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What is an Engine Tune-Up?

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Owning a car is one thing; ensuring regular maintenance is a different ball game. For a car owner or driver, therefore, the car engine must perform at an optimum level every time. Constant use of the car will cause the engine to wear and change over time. Yet, everyone loves to see that the car gives its best all the time.

To tune up a car engine simply means to improve the power of the engine for overall increased car performance. To make this happen, a vehicle needs an engine tune-up. An engine tune-up refers to some familiar routine maintenance that includes all forms of diagnosis, inspection, and replacement of bad parts. Ensuring an engine tune-up comes with a lot of benefits and requirements. But there are conditions your car must meet before you can decide whether or not it needs a tune-up. After all, not all vehicles require an engine tune-up.

If you’re not familiar with what an engine tune-up entails, here’s an opportunity to equip yourself. This article will make you have a full grasp of what it means to tune up your vehicle engine.

What is an Engine Tune-Up?

To tune up a car engine simply means to improve the power of the engine for overall increased car performance. New models of the car require you to inspect and replace many more parts. To tune up a car engine refers to a process of carrying out a comprehensive diagnosis, inspection, replacement of failing or bad parts.

Some parts of the engines that may need to be checked during an engine tune-up vary from car to car. We will do a checklist of areas of the engine that need a regular tune-up. 

A new vehicle may not necessarily need a tune-up. However, if your vehicle has been in use for between 10 to 12 years, you may need to tune up its engine. Schedule the specified time intervals to carry out this exercise. This is because the engine ought to be vamped again to its initial level of operation.  Engine tune-up will ensure your vehicle runs efficiently and most optimally. If you are consistent at it, engine tune up’s can elongate your vehicle’s life.

How Often Should You Tune Up?

Keep in mind that the time for engine tune-up varies from car type to model, brand, and many other factors. It’d be a good idea to stick to the conventional ten years interval tuning. You can also consult your vehicle’s manufacturer’s manual. 

Your vehicle could often display some ‘signs’ indicative of an engine that is due for a tune-up. Some of these signs include:

  1. An unusual light shows up on your dashboard. This shouldn’t be taken for granted because the earlier you fix the anomaly, the better.
  2. Reduced engine power due to much internal stress within the engine.
  3. Unusual noises, knocking sounds, and vibrations generated from the stressed engine.
  4. Abnormal rate of fuel consumption is also a strong indicator of an engine problem.
  5. Slow rate of acceleration.
  6. Engine misfires.
  7. The battery runs low too often.
  8. Problems starting up the engine.

Why Do You Need to Tune Up Your Car Engine?

You’d not be asking why you need an engine tune-up if you have encountered an engine issue downhill. There are a lot of o reasons why you need to tune up your vehicle engine at regular intervals. 

Below are some of the advantages of carrying out regular inspections and diagnosis on your engine. An engine tune-up may also require you to repair or replace some failing parts of your vehicle.

  • Efficient Engine Performance

Engine tune-ups essentially help to keep the car engine running and offer efficient performance in favorable and harsh weather conditions. Like we already stated, tune-ups are key to engine efficiency, and once turned up, a vehicle would run more smoothly and optimally.

  • Prevents Sudden Engine Breakdown

An engine also helps to prevent sudden and early breakdown and malfunction. If you make an engine tune-up a routine, you can be sure you’ll extend the life of your vehicle. 

  • Reduced Fuel Consumption

No driver or car owner wants to earmark extra budgets on buying fuel into the car. If an engine is in good condition, the rate of consuming fuel will reduce, or at least be normal. The fuel consumption rate issues will varnish.

  • Improved acceleration

You don’t want to be on the highway and see your vehicle slow down due to lack of acceleration. If you can tune up your engine, the slow acceleration levels will improve.

An engine tune will also sort out issues such as grinding noise when braking and engine vibrations.

Tune-Up Components Checklist

Engine tune-up entails checking some engine areas and components to get them back in tip-top shape for another wonderful service relationship. 

Depending on whether the car is an old or new model, tuning up a car engine may also go as far as checking and diagnosing the serpentine belts, fuel lines, coolant hoses, wiring, emission levels, and more.

However, since many of the modern cars come with electronic ignition and computer-controlled adjustable systems, an engine tune-up may not get to some other parts. These include ignition timing, condensers, and ignition contact points.

Some other things to do during an engine tune-up include:

  • Replace every damaged plug.
  • Replace spark plug wires.
  • Inspect the distributor cap for abnormalities.
  • Inspect the fuel and air filters for damages.
  • Check and replace the engine timing needle and vehicle’s points.
  • Check the emission levels and oil, air, and fuel filters.
  • Inspect the fuel lines and wirings
  • Inspect the serpentine belts and coolant hoses.
  • Examine the ignition timing and carburetors.
  • Examine the fuel pump and PCV value.

Final Thoughts

A regular engine tune-up is a routine that you should be conscious of and employ continually throughout your vehicle’s life. It may be quite expensive to do a tune-up, but it sure beats having to repair an entire engine. You can do a proper tune-up at any good automotive repair shop. From every angle you choose, an engine tune-up is indispensable for a consistently optimized engine.

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