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GoPro Hero 2 Review Specs: Pros & Cons

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The GoPro Hero 2 might not be the flagship product of GoPro Hero 2 helmet camera lineups, but it is certainly one of their best achievements. This is evident in the blistering features it possesses as well as the mouthwatering price tag.

My first experience using GoPro Hero 2 Camera product was in 2017 en route to Montana, US state with the largest number of motorcycles and most motorcycles registered to residents. I could recall all the magical moments I had on my dirt bike wearing the GoPro Hero 2. Crossing from the Going-To-The-Sun Road to the Wonderful 141 was a lot of an easy task. Thanks to GoPro hero 2. 

With a significant drop in the price as well, the device might just be the best option for you, and many other customers out there. The Hero 2 action camera is handy, tact, and extremely stable with touch-screen navigation. 

In this post, I will guide you through all the pros and cons of GoPro Hero 2. I will try as much as possible to cover all the necessary areas that will benefit your interest. I will literally provide answers to a handful of those questions that you seek answers to. 

I am sure you want to know about the product’s installation and mounting process, filming environments, video production, and output, and recording options and flaws. Is it difficult or easy to use? How do I download GoPro Hero 2? What are the frequently asked questions coming to users and customers? What are people saying about the product? 

It is my hope that this post will provide all the necessary information you’ve been seeking on GoPro Hero 2, and that your thirst for that detailed article on a subject like this would have been quenched by the time you finish reading it. As we move on, feel free to interject in case anything is unclear to you as we move on.   

Let’s take a look at some of the highlighted specs. Shall we?

GoPro Hero HD 2 Review

GoPro Hero 2

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Hyper Smooth

One of the fascinating features of the Hero 2 camera is its amazing stability. The device performs excellently even in rigorous situations that will cause shaking or juddering. This surely sounds like good news if you love biking or Go Karting and want to capture every single moment. With little need for editing, you can also capture as much as 60fps in full 4K resolution which sounds like a lot of fun.

Voice Commands

Having fun with busy hands doesn’t seem like fun at all and this device has got you covered. The new voice command feature helps you access simple actions and functions without touching the screen. 

The GoPro Hero 2 comes with up to 16 voice commands that will enable your camera to execute your desired actions almost instantly. Examples of the voice commands are;

i) “GoPro…. take photos” – this command is meant for capturing photos.

ii) “GoPro…. turn on” – the command is for switching on your camera.

iii) “GoPro…. start recording” – this command is to start recording a video.


Another impressive thing about the GoPro Hero 2 camera is its water-proof design which can survive as deep as 30ft underwater. The water world is beautiful and everyone loves to capture the breathtaking scenery of the ocean bed this is also great news for snorkeling and scuba diving. 

There are battery and card compartments that are well concealed and protected to ensure waterproofing. Nevertheless, they are still accessible. The same thing goes for the USB and HDMI slots as well.

With your GoPro action camera, you can travel underwater for hours without any safety concerns. With an optional diving suit, your camera can even go further than 30 feet underwater and can last for longer periods.


With your GoPro action camera, you can easily share your photos and video footage on any of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This can be done with the Go Pro app and every live stream is recorded in 720p.

GoPro HD Hero 2 Specs

  1. CMOS:  1/2.3
  2. Light sensitivity: 0.84 V/lux-sec
  3. Still Images: 11MP photo
  4. Image capture: 170o Wide FOV in 1080p mode
  5. FPS: 960p = 1280—960, 48FPS
  6. WVGA: 848—480, 120FPS

Portable Size

While riding, you need some accessories and add-ons to be as light as possible. This is one feature the GoPro Hero 2 offers you. It is small and lightweight, but strong. You could easily slot the camera into one corner of your helmet and never feel you’re hanging anything. 

I traveled 40km/hr before I even remembered I was going with my camera. You will barely notice you’re carrying any device with you. It doesn’t drag you or mount extra pressure on your bike speed.


Toughness is another word for this camera. Despite receiving heavy punches and hits from tree branches and flower leaves, the GoPro Hero 2 camera stands firm. GoPro designs the device to be able to withstand big knocks and punches without any trace of surface scratch or internal damage.

Sound Quality

This feature of GoPro HD Hero 2 will definitely wow you. The sound quality is literally brilliant. The GoProHero 2 noise-proof does two things. One, it improves the quality of sound you hear from your bike. In that way, even when you’re on a call or listening to music, it does seem as though you were in a studio.

The second thing is that the sound quality also prevents that cracking windy noise that confronts you especially when you’re face to face with those horrible strong winds.  But you’ll need to place your microphone on the back of the camera


What more simplicity do you need from a device that the GoPro Hero 2 won’t offer? The camera is easy to operate. You don’t have to waste a lot of your time in the bush areas to take a picture of that beautiful crawling snake attempting to escape your attention.

The user manual will guide you on the best way to use the camera. With just two operating buttons, the GoPro Hero 2 camera can perform wonders. But you need a careful study of the manual to get familiar with the function of those buttons.

Image Quality

Although it is often said, and I think it’s become a cliche now that megapixel count isn’t everything, you do need at least a bare minimum of megapixel to fill the page at 300 DPI. HD Hero 2 comes with such a feature. 

More than that, the GoPro Hero 2 offers you access to more 11mp free copyright-free commercial images and video footage that welcome you to the device when in photo mode.  They represent what you’ll come to enjoy later on in terms of top quality images

As a high-definition device, GoPro Hero 2 camera boasts unparalleled picture quality. Apart from the fact that GoPro Hero doesn’t starve you of amazing still images, you won’t be disappointed if you call on the device to deliver picture clarity.

Seamless Menu

When you open your GoPro Hero 2 camera, the first thing that attracts your attention is the improved menu system. Unlike the litany of cryptic jargon you find in some cameras, GoPro hero 2 comes with a user-friendly detail-loaded menu that even a stark novice can relate with easily.

Sensitive Lens

This is one feature you’ll fall in love with over and over again. What do you mean? I mean that the lens of the GoPro Hero 2 camera is sharp and can adapt easily to change in light and contrast modes. Since all places and times can’t have identical weather conditions, GoPro Hero 2 camera is built with a lens that could change to suit the kind of weather the rider is in. 

For instance, if a rider is approaching a hilltop, the camera lens quickly adjusts its brightness and contrast to be able to suit itself into the new condition. The same thing applies when entering a forest or starting to experience a hazy or foggy cloud.       


Downloading videos or pictures to your phone becomes easier with this camera. With its USB-enabled ports, you can easily connect your phone or PC to the camera and retrieve your footage without any hassle. Ask me what I prefer: remove the memory card and slot it into my PC. From there I will be able to see clearly all the pictures and videos I need and the ones I don’t from the camera, then can copy and paste them to the receiving device.

Wide Picture Coverage

The clarity of the picture is enhanced by the camera’s fish-eye lens curves which enable you to capture images up to 170o in width. Although some users consider this as one of the downsides of the device because it ‘distorts’ the left-right sides of the images you want to capture, it is a benefit. How? Because the camera allows you to see more of what the actual rider sees.

Battery Lifespan

The camera comes with a rechargeable battery. I have measured the number of hours the battery can last a couple of times. I can confidently say that on average the GoPro Hero 2 battery can take you up to 5 hours before it needs to be recharged. But your camera settings can reduce hours and lower the life expectancy of the battery. 

Data Capacity

I’m not sure there are too many cameras out there that afford you the chance to input up to a 32GB memory card into their sucker and still function effectively. But that’s what GoPro hero 2 does for you. You can make a massive recording time and save a lot of data.

Replaceable Parts & Accessories

I hope you aren’t tired of knowing more about what you stand to benefit from as a biker using the GoPro Hero 2 Camera? Don’t yet, because GoPro produces a camera that comes with a lot of accessories that are accessible, replaceable, available, and affordable.

Things To Keep In Mind

Just as you know, everything in life has its strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats. My SWOT analysis of GoPro HD Hero 2 would not be complete if I failed to identify some of the challenges bikers are expected to face while using the device.

Fog Sucks into Camera Casing

Well, this is not a threat to the GoPro HD Hero 2 because it is a general problem that every camera faces. Does that make it less a con of the device under review? I don’t think so. During the humid season, there is always precipitation, and water drops gather around the face of the camera’s lens, therefore blurring images and camera footage. 

Riders should also be wary of the tiny drop of water that forges its way into the waterproof case of the GoPro HD Hero 2 device.  Especially, when you’re riding past a forest, you can’t avoid not being wet by this little fog that penetrates its way into the case and makes 1½ hours of your footage almost useless.

Based on experts’ advice, to prevent the fog from blurring your footage, you can squeeze some gel pack into the side of the casing to absorb any moisture.

Where is the View Screen?

Sometimes you can get pissed off if you have a camera you can’t have a view of the footage because it is mounted. Riders should bear in mind that once they mount the GoPro HD, they may not be able to have a view because the camera is missing from the view screen. 

In typical digital cameras, you don’t have to lose the view of your footage once they are mounted. But if you don’t get the strategy of locating the mounting angle of the device on your helmet, you may end up seeing much of your safety gear rather than the footage.

But thanks to the experience I’ve garnered. I have been able to reduce this challenge and it is not insurmountable for a willing rider. You could also be premier in that regard. So what do I do the next time I face this mounting angle issue?

Do a test snippet of the film area, especially once you’re in a completely new and different location. What follows is a snippet to view the footage on your laptop. This will give you a sense of what angle you want.

No Zoom

I know you already feel like ‘this is really bad.’ I agree with you that the lack of zooming options in a top-quality stand-out camera makes it difficult to get a good clear shot outside of a 30m range. The implication of that is that at every point in time you need to be closer to the object you want to snap.

But just to console you: you actually don’t need a zoom for a camera placed under a safety gear like a helmet. These kinds of cameras are designed specifically to take footage directly in front of your path. But such an excuse doesn’t add up because at times I may need to take footage of other riders. What about that? So, it will be great to have zoom-in and zoom-out options.

On/Off Buttom

As much as I appreciate the user-friendly and less-button menu system, I sometimes can get frustrated with it. Imagine I need to press the on or off button, and the camera automatically switches itself from and changes from one model to another.

I’ve had to go through this ugly experience in the past. I remember the day I wanted to take off the camera and before I knew it, the camera had auto-operated itself, changing from the filming to photo mode as my hand scrambled for the tiny menu buttons.

What to do:

There is no alternative than to remove your safety gear (helmet), adjust or press the button you want on the camera and then replace the helmet. It can even get more annoying when you don’t realize the camera has switched mode. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does GoPro Hero 2 Battery Last? That sounds like asking ‘how many minutes does a competitive football match last?’ Normally, a football match shouldn’t last more than 90 minutes regulation time, with either half taking 45 minutes each. But you and I know that sometimes it can take up to 100 or more minutes before a match ends, depending on a number of factors. 

The same rule applies when you want to know the number of minutes or hours it will take before the GoPro battery runs flat. Typically, the battery of a GoPro hero can last up to between 4 to 5 hours before it starts to show a low battery indicator. 

What’s the Appropriate Setting for my GoPro Hero 2? Your camera settings are just as important to the durability, longevity, and life span your battery will be. To set you 

How Much Does a GoPro Hero Camera Cost? As it stands, the current market price plus the shipping fee of the HD Hero 2 is $299, but GoPro has made a price cut to allow many customers to be able to afford it. After the price downward review, the HD Hero 2 is now available at between $199.99 and $239.99. The good news is that the price range also includes a variety of mounts. Your mount package depends on the price you get.

Is the GoPro Hero 2 Water-Resistant? Absolutely! If this product is not waterproof, I won’t even talk or write about it in the first place, and I am sure no camera producer in the 21st would expect patronage if their camera doesnâ’t include the waterproof features. But GoPro Hero 2 doesn’t only come with a protective waterproof case that can defend your camera against water but is also able to withstand depth up to 197 feet (60 meters).  

Does GoPro Hero 2 Have WIFI? That’s a no-brainer. The GoPro Hero 2 is launched with WiFi accessories that allow you to stream your video. The company also recently launched the WiFi BacPac accessory, which offers users opportunities to stream live from the camera from Hero 2.

Can I Connect GoPro to 2 Phones? Why not! The GoPro HD Hero 2 camera allows you access to pair its USB with multiple mobile devices through GoPro App. Although remotely, you can only control your GoPro camera with only one device at a time, with the help of the App, you’re able to still manage connections. 

What’s The GoPro App WIFI Range? Bear in mind that if you go through the GoPro App, the WiFi range is between 35-50 feet. That again depends on the level of interference with the wireless network.

My Parting Shot

The GoPro Hero 2 camera is one of the best choices when looking for a camera with great handling, cool features, smart design, portrait orientation, and excellent stability. The device is also a good choice for vloggers with enough Mod accessories that can are been found in conventional cameras.

Well, I have first-hand experience of the benefits. Never fret because of the cons and negative reviews you see. It’s normal for any product that would get a lot of customers’ attention. In fact, if you read about a product without a con or setback, it’s better you don’t buy it. That’ll be amounting to purchasing a pig in a poke, and you know what that means.

Am I imposing something on your taste bud, or you can read and practice for yourself what GoPro Hero 2 can do? I think the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Try this product today and you can be sure your next ride experience on that your newly acquired dirt bike will get a new name. 

You can show your GoPro HD Hero 2 camera to fellow riders as you ride on Ozello Trail from Homosassa to Crystal River or on Highway 50 from Oakland to Minneola or on Tamiami Trail from Tampa to Miami.

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