Full Car Service

What is a Full Car Service?

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It’s relatively easy to drive our vehicles from place to place every day, but if you want your car to remain in the right conditions, you’ll have to make sure it gets serviced subsequently. However, most of us have difficulties identifying the exact kind of car service that is best for their vehicles.

As much as full car service seems very popular, not all car owners go for full car services. It is why in this article, we will enlighten you on what full car service is all about.

What is Full Car Service?

Full Car Service is the most thorough type of car service. In this type of full car service, it’s quite expensive, however, they go down the service manual checklist which basically boasts everything from the engine components to the interior aspects. When the term servicing is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the various types of maintenance procedures carried out on vehicles as instructed by the manufacturers. So, one might look at it as a diverse term, especially since every vehicle comes with various parts that require specific maintenance procedures. 

Full Car servicing is a subsequent maintenance schedule you create for your vehicle to ensure it remains in top condition. With full car servicing, your vehicle doesn’t need to be faulty before it needs servicing. This service also includes spotting out potential problems with your vehicle and fixing them before it happens. 

Depending on the components and type of car you own or are driving, a full car service can include checks of up to 50 or more parts, systems, or components. You may need a range of adjustments on your car.

Some of the system adjustments and component maintenance you need include, but not limited to:

  • Filter replacement
  • Steering alignment 
  • Engine oil change
  • Battery and suspension check and test
  • Hydraulic fluid 
  • Tire replacement or tire pressure checks
  • Steering, brake, exhaust, and light inspection
  • Engine peak level
  • Coolant level and overall cooling system check

Having an excellent full car service record for your vehicle will also help you when you want to sell your vehicle. It gives your vehicle a good sale value. Everyone needs Car service because they ensure that your vehicles remain in tip-top condition. When your car performance is very efficient, it ensures your safety and fair fuel usage.

Full Car Service

Types of Car Service

Every automobile shop you walk into renders a list of car services that also come with different prices. We will be looking at the various types of car services.

  • Oil & Filter Change Car service 

This is a standard car service with all automobile shops, and it is also the most affordable. The change of motor filter and oil in every vehicle is fundamental, and this is all about getting it done to ensure that your vehicle gets adequately lubricated. However, this car service is based on the engine of your vehicle.

  • Interim Car Services

The list of items for interim car services varies from various automobile shops. Though typically, interim car service involved the inspection of up to 35 vital aspects of your vehicle. The components in all these different aspects are essential to the maximum performance of your car. These areas include the brake pads, suspension and steering, ABS, fuel lines, and lots more. You can carry out interim car services on your car every six months.

  • Full Car Services

Full car services should be carried out on your vehicle every Twelve months. Full car service involves an inspection of 15 to 30 vital components in addition to the interim car services. Some of these full car services include coolant system checks, engine, gearbox mounts, distribution cap, throttles, wheel bearings, and more. When it comes to full car services, the checks are very extensive to ensure that you get value for your money. 

  • Major Car Services

Major car services have a typical relationship with full car services. It is why most automobile shops do not render this service because full car services can cover it. These services also have to do with changing spark plugs and more.

  • Manufacturer Car Services

This car service is the most expensive on the list. The vehicle manufacturer carries out this service, and they use the maintenance list indicated in your car’s service manual to carry out their operation. 

Cost of Full Car Service

There is no fixed price for this aspect; the prices vary with every automobile shop. Full car services can cost from $100 USD to $800 USD. Some will charge you up to $250 USD, while manufacturer car services are the most expensive. Interim care services can be got from the range of $75 USD to $140 USD. 

Duration of Full Car Services

Full car services will take you up to 3 hours or more because of the various components that will be inspected, and this can become an extensive procedure as it progresses. Interim car services should last for 2 hours, but if you’re going for oil and filter change services, 15 minutes maximum should be okay.

You may be wondering if you can do a full car service yourself. The answer is relative no. he way most of the modern-day cars are built are sophisticated with a lot of computerized innovations. Trying to do a DIY full car service can be difficult and complex. Apart from not having the necessary tools and equipment to carry out a full car service, most car owners and drivers do not have the requisite skills and expertise to start and complete the process. The safety of the car is essential to its lifespan as much as the effectiveness of the service carried out on it. 

There are several electronic-controlled units in a car that make tuning up the car a lot easier and more efficient. Besides, the fuel injections of most cars today are designed with computerized sensors. Only a certified technician or mechanic who has the operation license from the relevant regulation and licensing body should work on your car. These technicians have the right tools, software, and computer equipment to carry out an effective full service. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, servicing your car is not something you should take for granted after reading this article. There are various types of car services you can engage in depending on your preference. However, full car service is the ideal option because it covers a wide range of maintenance options.

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