How To Fix Dry Rotted Tires

How To Fix Dry Rotted Tires?

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Having the best and right types of tires on your vehicle is critical to your safety when you drive. Tires need top-quality maintenance to keep them in good condition. However, you cannot often detect every damage to a vehicle tire by merely looking at it. 

To fix your dry rotted tires you must analyze the tires, apply degreaser and tire oils. Then you will want to take some preventative measures. For instance, if your car tire dry rots, you have to understand certain not-too-complex dynamics. Once the problem of dry rotted tires begins, it can cause serious stress to car owners and drivers. With the right tips and materials, you can fix your dry rotted tires. This article will enlighten you on what tire rot is all about and how to manage the situation to save you time and money.

What are Dry Rotted Tires?

Tires come from natural material and can decay gradually. From the moment you install a new set of tires to your vehicle, the decay process begins. However, the tires don’t completely decay immediately; the gradual decay can last for years. 

Some of these tires even live way beyond their lifespan before they give in. Some tires decay due to a reduction in the tire threads; others decay even when the tire threads are still intact. Besides, UV lights speed up the rate of tires decay. Dry rotted tires merely denote the decaying rubber elements in your car tires.

Symptoms of Dry Rotted Tires

Since mechanics cannot apply a general method to repair or fix these tires, the best way is to take note of the symptoms that often signal that you have a dry-rotted tire. Once sidewall cracking begins to occur on your tires, these are the symptoms:

  • Dried Out Tires

One symptom you’ll see in a dry-rotted tire is that it turns dry and brittle. You will even notice oil leaking from various parts of the tires to tell you the fragile nature.

  • Tread Cracks

As the tires decay, the tread cracks begin to show on your tire. The edges of your tires will be showing cracked lines and spaces. It can affect the efficiency of your car’s movement.

  • Fading of the Tires

One of the first most prominent signs of dry rotted tires is when your tires begin to fade from black to gray. 

How To Fix Dry Rotted Tires: A Step-By-Step Procedure 

Like every other component of your vehicle, tires can become faulty and damage. In the case of dry rotted tires, they become dry, stiff, and breakable. In part, this is due to inactivity. On the other hand, tires can turn dry and rotted due to the accumulation of dirt, as well as excessive exposure to direct summer sunlight. If you drive your vehicle regularly with low-air pressure, your tires can turn brittle and rotted. 

When this happens to your tires, there are steps you can take to fix them and restore them to good conditions. To fix a rotted tire, you’ll need the following materials: water-based tire oils, a water hose, a large sponge, and a water-based tire degreaser. Petro- or silicon-based oils are harmful to the tires.

Unbalanced Tires Symptoms

Step-by-Step Guide To Fix Dry Rotted Tires

  • Step 1: Check the extent of damage

The first step is to inspect the tires to know the extent of the rot. You may find out that some parts are worn-out while others have cracking sidewalls. The extent of the damage depends on whether you will fix or replace the tires. 

  • Step 2: Apply tire degreaser 

Now that you can determine the extent of the damage, the next step is to start the fixing process immediately. Place some water-based tire degreaser on a piece of sponge and apply it to every part of the tire. Repeat the process twice before you’ll rinse the area with water. 

Clean up the tires, first use cloth, then lukewarm water to wash off the degreaser product entirely and leave to dry. Place the tire under natural air for about two hours to dry.

  • Step 3: Apply tire oils

The next step is to apply water-based tire oils to correct the cracked sidewalls. Apply the oil to every part of the tire. The oil will keep the wax layer away from the UV rays and ozone. Once the tire is dry, apply the tire protector product all over the tire, following the product manual’s instruction. Ensure you repeat the process every month to keep your tire in great shape, ready for a trip. 

How To Prevent Tires From Dry Rotting?

While fixing may be cost-effective, replacing a complete tire can hit hard on your budget. The best thing is to prevent your tires from dry rotting. It doesn’t require any hard task to ensure your tires don’t turn drily rotted. 

Here are some of the measures to keep your car tires from turning stiff and risky to use. The same procedure can work to keep your tires from any kind of damage.

  • Park inside a shade

As much as you can, keep your car tires from direct contact with scorching sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can either crumble the rubber layer of your tire or gradually destroy the tire. The best step is to park under a shade where the UV rays will not affect the tires.

  • Don’t park for too long

If you don’t use your tires for a long tire, there’s a chance they’ll crumble. So, don’t keep them idle.

  • Avoid driving with low air-pressured tire

You should not drive your vehicle with under-inflated tires. Don’t over-inflate the tires, either. Check the manual to know the recommended air pressure for your tires.

  • Apply best tire sealant

To reduce the decay process, use quality tire sealant on your tire.

Final Thoughts

You can end up spending more than your budget if you opt for a replacement tire. The experience can be sucking, especially if you don’t have many bucks to spare. 

From reading this article, you can see that dry rotted tires are not so impossible to fix as claimed. Knowing these DIY tips on how to improve your tires will surely help you save time and money. This will also help you guide against tire cupping and other tire-related issues.

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