinos Black Full Face Motorcycle Street...
Nitrinos Black Full Face Motorcycle Street Helmet
SHARK Helmets DRAK Blank Matte
SHARK Helmets DRAK Blank Matte

Even while you may want to wear cool motorcycle helmets, the challenge often is the availability of what is truly cool. Don’t forget the word ‘cool’ is a relative term and implies that what is cool to rider A may be annoying to rider B.

I have done this here to provide you with a variety of attractive options that are difficult to repel when the list of the coolest motorcycle helmets is rolled out. The market can frustrate at times, especially when it comes to picking the best.

You can be sure that this list will open you up to the right guys to ride safely while maintaining the cool and gentle look you deserve even in the hot, scorching sun.

Let’s take a look at the 8 best motorcycle helmets in the market:

1. NENKI NK-856 Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

You might not like the end of the Iron Man in the ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ but if you’d got his suit and donned the Nenki Motorcycle Helmet, you’ll be replicating the exactly beautiful physique of Tony Stark.

While you’ll have your safety intact, you will also maintain the Iron Man’s cool look as you hop on your newly acquired Harley Davidson cruiser. This is the helmet for a red hot day.

It features incredibly looking red and gold colors, giving you a recognizable and stand-out appearance from the crowd.  

Your protection is assured when you wear this helmet because it’s made from shell-expanded polystyrene material. This material is injected with fiberglass to absorb and reduce impact in the case of a crash.

The helmet also comes with an iridium-made dual visor that is slick, easy to switch and use. The screen is also anti-scratch to ensure the gear doesn’t scratch while offering a broad perspective. It allows horizontal and lateral vision. There is also an inner sun shield that is attached to the clear exterior visor.


This is not a helmet to deny you quality breathing space or sandwiched between you between inconvenience and difficulty breathing. This is because it is built with multiple vents for optimum natural airflow and ventilation. Plus, the inner liner is both removable and washable for quality cleanliness and hygiene.

Key Features & Specs

  • Lightweight (1 lb) and durable
  • Multiple vents for airflow and breath
  • Removable and washable interior liner
  • DOT approved

2. Nitrinos Cat Ears Motorcycle Street Helmet

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets 2

As much as you think about safety, you must also think about how good and fresh your appearance looks when you’re putting on your motorcycle helmet. While it is not every time you have to look weird and scary, sometimes you may want to entertain pet lovers. And I think it’s not out of place to do that.

If until now you don’t have a motorcycle helmet that makes you look like a cat while riding, it’s time you turned your attention to the Nitrinos Motorcycle Street Cat Helmet. Indeed, you will attract some fun attention to yourself.

This full-face motorcycle helmet is a product made from the famous and most-used ABS plastic material. That is a perfect material for forming the helmet, considering that it is lightweight, durable, and impact- and abrasion-resistant.

The Nitrinos Cat Helmet features cat ears that make you look prominent among many other riders. With this, you become the cynosure of all eyes, making every passerby turn to you with that ‘mewing’ sound. 

You don’t have to worry about the traffic cop’s presence on the road because the helmet is fully certified by the Department of Transport (DOT). It also meets ECE and EN safety requirements.


It also features incredible venting in both ears as well as on the helmet’s shell. You have the freedom to choose a custom fit that is safe, elegant, and multi-sized because the helmet comes in a range of colors and sizes. It comes in transparent, black, and rainbow colors.

Key Features & Specs:

  • Looks cool with cat ears
  • DOT/ ECE/EN certified
  • Made from advanced ABS plastic material
  • Comes in multiple sizes and colors
  • Lightweight (3.64 pounds), durable, and comfortable

3. SHARK X-DRAK Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets 3

If you’re searching for the coolest motorcycle helmet that assures both safety and a cool look, the Shark Helmet X-Drak Helmet should be the first to think about.

Sometimes, regular bikes are not always what you need to catch many other road users’ attention. With a helmet that comes with a removable face mask that looks exactly like the mouth of a Shark, you can be sure nothing seems more incredibly kingly than the Shark X-DRAK.

This open-face takes on a neo-retro look that confers on you that unique personality. While you look amazing with the new face that the mask gives you, you also stay safe and secure in place, even at speeds.

Despite the mask, you’re fully assured of sufficient airflow with the top, front, and sides all adequately vented to provide you with safety. Don’t forget, the vents are adjustable, allowing you to open and close them at will. 

You may also want to listen to your favorite tune from the music library. The Shark X-Drak Open-Face Helmet features a built-in Sharktooth wireless system that you can connect your smartphone, tablet, MP3, or any other music player.

Overall, this oval-shaped model boasts a sleek design, a slim outer shell, and an elegant look to amplify its low-profile feature.


Key Features & Specs:

  • Infectious neo-retro appearance
  • Adjustable vent for sufficient airflow
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Lightweight (4.8lbs) and strong
  • DOT certified

4. AGV K3 Street Motorcycle Helmet

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets 4

Nothing beats the road and sends some chill down the spine of a traffic cop rather than a rider inside a cool-looking helmet that confers a sort of presidential stature on them.

The next item on our list of the coolest motorcycle helmets is the Street Motorcycle Helmet from AGV, a well-known brand that will always feature the best motorcycle accessories and gear list.

Made with the creative innovation of AGV, a brand known for its production of fantastic racing helmets, this helmet is something you will be proud of each time you don it and take your bike directly to the paved roads.   

With a funky design adorned with colorful shades, this helmet pops with bursts of color. It not only gives you attention from passersby but also makes you look terrific.

The outer shell features a thermoplastic resin construction known for its high resistance to impact and the elements. You are not only thinking of looking porch inside your helmet but also safe in the event of a crash.

What’s more, the AGV K3 Dreamtime Street Helmet comes with an aerodynamic shape that offers you that freedom to bend and move past the corners uphill, downhill, and on top of the rocky steeps the fear of being held back.


Thanks to the incredible Finite Dreamtime Analysis technology, it comes in a range of sizes, featuring four EPS optimized sizes. Plus, the helmet is equipped with enough vents to provide quality airflow and ventilation, thanks to its tested wind tunnel

Overall, it is anti-fog and resistant to scratch as it is made with a GT 2 polycarbonate face shield that also features PVS for enhanced sealing and safety while you ride.

Key Features & Specs:

  • Anti-fog, scratch-resistant
  • Multiple (4) EPS sizes
  • Aerodynamic in shape
  • Solid wind tunnel
  • Lightweight (1 lb) and durable

5. AutoPDR Vintage Leather Motorcycle Helmet

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets 5

The guy that occupies the fifth slot on our list of motorcycle helmets that offer the coolest look and optimal safety is the Vintage Motorcycle Helmet from Autopdr. This brand won’t stop fantastic shoppers all over the world.

Featuring a lightweight ABS shell, the AUTOPDR Vintage Leather Helmet is one of its kind as it offers you the comfort you need while riding. You will also enjoy the ease of donning and doffing.

Besides, this is a helmet that also features an EPS buffer zone designed to protect you against the effects of an injury. You don’t have to worry about any impact in the event of a crash or dread the elements when you’re out inside this fantastic helmet.

What’s more, the AutoDPR helmet is made of premium leather material and equipped with built-in UV-protected goggles that can prevent flying insects, dust, dirt, or pebbles from penetrating your eyes freely. You know the fatal danger of getting bugs into the eyes when riding.

With a soft, breathable inner lining, comfort is the second name for this bike. The coating is not only designed for a fresh and cool breath, but it is also adjustable so that the helmet is snugly fit and customizable for your size. After all, your noggin needs all the comfort it can get while in your bike’s saddle.


Key Features & Specs:

  • Lightweight ABS premium leather shell
  • Impact-resistant and adjustable lining
  • Built-in UV-protected goggles
  • Lightweight(2.8 pounds) and snug fit

6. 1Storm Motorcycle Bike Full Face Helmet

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets 6

Whether you talk about safety, fresh looks, or incredibly comfort-conscious design, you cannot have a list of the coolest motorcycle helmets that will exclude models from 1Storm. It’ll not only amount to injustice, but it will be a disservice to riders who need to look cool and safe on their ride.

Coming with the Full-Face Helmet, 1Storm has again justified why it has maintained its name and quality over the years. This model features an impressive design, thanks to its glowing red and black colors that often pop up to inform fellow riders and passersby of your presence.

If that doesn’t send some chills down the spine of an already fearful competitor, this incredible helmet is equipped with a Terminator-style robot design. If you had seen any of the main actors of the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark, you can imagine how you would look.

The easy-to-control visor is amazingly designed with a glossy finish, protecting you also from Ultraviolet rays. You can be sure you won’t have the sun obstructing your vision as you ride on it. Besides the safety that the visor offers, it also comes super stylish and cool-looking.

Now, let’s turn our attention to other features that will make your urge for this helmet hastier. It boasts an ultra-lightweight shell that reflects the properties a typical top-quality motorcycle helmet should possess.

The helmet’s shell comes from an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy material that ensures durability, sturdiness, and top-strength impact resistance. This construction also offers an excellent shape to the product.  


That’s not all. The 1Storm Motorcycle helmet brags an interior lining that is both comfy and adequately padded for fresh breath. You can remove and wash the lining for cleanliness and hygiene. Plus, there are multiple ventilation openings for sufficient airflow.

You cannot miss out on this helmet because it offers more features that include a quick-release button to secure the helmet in place and make doffing a breeze. It doesn’t feature the complex strapping and buckling that is associated with many helmet models.

Key Features & Specs:
  • Super stylish and ultra-lightweight (4 pounds)
  • Removable and washable interior lining
  • Heavily cushioned interior
  • Aerodynamic shape and design
  • 3-level vent control

7. LS2 Full-Face Motorcycles & Powersports Helmet

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets 7

Riding is both fun and safe. While you prioritize safety, you should not downplay the need for you to look good, cool, and, if need be, scary and weird sometimes. LS2 Helmets is the right brand that will offer you all of those features and make riding a great experience.

With the evolution of the Powersports and Motorcycle Helmet, LS2 has proven once again why it is the best you can turn to when you need the coolest motorcycle helmet in a heavily saturated market of motorcycle accessories and gear.

This full-face helmet features a range of colors, shapes, styles, and sizes that customize a walk in the park. You don’t have to worry about the shades of color or shape because this helmet offers all that you need in this regard.

Being a full-face helmet implies that safety is nothing to worry about using this model as full-face helmets are ideal for maximum protection while on the bike. Plus, the helmet features a scratch-resistant face shield.

It is designed from a durable and top-strength high-pressure thermoplastic material that boasts a high resistance to impact and pressure in the event of a crash. 


Besides, it comes with an anti-fog shield that provides you with the ultimate view when you’re out on those crazily misty days. Using the sun shield is quite easy and effortless because, with the press of a button, you can quickly drop it down and up as you need and at your convenience.

What’s more, this oval-shaped LS2 Motorcycle and Powersport Helmet also feature a quick-release chin strap that helps to keep your helmet securely in place. It also relieves the pressure when you need to take it off. There is also a removable and washable fabric interior lining.

Key Features & Specs:

  • Removable and washable interior lining
  • Lightweight (4 pounds) and durable
  • Shield drop-down design
  • Resistant to impact and weather conditions
  • High-pressure thermoplastic construction

8. Scorpion EXO-R320 Street Motorcycle Helmet

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets 8

The last guy to make the list of coolest motorcycle helmets is this model from Scorpion. You’d agree that Scorpion is a brand to gun for shoppers and riders familiar with the industry.

This is an affordable product in the market, but its features beat off a lot of competitors. First off, its primary shades are blue and black colors, but you’re not limited to these.

It features a face shield that boasts an anti-fog design made from EverClear trademark. The shield fronts jet black color and will save your view from the mist’s impact that forms on the helmet shield.

The interior lining is both washable and removable for cleanliness and proper hygiene. The lining is made from KwikWick liner fabric. This helps to keep away moisture buildup.

It also features an aero-tuned vent system that offers excellent and free airflow for fresh and cool breath. The quick-release vent and locking face shield lever make it easy for application. The cheek pads are made from KwikFit material that allows you to don your eyeglasses.


Overall, this helmet enjoys DOT approval because it meets and exceeds the FMVSS 218 safety standard.

Key Features & Specs:

  • Anti-fog face shield
  • The washable and removable inner lining
  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Lightweight (4.8 pounds) and cool

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets Guide & FAQs

Design & Graphics

Before you buy the coolest motorcycle helmet, make sure it is one that features an incredible design, assessing it from infectious graphics. On our list, Helmets allow you to wear different kinds of looks and graphics, including weird, cool, scary, calm, friendly, feminine, childish, and sometimes predatory. Does your helmet make you have a character’s semblance in an action movie, fantasy, horror, thriller, or romance? Or does it relate to a real-life personality?

Color and Size variety

A typical motorcycle helmet that will boast cool features must come in multiple colors and sizes. This will give you the freedom to choose the one that suits your outlook, outfit, and personality. You must not compromise on the custom fit of your helmet. So, look for one that features a range of sizes.

Material for Build

 There is a need always to prioritize safety over coolness. So, in choosing the coolest motorcycle helmet, ask yourself if it is made of top-quality and vintage material. Durable and robust helmets are made of thermoplastic shell, advanced ABS plastic, or premium leather.


Just as you should desire safety, comfort is also equally crucial. A helmet that features resistance to fog and scratch and is UV-protected always provides the needed comfort. It also comes with built-in hands-free communication systems, drop-down shields, moisture-wicking features, and a quick-release strapping system.

DOT approval

Here is the truth: if the Department does not approve your helmet for Transport, it is illegal for street use. What it also means is that it fails the safety standards of DOT. And there is no point in using a helmet that cannot guarantee you the capacity to reduce, resist, or eliminate impact when there is a crash. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the coolest motorcycle helmet? 

You won’t regret if you choose any of the items on our list here. They are the best the market is proud of and will deliver incredible performance to you. Do not be carried away by the price. Some helmets are cheap but top-quality. You can go ahead and pick your choice from the list.

Q: Should I sell my used motorcycle helmet? 

No. it is both illegal and unfair to sell a used motorcycle helmet to a fellow rider. Most used helmets are worn out and may have damaged or lost their compliance with safety standards.

Q: Are coolest motorcycle helmets the safest to use? 

Not necessarily. A helmet can look cool but not safe for use and vice versa. You need to figure out if the cool helmet gets the approval of DOT. While it is advisable to go for a cool motorcycle, make sure it meets all safety requirements.


Having looked at the coolest motorcycle helmets the market offers, you can make an informed decision as to which of these models to go for. You won’t go wrong choosing any of the items on this list. You must not ride on the street without a helmet. Apart from the illegality, you must consider your safety and that of other road users.

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