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12 Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $300

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In the motorcycle industry today, and in riding correctly, there are quite a lot of things that make motocross or adventure riding with dirt bikes different from say street bike riding. Besides being restricted from the highways and street roads, it can be if it mounts some streel legal components dirt bikes have an appealing aesthetic look when you ride it with best dirt bike helmets.

Below is a table and comparison of the best dirt bike helmets that we could find that you can buy right now in 2020. These helmets are all valued at under $300 also. Check out the comparison table below.

Dirt Bike Helmets Comparison Table

ImageProductKey FeatureRatingPrice
FLY RACING F2 CARBON MIPS SHIELD HELMET WHITE:RED LGFly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS HelmetMultiple Air Vents4.9Amazon
Fly Racing 73-3480L Kinetic Racing HelmetFly Racing Kinetic HelmetHigh-Flow Exhaust Vent System4.8Amazon
Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Large)Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPSRemovable & Washable Liner4.8Amazon
Best Dirt Bike Helmets Under $300 AFX FX-41 DS HelmetLightweight4.8Amazon
Fox Racing V1 Motif Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet - Blue/Gray / 2X-LargeFox Racing V1 MotifMultiple Shell Sizes4.7Amazon
Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Factory Adult Off-Road Motorcyle Helmet - Silver/LargeTLD SE4 Polyacrylite FactoryDurable & Sturdy 4.6Amazon
LS2 Helmets MX-Off Road Subverter Helmet (Krome Glory - 2X-Large)LS2 MX470 SubverterBreathable & Washable4.5Amazon
EVS T7 GT Adult Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet - Black/White/ROYEVS T7 GT HelmetRAM Air Cooling System4.3Amazon
O'Neal 5 Series Unisex-Adult Wingman Full Face Helmet (Multi/White, X-Small)O’Neal 5 Series WingmanAnti-Glare4.3Amazon
HJC FG-MX Helmet - Piston (Large) (Blue/HI-VIZ)HJC FG-MX HelmetImproves Overall Head Fit4.3Amazon
SCORPION VX-34 White Off Road HelmetScorpion VX-34 Solid HelmetQuite Comfortable4.1Amazon
HJC i50 Helmet (Medium) (Black)HJC i50 HelmetWashable & Breathable4.1Amazon

Let me do a quick run-through of the best dirt bike helmets under $300 that I’ll be describing in this post. The items that make my list boast appealing features that include quality material, durability, overall protection and safety, incredible design and style, and flexibility and versatility.  

1. Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS Helmet


Like its sibling here, the Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS Helmet makes the list of the best dirt bike helmets for many reasons, including high-quality construction, lightweight, affordable pricing, and incredible comfort protection ensures.

The helmet’s shell is made of Carbon Matrix composite, rendering the helmet a highly sturdy, high-end, and reliable model for adequate protection, safety, and durability. You have no worries whatsoever if your head is faced with energy impact or injuries resulting from a crash because the helmet will protect it.

The MIPS and dual-density EPS systems are built into the helmet’s entire shell, with the MIPS responsible for warding off the rotational forces that often dangerously impact the brain and cause severe injuries to it. The EPS is integrated to aid the absorption of high energy impact.

The lining is incredible, and it behaves like some of its CoolMax-lined competitors here. This material is mostly built into the helmet to ensure it wicks moisture that oozes out as a result of sweat. Hence, it prevents terrible musky smells.

Added to these is that the Fly Racing comes with a unique ventilation system called True Functional Ventilation, TFV, which features multiple intake air vents that ensure the rider is not short of sufficient airflow he needs as he rides on.

There is no doubt the Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS helmet s worth every penny you spend on it. The great news is that you don’t have to pay too much before you have this in your garage. You can check the price here.

Key Features

  • Worth reasonable price
  • Multiple air vents
  • Reduces fogging and vision impairment
  • Highly durable and protective
  • DOT approved

2. Fly Racing Kinetic Helmet

Fly Racing 73-3480L Kinetic Racing Helmet

When it comes to dirt bike helmets, Fly Racing commands a lot of respect and super well-known popularity. The Fly Racing Kinetic Helmet is one of the many helmets products that this company has manufactured since its operations decades ago.

The Fly Racing Kinetic Helmet comes in handy at a fair and reasonable price that wows buyers and makes them ask if this helmet should be offered at a higher price. You can confirm the price here.

Once a product gets DOT approval, you can be sure that it has been tested and made to pass through the quality assurance inspection fire, and the Fly Racing helmet is no exception in this regard. That itself qualifies this model as a safe and protective helmet.

The safety and protection of the helmet are guaranteed by the quality of its shell and build. The shell is made of a poly-alloy material that makes durability, strength, and lightweight built-in and integral features of this helmet.

The EPS is lining complements the entire strength and sturdiness of the Fly Racing Kinetic dirt bike helmet. The lining ensures overall protection and reduces energy impact when you’re in a headlong collision with another oncoming vehicle. The padding helps make minimal impact on your head.

What’s more, the comfort that Fly Racing brings to the table is fantastic. The vent system (10) is extensive and allows enough air to get to your head after passing through the helmet’s EPS channels. Plus, the helmet’s high-flow exhaust vents effectively cool you off, and your head is warm all day.

The sufficiently cushioned liner is designed in such a way that it’s removable and washable. So, you’re sure of a fresh breath while you’re on track.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Removable and washable liner
  • The high-flow exhaust vent system
  • Healthy breath and cool smell on track
  • DOT certified

3. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Large)

As a real adventure and off-road dirt bike helmet that represents a blend of classic and modern innovation, the MX-9 Adventure MIPS helmet falls into the list of best dirt bike helmets, not by accident. With close to seven decades of efficient delivery and top-quality products, Bell remains one of the leading manufacturers of helmets across the world.

If you check the price and compare it to the quality, value, and features that this product boasts, you’ll not but appreciate the manufacturer for the great and top-quality model of helmet they have offered.

This product gets the backing of the DOT approval, having passed the quality control and safety standard checks of the regulatory body. So, you look at the Bell MX-94, and you find a product that’s not only multi-directional in terms of impact and protection but also price-worthy.

The padding of this piece is incredible, given that it keeps your cheekbones safe and fresh for the duration of your stay in the saddle of your dirt bike. The helmet comes with a polycarbonate/ABS shell, making it one helmet on our list that boasts amazing lightweight features.

That’s not enough. The shell material provides a luxurious and comfortable riding experience thanks to its ability to keep the rider’s head firmly stable inside the helmet. The removable and washable lining is an added advantage because your head is inside an anti-microbial helmet.

On top of that is the velocity flow vent system of the Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet, which aids in transferring the hot air in your helmet away from your head, ensuring maximum cooling for your head.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Velocity flow ventilation system for cooling
  • Keeps head firmly in place
  • DOT approved

4. AFX FX-41 DS Helmet

This manufacturer may be relatively strange, especially to veteran rides who have been in this industry for more than two decades or so. But the competition and value it’s brought since it started has shaken the table for a lot of established names.

And it’s not likely any of the dirt bike helmet models on this list will be able to successfully compete with the AFX FX-41 DS helmet and win. If that sounds exaggerated, let’s take a look at what features these models boast.

Beginning with the safety and protection it guarantees, the AFX FX-41 DS Helmet has the approval of both DOT and ECE. This shows that it has met the safety standards, thanks to its incredible construction that comes from a sturdy and robust poly-alloy composite,

The strength guarantees you have the proper protection it needs against energy impact and severe injuries in the event of a crash. Plus, the AFX FX-41 DS Helmet brags two shells that ensure you get the right size for your head.

Despite the sturdiness, this helmet maintains a lightweight that won’t add an extra pound to the bike’s gross weight.

As an improvement on the AFX FX-21 DS Helmet, you’ll expect it comes at a higher price. But guess what, this model comes at a modest cost that seemingly undermines its value. You can check for its price here.

What’s more, protection is not only for the head; the face and eyes are also safe when you put on AFX FX-21 DS Helmet because of its features: scratch-proof, optically correct, and removable face shield that protects the penetration of UV rays.

Yet, the rider isn’t obstructed from having a clear vision of field visibility as he steadily controls the bike. You can choose to put your googles from the sun’s glare to avoid debris entering the eyes.

The other side of this helmet is the comfort the riders enjoy from the helmet’s vent system as well as the proper lining and adequate padding. There are 17 air vents for a generous airflow into the entire head region of the rider.

The padding is made of anti-microbial nylon to give comfort, and those with sensitive skin have no cause to worry because the material will ensure a clean smell oozes out of the body.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Adequate padding, vent, and lining for great comfort
  • Highly protective gear
  • Scratch-resistant and removable face shield
  • DOT, ECE approved

5. Fox Racing V1 Motif Helmet

Fox Racing V1 Motif Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet - Blue/Gray / 2X-Large

With quality comes a high price; that is the hallmark of Fox Racing: it guarantees your products with incredible features, but you’ll have to pay the price.

The VI Motif helmet doesn’t radically depart from the definition of Fox Racing as being a popular brand for high-quality products; however, it is offered at a dirt bike helmet for beginner riders cheaper cost.

With the Fox Racing VI, Motif Helmet comes protection, comfort, safety, and durability. The construction boasts high-quality material and a variety of shell sizes that meet the need of multiple riders and shoppers.

It comes with an injection-molded polycarbonate and sturdy, lightweight ABS housing, which boasts four shell sizes, the only helmets with the most shell sizes on the list of our helmets here. That this helmet comes in different shell sizes makes it convenient for riders to have the best fit for their head size. You can check the price here.

The helmet’s vent system is very much active even though they are less than what its predecessor features. The vents are significant at the chin, and the rear vents also come in handy. The magnetic visor release system (MVRS) doesn’t break off or get thrashed in the crash.

Key Features

  • Durable, sturdy, and lightweight
  • Multiple shell sizes
  • Relatively affordable
  • Injection-molded polycarbonate
  • Affordably priced

6. TLD SE4 Polyacrylite Factory Helmet

Troy Lee Designs SE4 Polyacrylite Factory Adult Off-Road Motorcyle Helmet - Silver/Large

When it comes to protection and safety, the TLD SE4 Polyacrylite Factory Helmet is the dirt bike helmet to beat, thanks to the tested history and name for which Troy Lee Designs.

This is one product that comes at a relatively higher price than many of what we have on our list here, but the features truly speak for the price for which this is offered. You can check the price here.

Starting with the product’s construction, you have an awesome multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) which provides a little slide in the event of an accident. It helps to balance the rotational forces that often affect the head region when a crash occurs.

The helmet boasts lightweight and incredible durability, thanks to the EPP-made chin bar which gives rider’s the confidence that the helmet is one strong, sturdy but yet durable and light material. The structure of this piece also adds a lot of protection to the jaw while helping to maintain the gross weight of the dirt bike.  

The TLD SE4 Polyacrylite helmet also brags plastic visor screws and brass inserts which also complement the overall concept around safety and protection. The visor will easily give way for the natural control of the head and neck region of the body once a crash occurs.

The 3D cheek pads of the helmet ensure absorption of energy impact to keep your head safe and intact while the light and strong stainless steel D-rings that feature on its strap also keep the impact of crash minimal.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, durable, and sturdy
  • Relatively pricey
  • Offset energy impact rotational forces
  • Protective and safe for use

7. LS2 MX470 Subverter Helmet

LS2 Helmets MX-Off Road Subverter Helmet (Krome Glory - 2X-Large)

Next up on our list of best dirt bike helmets under $300 is the LS2 MX470 Subverter Helmet, one of the most significant models you can always desire to have in your garage and put on every time you have to ride on those heavily trafficked best motorcycle rides.

With a stand-out build, this model will deliver on the promise of its brand maker LS2 as a leading brand of dirt bike helmets on the market.

You may be a fan of the matte or solid colors, but the MX470 Subverter brings a different yet unique design that could genuinely subvert convention.

The price is also high as you have in the value too. You can check the price here.

This model comes with its exclusive construction material, the kinetic polymer alloy (KPA). This material is super lightweight (3.44 pounds) and capable of giving an excellent look and flex that protects your head from crashes.

The helmet is integrated with an EPP-molded feature that works in line with a built-in slick polycarbonate protective layer to give enough comfort and confidence. They offset rotational forces that inhibit the safety of the head in the event of crashes.

The LS2 MX470 Subverter also features the highest number of air vents− 35 of them− which are located at different helmet parts, including the chin. The helmet has channel ports that pass through its vent system to help release the hot air and wick the moisture that comes from the helmet.

The removable and washable foam lining makes comfort and protection the other name of this helmet. This lining is also breathable and aids absorption of the shock energy impact that could have affected the head during the crash.

Key Features

  • Breathable, washable and removable foam lining
  • Aids protection and safety of the head
  • Multiple vent channels, 35 air vents.
  • Built-in slick polycarbonate protective layer
  • Prevent impact energy during a crash

8. EVS T7 GT Helmet

EVS T7 GT Adult Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet - Black/White/ROY

The last item on our list is the EVS T7 GT Helmet. The position doesn’t suggest that this item is the worst on our record. It will take a few of our helmets to compete with the EVS T7 GT Helmet. Its features are amazing.

You will have to make a pre-order for this helmet, given its popularity and quality features it brings to bear among other competitors.

Boasting Snell and DOT approval, the EVS T7 GT Helmet has a high ranking when it comes to the meeting standard of certification of these bodies.

The helmet comes with a removable and washable lining. You won’t have to worry about washing the helmet’s interior after a long, sweaty ride. Unlike some of the helmets that will require you only to sundry without an option for removing the lining for washing, the EVS T7 GT helmet ensures you have a great smell after thorough washing and drying.

This model’s material is the reason behind its capacity to guarantee 100% safety and protection. The polycarbonate material is both lightweight and robust. Durability won’t be a problem.

It also features four intake vents through which air enters the helmet and cools the rider. The wind does travel through the EPS ports to cool off the rider before exiting through the other side of the helmet, that is, the six exhaust vents. The RAM air cooling system is an added feature to the system because the airflow is consistent and non-stop as long as you’re in the saddle of the bike.

Overall, if you need a helmet that guarantees comfort, confidence, warmth, protection, and safety, this is the right pick for you. You can check the price here.

Key Features

  • DOT approved
  • RAM air cooling system for optimum comfort
  • Lightweight, durable and strong
  • 100% safety and protection
  • Washable and removable lining

9. O’Neal 5 Series Wingman Helmet

O'Neal 5 Series Unisex-Adult Wingman Full Face Helmet (Multi/White, X-Small)

The O’Neal 5 Series Wingman Helmet is one of the most affordably priced dirt bike helmets on our list. Made from the famous fifty-something-year-old O’Neal company, this guy is laden with amazing features and high overall quality. You may want to check for the price here.

The O’Neal 5 Series Wingman Helmet is offered at a price that won’t require you to break the bank. Given its features, you would be amazed to find out that this product comes at under $300, the very reasonable price you want to say.

Your overall protection and safety are guaranteed under this guy. It’s DOT-approved and complies with the protective standards of other certification bodies, including the ECE and AS/NZS.

The safety-assured construction makes the sifting of this product effortless. We have the helme’s shell construction to thank for this because it’s made of polycarbonate and ABS. These materials brag exceptional strength and lightweight features

The O’Neal 5 Series Wingman Helmet is a product that comes with great lining and padding, assures impact absorption to keep your head fresh and stable for as long as you have the helmet on. Plus, it comes with a plush, removable, and washable liner that not only gives your head and its environs the sweat-free comfort it requires but also offers a great smell.

The multiple air vents that scatter around the helmet make breathing easy and help wick out all sweat from the head and cheeks. Added to that is the adjustable visor to keep your eyes away and safe from the sun’s glare.

It will be somewhat strange to describe this incredible product without talking about whether it’s coated. It is. The shell and graphics come with an excellent coating that makes the helmet a durable, impact, and hard ride-resistant model.

Key Features

  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Coated for hard ride resistant
  • Removable and washable  liner
  • Anti-glare  
  • Comfortable and sweat-wicking

10. HJC FG-MX Helmet

Age is not only the factor in favor of HJC, but trusted and tested quality delivery. After more than four decades, the introduction of the HJC FG-MX dirt bike helmet is a trademark for HJC.

Although not the flagship helmet of this company, the HJC FG-MX Helmet has come to overshadow its siblings and many other competitors out there, thanks to its awesome features.

This is one helmet that is priced reasonably given that its features are second to none and clearly unparalleled in the market. You may want to check for the price here.

The HJC FG-MX Helmet is one helmet that won’t fail you nor cause serious injuries in the event of a crash. It comes with a shell that is made of high-grade fiberglass composite, giving you confidence in a strong gear that guarantees safety and protection.

Being a Snell certified product helmet, you can be sure you’re not just buying any gear but one that has passed through advanced quality assurance checks. Hence, the HJC FG-MX stands out clearly in the midst of others, given its incredible safety features, thanks to the helmet’s construction and sports multi-density EPS lining.

The helmet lining is a great pick because it absorbs a lot of impact energy, so you won’t get scared if you’re involved in a crash with your dirt bike because the injury will be minimal if you put on this gear.

With its built-in plush SilverCool Plus lining and anti-bacterial material makeup, the HJC helmet model provides a high level of comfort, helping in wicking out moisture, giving you healthy breath, retaining minimal odor, and keeping you dry, sweat, and odor-free.

The channeling vent system (CVS) of this helmet comes with advanced technology that aids in keeping you cool and comfy inside the helmet all day. The intake vent releases air that collects heat and exits through the exhaust vents after passing through the channels in the helmet.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and comfy
  • Improves overall head fit
  • Reasonably priced
  • Moisture-wicking and healthy breath
  • Snell-approved

11. Scorpion VX-34 Solid Helmet

Don’t get it twisted; it’s the shape and brand name that make this helmet have any common feature with a scorpion. The Scorpion VX-34 Solid Helmet is a friend of riders and offers all the comfort you need while out in the saddle of your dirt bike.

You can get this product at a price that won’t impact your income, and it’s more economical than many of what we have on this list. So, if you’re on a budget, this is the dirt bike helmet for you. You may want to check for the price here

When we talk about having a guarantee of safety and protection under a helmet, the Scorpion VX-34 Solid Helmet is one model you want to go for. Unlike many of its competitors, the Scorpion boasts of certification from DOT and ECE, meeting every safety standard that you need a helmet to have.

Its EPS lining and housing material provide confidence that you’ll have a lower energy impact in the event of any crash. The protective lining absorbs as much energy that results from the collision. So, your head receives a marginal impact.

Plus, the shell is also made of premium polycarbonate material, making it one product with a lot of thumbs up when it comes to being lightweight and strength features. That’s not all. The Scorpion VX-34 Solid Helmet’s shell is designed to enhance safe ride and minimize overall riding weight.

Comfort is indeed the second name to this dirt bike helmet. It features a KwickWick II liner that enhances the rider’s breathing and makes it look a lot easier, so you can remain dry, cold, warm, and comfy as you ride your great bike.

The bulk inside the helmet is filled up with an Airfit Inflation system (AIS) that keeps your cheekbones in order, giving your head stability while giving you a custom look at the same time.

Scorpion SX-34 helmet also features an aero-tuned visor that keeps excessive sun’s glare away from your eyes. There’s also the quick-change chin vent that helps with easy cleaning of the mouth guard.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and durable
  • DOT and ECE-approved
  • Keeps away excessive sun glare
  • Great for its price
  • Comfortable

12. HJC i50 Helmet

The number 12 item on my list comes from the HJC family, and it behaves not too differently from its sibling we have already described above. It carries the excellent reputation that HJC is known for a while, bringing to the table its unique features and values.

Whether you talk about style, reasonable price, or quality, the HJC i50 Helmet will wow differently. Whatsoever your choice is, this helmet is here to give value for money.

First off, this helmet is DOT approved and proudly so because it meets all the safety requirements, including the top-quality material of which is made and the protection it guarantees.

Thanks for the protective layer and innovation that come with the helmet’s shell. The HJC i50 Helmet comes with an advanced polycarbonate composite material that boasts super lightweight, strength, and durability.

The interior of this material is incredible. To begin with, the inside is fully padded with a lining that’s made from EPS, which aids absorption of impact energy that often results from the crash. You do not worry in the event of an accident because this protective will help you navigate your way without any serious injury.

One unique feature you won’t find with other products on our list if the Sliding Layer impact Distribution that the HJC i50 Helmet sports. This system is intended to lessen the impact of energy while also redistributing rotational forces that come with a crash.

I will tell you that the manufacturer of this helmet needs a comfortable drive at the back of their mind. Two internal systems help to keep the head cool, warm, and comfy even if you ride for hours. There are the SuperCool lining and the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS).

These vent systems ensure that you don’t feel any smell when you sweat because there will be enough air coming from the air vents to wick the moisture that results from the sweat.

What about the adjustable visor which offers a maximum range and breaks away when there’s a crash? Plus, the large eye channels port helps you keep the goggles in place for a wide field of view and clear vision. You can check the price here.

Key Features

  • Guarantees cool and comfy ride
  • Lightweight, durable, and sturdy material
  • Washable removable, breathable lining
  • Ensures protection and safety
  • Adjustable visor for wide field of view and clear vision  

Buying Dirt Bike Helmets: What to Look For

It’s easy to desire dirt bike helmets, especially the ones that are sold for under $300. But what is more essential is to make an order for the best product. Even if you’re on a very high income, I’m sure your wish is not to buy a helmet today and be making an order for another in the next three months.

You have to take your time to know what are essential (and not the non-essential) features to look out for when you get to your e-store owner or brick and mortar helmet supplier and want to buy a helmet.

Here’s a list of essential features you should look for when buying a dirt bike helmet:

Quality of material

The first and most important feature to look for in a dirt bike helmet is the quality of the material. The quality of an element has a long way to determine the safety and protection of the body when riding. Ask yourself, ‘how protected is my head if I put on this helmet’? But how do you know if a helmet will offer protection and safety for your head? It’s effortless.

First look at the construction of the product and find out if it’s reliable, durable, and sturdy. If you look through some of the dirt bike helmets that make our list, you’ll find out that they are either made of lightweight polycarbonate protective or kinetic polymer alloy (as in the case of LS2) materials.

Safety and Protection

Apart from those who are enthused by aesthetics and look, the only reason you’re using a helmet is to get safety and protection. The design of the dirt bike helmet you’re buying must be one that meets the safety standards of DOT.

Best dirt bike helmets often come as multi-directional products that give high energy impact. The integrity of the energy-absorbing EPS structure on the interior of the helmet must be guaranteed.

Position of Visor

If a visor is positioned correctly, it can easily break away or give way when there is a crash. In other words, added to that, the visor must be in a position where its adjustable and can keep your eyes safe and protected from the sun’s glare. Also, proper positioning of the visor significantly impacts natural control of the body’s head and neck region in the event of an accident.

DOT approval

You must check if the helmet you’re buying carries with it the Department of Transportation’s approval. This is one of the United States’ agencies responsible for certifying the safety of safety gear, including helmets, gloves, motorcycles, and tires. Usually, the DOT sign occurs on the sidewall of the helmet. All you need to do is to check where the Dot approval sign is located on your helmet before buying.

If your helmet has no approval of this agency or any of its sister agencies, such as the ECE or AN/NZS, you may be in serious trouble with the traffic cop because they’re prohibited from using public roads. You may also be putting yourself on the line because any safety gear not approved or certified by DOT does not meet safety standards. It also may have been made by substandard materials and can be harmful to personal safety roads.

Status of Lining

It’s also important to check the state of the lining of the helmet: is it torn up or worn down? The lining’s role is to absorb impact energy, and if it’s not in a proper state, you will have to pay for it in the end with injuries in your head after a crash.

Also, if the lining of a helmet is worn, the first thing to do is to replace it because, in that condition, it won’t guarantee you any comfort or confidence for protection and safety.

The other thing about the lining is whether it is adequately padded. Padding helps protect your cheekbones and prevent severe injuries from occurring to the head region of your body. The other side is that a lining must produce a great smell.


You have to cut your coat according to your clothes when you’re considering buying anything, not just protective gear like the dirt bike helmet. How much can you spare on a particular helmet? The guys on our list here are offered at different prices, and you can choose which one to splash your money on. The high-end products are there; likewise, the low-end that come as low as around $150. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There were several questions that used to pop up each time I conducted my online class on dirt bike bikes generally. Even if you go to the best dirt bike YouTube channels, you’ll find out that these questions are recurrent given their importance and how burning they are in the minds of riders, helmet sellers and buyers, dirt bike owners, and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Let’s look at some of those questions.

Q: How often should you replace a dirt bike helmet?

It all depends on the model of dirt bike helmet you purchase. Typically, manufacturers of dirt bike helmets recommend replacing a helmet at most seven years after use. So, between 3 to 5 years, you should replace a helmet if you use it faithfully. During that period, the padding may have worn, the lining torn, and the visor lost its integrity.

If the helmet sustains damage, you may be forced to change after the crash after a few months, except the cost is not severe. I’ll advise that you may not exhaust the recommendation since a helmet is to protect and save you while on the road. Once you feel that your helmet requires replacement, don’t wait; go ahead and do the needful.

Q: Can you use a dirt bike helmet on the street?

The short and straightforward answer to this question is yes. You can use a dirt bike helmet on the road. It is worth noting that dirt bike or motocross helmets are quite different from street bike helmets, and they both are intended for different purposes.

Motocross helmets are not suitable for use on the street because you can’t always predict the situation on the trail. While street bike helmets guarantee absolute protection and safety from the elements on the path, dirt bike helmets cannot assure you of this. The motocross helmets require airflow protection from rocks, rust, and roost.

Q: Do dirt bike helmets expire?

The answer to that question is YES. Just to remind you that every manufactured product has a lifespan and expiry date. Outside that life expectancy, the value begins to wane, and integrity is lost along the line. Ditto the dirt bike helmet.

Usually, many helmet manufacturers put a lifespan of five years at most on their helmets. You need to figure out what manufacturer of your helmet writes as the expiry date of the model you’re buying.

Typically, the materials with which a helmet is made go a long way to determine how long the product is going to last, and that informs the expiry date the manufacturer is going to imprint on the product.

Materials, such as glue and resins, often lose their efficacy and integrity, thereby compromising the quality of the lining and the reliability of the helmet. Plus, minus, give at most five years as the expiry date of a standard helmet.

Q: How tight should a dirt bike helmet be?

This is a no-brainer. A helmet should sit tight on your head. One great feature a helmet should offer riders is stability. The administrator and other regions should be able to properly fit into the helmet without shaking or moving from one point to another while riding.

The rider should have natural control over the head, chin, and neck movement while in the saddle of the bike. While the helmet shouldn’t be too tight, it shouldn’t be too loose, either. This is because allowing either of the two will affect smooth riding and may cause severe crashes in the long run.

Q: What is the standard helmet size?

Typically, an approved helmet often comes with different shell sizes. Apart from the Fox Racing VI Motif Helmet that features four shell sizes, most dirt bike helmets come with two or three dimensions.

When it comes to a medium-sized helmet, we have helmets measuring 57cm or between 22.5½ and 22⅞. For a hat size, a helmet weighs between 57 – 58 cm or seven ⅛ – 7 ¼ inches. These are the standard measurement for these shell sizes of the helmet.

Q: Why do dirt bike helmets have visors?

In short, dirt bike helmets must have a visor. However, many think because the speed at which you run on dirt bikes is slower, there is no need for a visor mounted on the helmet. For them, wearing goggles would do just the work of a screen; after all, goggles can keep dirt out of the eyes.

This is usually not the case. A visor is typically provided to keep the sunlight and sun’s glare out of the rider’s eyes. However, if it is mounted on a regular bike helmet, like the dirt bike helmet, a visor would easily catch the wind and thus cause wobbling of the helmet. This situation can potentially cause a crash because it can unsettle the rider.


Perhaps, you’ll be waiting to hear my verdict as to which of the items here I’ll recommend as leading the parking. That won’t happen. Do you know why? Given the excellent features each of these items brags, it becomes somewhat tight competition out there, so, for me, the decision to settle for the dirt bike helmet as the topmost is quite severe. I can assure you that all the dirt bike helmets that make this list are unrivaled in terms of features and delivery.

Here’s the thing: you cannot know the sweetness of a pudding outside eating. You must taste it. Similarly, the practicality of helmets or any safety gear for that matter lies mostly in their use.

Don’t just take my word for it without trying out at least one of these products in practical terms, maybe in your next workout. Besides my testimonials, this may convince you to commit at least $200 to buy one of the best dirt bike helmets under $300 after finishing reading this post: many customers and users of these models have great reviews about them. You don’t always need to splash huge bucks on helmets before you derive practical value.

Try one out today, and who knows, you may come back to me with some gift, even if it’s a comment will do. But trust me, I shall return here again for something you’ll love to know about cycling, riding, and motorcycle generally. It promises to be fun with you the next time.

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