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How To Debadge a Car Like a Boss

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A lot of folks are starting to remove the badging from their vehicles for various reasons. If you don’t know how to do this, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. It’s your vehicle, and you didn’t steal it; you purchased it with your hard-earned money; we believe you are at liberty to transform it in whatever way that pleases you. If you want to remove the unnecessary writings that are badges, you can remove them.

Some say it helps improve the appearance of your vehicle when you remove the debadge. How can go about debadging your car? Here’s what this article is about. You’ll learn everything that you should know.  

What Does Debadging Mean?

Debadging is simply as the name suggests; it entails removing the metal plates containing writings about a vehicle’s model, brand, and any other writings located at the front and back of a vehicle. Car owners carry out this process for any of the following reasons: To make the vehicle appear different and unique from all others in the vicinity. To make the vehicle appear more beautiful, well-polished, and ‘stainless.’ To ‘declare’ full ownership of the car.

The badges on your car are placed there in a variety of methods. You want to figure out how these badges are attached. Those using adhesives may be more difficult to remove but removing them is easier than those attached with screws.

How to Debadge a Car?

If you are a fan of the debadging concept but do not know how to go about it, here is a quick rundown of the entire process. You do not have to meet an automotive engineer before ‘modifying’ your car. You could spare your budget the extra bucks.

To be able to successfully remove badges from your vehicle, three basic steps are involved. However, for easier breakdown, the steps can be subdivided into five.  

Meanwhile, to completely remove the badges from your vehicle, you need the following items: Heat gun, Flex polisher, Hot water, Adhesive, Fishing line, Thermos, Microfiber cloth/towels, and Plastic razor blades.

  • Determine How the Badges Were Placed On The Car

This will enable you to identify what method will be best for removing them. Check up the manufacturer manual or maybe the internet for this information. If they’re attached with glues or adhesives, you can simply apply a different solution whereas with screws and nuts it’s a different process.

 If you are dealing with glues, there would be no holes on the vehicle’s body when you are done. But if you are dealing with nuts and screws, there would be holes in the vehicle’s body later on. So, you could need paint to cover up the area when you are removing badges fixed with nuts.

  • Commence Heating of the Glue

Are you working with the glue? You will need to heat it. Heating the glue helps to soften it for easy removal. You could add some steamed water or point a hair drier directly on the points of the fixture. This procedure could require you to take some protective measures, so you do not get burned.

This method usually takes long before the glue softens, but eventually, you would be glad at your result.

If the badges were fastened by any other means apart from glue, it is best to allow an expert to do the job so that you do not end up spoiling the paint and creating more problems for your new car.

  • Remove the Badge

After the adhesive has relaxed, its intensity could use any of the following options to remove the car’s badge. Neither of these options would damage the paint on your car surface, nor would they damage the badge if you decide to reinstall the badge in the future.

  • Clean & Wax the debadged area

With the aid of soap, clean water, and sponge, thoroughly wash the car debadge region. After the glue has been removed you can leave the area dry and apply a thin layer of wax. If you apply the wax in a circular motion it will create a sparkle look in that area.

  • Detach all the Remaining Adhesives

The last step in the process of removing the car debadge is to apply a special adhesive removing solvent that will help with sustaining the new layer.

Now you know how to remove badges from a car like how the professionals do it. If you follow these simple steps, the whole process will be fairly easy. There will also be less risk of you damaging your car’s finish or the badge you want to remove.

Make sure you clean and rinse the area where the residual adhesive has been removed. This is to completely remove any trace of glue left on the car. You can also polish the necessary areas where you have debadged.

Final Thoughts

You may not be a boss or a professional in auto repairs, but you can the best you can when it comes to or debadging without spoiling your car. you do not necessarily have to visit a pro shop before you can remove the badge on your vehicle. What a pro will do is to ensure there are no holes left behind. Plus, they will also not allow the vehicle’s paint to get damaged. You can remove the badges from motorcycles as well.

With common items and once you can follow these steps and procedures, debadging would come naturally to you like a boss. Plus, you will less likely make the mistake of damaging your vehicle in any way.

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