Harley Davidson Road King vs Electra Glide Comparison

Harley Davidson Road King vs. Electra Glide Comparison

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In my over 20 years as a motorcycle enthusiast, I can confidently tell you that each type of motorcycle has its strengths and weaknesses.  Whether you use the cruiser, touring, sportster, or moped, each has its good and bad sides. It all depends on what you want to see.

I have written a lot about the comparison of two Harley Davidson vehicles, and I am sure you’ll want to find out more stuff about some of the amazing motorcycles this leading company has produced.

Just before you click on that link, be patient to go through what I have done in this post. My job here is simple. I want to guide you through all you need to know about two of the most sought-after Harley Davidson motorcycles currently trending in the market, Road King and Electra Glide.

When I finish the SWOT analysis of these two vehicles, you’ll agree with me as I have insisted that Harley Davidson remains the only and best thing that has happened to the automotive industry, particularly the motorcycle market. You may differ, and I respect your opinion.

But hey, what is the unique thing about Harley Davidson Road King and Harley Davidson Electra Glide? So much water has passed, and many seasons of the sun have come and gone since 1913 when Harley Davidson has been rooting for standard, quality, and pacesetting. But what’s true is that Road King and Electra Glide bring something you perhaps haven’t experienced since you began biking on the Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.

If you want to hear the bang from Harley Davidson Road King and Harley Davidson Electra Glide, then stay glued to this article from start to finish. From the features such as high performance to increased torque, stability, comfort, and mileage, you can be sure that these are two of the best things Harley Davidson has come up with.

Let’s get down to business. What is Harley Davidson Road King? What’s Harley Davidson Electra Glide? I’ll start by doing a short description of the two motorcycles based on features and prices. That’s intended to give you an insight into the bikes you can’t possibly delay to start saving money for. 

Harley Davidson Road King

Harley Davidson Road King is a bike originally powered by Harley Davidson’s 1,340cc Evolution V-Twin engine but now enjoys the upgraded Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. Featuring improved wiring harnesses as well as water-resistant connectors, the Road King is built with detachable saddlebags and windshields and taller gear ratios. 

Harley Road King vs Electra Glude

With a standard windshield, this bike is sleeker with a lower, more classic portfolio which many bikers prefer. Also, the bike features little in the fairing and 814 pounds of weight when in running order, making it a little less weighty than Electra Glide. Although the Road King can cover long-distance miles, it lacks an audio system.

The bike is also popular for featuring air-adjustable forks, removable passenger seats, and dual front discs. It is perfect both as a cruiser and touring. It is important to know if the Road King gets more chrome or a black finish.


  • Smooth-running Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine
  • Perfect as a cruiser and touring
  • Removable passenger seat
  • Air-adjustable forks 

Harley Davidson Electra Glide

Electra Glide is a bare essentials motorbike that features all the modern capabilities which every Touring purist would want to go for. Built for custom use, the Electra Glide is a two-up long-haul bike specifically designed for touring. 

Harley Davidson Electra Glide

Made with that classic Harley-Davidson appearance and a comfortable design that is targeted at covering long-distance rides, Electra Glide comes with a Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin engine. The engine’s performance has become all-loved due to its power, typical of deep Harley rumble. Electra Glide comes with a polish and silver finish. With a deep bucket and a narrow neck, riders are sure of enough back support. The passenger also enjoys a wide area which can be taken as back and armrests.


  • Powerful Milwaukee-eight V-Twin Engine
  • Minimalist technology
  • Iconic Batwing faring and mid-height windshield
  • Long-haul solo touring seats

Road King vs. Electra Glide: Base MSRP Comparison 

Harley Davidson Road King Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price stands at $18,999. That price is only for buyers looking to have the Vivid Black. But if you prefer a color model, be prepared to pay as much as $19,449, $19,799 for two-tone paint, and $21,399 for Hard Candy Custom. Those prices aren’t bad for the king of quality Road King offers on the road.

On the other hand, the Harley Davidson Electra Glide costs a little higher. If you want the Vivid Black, $18,999 is the base price. For the more fanciful Electra Glide Ultra Classic fans who can be won over by color, be ready to add an extra $6000 to make it $24,999.

Here’s the thing: you’ll have to pay an extra fee if you want to use the two bikes with their ABS and security systems. But one certain thing is that you’ll have standard cruise control on both motorcycles.

Engine Comparison

Whoa! The first time I felt the powers of the engine of Harley Davidson Road King and Electra Gide, it was as though the 68-mile stretch of Beartooth Highway in Montana and Wyoming.

But truth be told, the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine inside each of the two motorcycles proves the typical Milwaukee anytime, any day. While Road King boasts Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, Electra Glide is built with the Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin’s powerful smooth-running engine with crisp throttle response and pure, soul-satisfying rumble that’s typical of Harley. The two motorcycles have the same engine displacement, ESPFI fuel system, exhaust, and compression ratio.

Dimensions Comparison

One thing Harley Davidson takes seriously as a priority is the accurate and rider-friendly dimension of their bikes. While the Road King features a 96.5” length, the Electra Glide has dimensions of 94.5” length. 

Meanwhile, the Electra Glide, its adequately padded seat has a laden height that’s slightly lower and stands at 26.1 inches. And the seat height unladen of 26.8”. The Electra Glide Ultra Classic has a length of 102.4”, seat height of 29.1″. Dry weight of 877lbs, and fuel capacity of six gallons. 

Meanwhile, in terms of gallon capacity, each of the two motorcycles has a six-gallon fuel capacity. The Electra Glide could ship two pounds lighter. But if you add oil and other fluids, the Electra Glide is seven pounds lighter in running order.

Performance Comparison

Popular and priced for their powers and handling, both the Road King and Electra Glide prove their price and value. In terms of angle, Road King has a slightly greater lean angle. 

The two bikes have a fuel economy of around 45 miles per gallon. The Road King and Electra Glide are built with Impeller Cast Aluminum wheels, with the Electra Glide having 17″ Impeller Cast Aluminum wheels.

Finish Comparison

The Road King is painted with a chrome or black finish. That is why this classic bike appeals to many veteran and long-distance riders. On the other hand, the Harley Davidson Electra Glide is painted in silver or polished finish. 

Infotainment Comparison

Just when you think all about bike is to move from one point on a padded saddle of a bike to another with your earbuds releasing the best of music, Harley Davidson would simply deploy new tech to release a bang.

Although it didn’t come with a Boom and an audio system, the Road king can be upgraded to include a Boom system. However, the Electra Glide has a greater luggage capacity than the Road King. It has almost five cubic feet of storage space and four audio speakers.

What’s Common?

Both the Electra Glide and Road King have great protection from the fairing, although Electra Glide might be better. In terms of the stock seat, the two motorcycles offer comfort with a pretty handy travel trunk item that is good for storage.  

Also typical of Harley Davidson, both the Road King and Electra Glide have high demand from riders and passengers. The love and demand for the standard Road King and Electra Glide models are amazing.

The two bikes use similar Milwaukee-Eight engines, although with variations. That is why you can be sure of high performance from their end. The two can cover long distances and can easily be maneuvered even in the roughest of roads and trickiest of bends.   

The two bikes are also of identical frame, but for trim, the Electra Glide fairing is mounted to the frame, while the Road King has no fairing; however, for other bikes, the fairing is mounted to forks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are common questions about these two common HD motorcycles.

Is FLHRSHI Harley Davidson Custom Road King?

Absolutely! The model was introduced in 2004 as an upgrade on the original Harley Davidson Road King, which was started in 1999. It has several improved features, including hard leather bags, a wind-swept headlight, lowered rear suspension, and wide handlebars. 

Meanwhile, with the advent of 2007, Harley Davidson came with an engine upgrade, coming up with the Twin Cam 96, identical to the popular Twin Cam 88, but with an improved displacement from 96 cubic inches to 1584cc.  

Can I use the Road King for Cruiser and Touring?

Versatility is the second name of the Road King. The bike comes with a high level of versatility, allowing you to turn it into a cruiser from touring even in less than 30 seconds. All you need to do is take off the windshield. 

Electra Glide vs. Road King: Which is better regarding seat position?

Don’t think twice. Considering the seat position, you will like the Electra Glide over the Road King. Why? The Electra Glide’s seat draws you closer to the bike’s bars than the Road King. Some riders, especially the short-hand ones, won’t like being far away from the bars.

Long Distance Ride: Road King or Electra Glide?

If you want to ride from one state to another, Electra Glide is the winner. This is why it is the perfect deal if you’re looking at covering a long-distance trip. However, the Road King is better as a cruiser because it is the perfect bike for riders who want to ride around and have fun. 


I have guided you throughout the trip. Although long, I must say, I think it is worth it because we have been able to deal with everything we need to as far as the comparison of Harley Davidson Road King and Electra Glide is concerned. 

Your choice remains yours. You know what you want, whether it’s a tour or a cruiser, or both. If you want a bike that offers the services and performance that you desire while on a ride, then both are perfect for you. But while Harley Davidson Road King suits your needs as a cruiser and touring, Electra Glide will be the perfect bike when you’re looking for a bike great for touring.

I have extensive practical experience with both bikes, and I can confidently inform you that they would do just what you want. Do not fret when one bike does not satisfy all you need. Each of them always complements the loss or lack of one feature or the other. 

Comfort and stability you are sure of even when you’re riding on poor-quality roads. Now you know why the Electra Glide is often called ‘Harley-Davidson’s most comfortable motorcycle.’

My final advice is that you ride safely. Follow all traffic rules and don’t. Don’t go beyond the required speed limit. The safety of other road users is as equally important as yours.

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Harley Davidson Road King vs. Electra Glide Comparison

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