How Airbags Work

How Do Airbags Work? All-Inclusive Guide

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Automobile technology has advanced so much with antilock, headrests, and seatbelts; the whole vehicle is a safety concern. Explosions are massive, and in no0time leads to too much damage for the vehicle and the driver. The accidents are the worst, where you have no idea how it occurred, or what last happened. For more safety, in the 1980s, airbags were introduced.

Airbags work by inflating the bag as soon as the car becomes in contact with another object or starts to slow down rapidly. This will trigger the airbag. In cars, trucks, or buses with airbag facilitation, numerous factors are kept in mind to attain what was prolonged. For instance, the idea to engage integrity while keeping yourself safe and the one beside you, and those sitting in the back. 

How Car Crashes Damage?

There’s a limit to how much your car can afford the speed. The crash occurs when the speed limit is surpassed, and an object came crashing into your car, or a slight mishap leads to it. Minute details are necessary, but what about the damage that comes with it. The health and monetary, both are necessary. 

Car crashes are the worst since they are less capable of withstanding significant hits. Maybe this was the reason that airbags were introduced. No arguments on that. Protecting lives is essential when you are travelling. So, it precluded the maker’s thoughts. They wanted to invest in something safer and more guaranteed feature. 

Let’s get into a little more physics and chemistry than we thought it might require. The kinetic energy is the mass and velocity. The more powerful hit means more mass efficiency and speed. So, we have to take it as a reasonable response given by a hit. Not just some regular hit, a massive one indeed.

How Do Airbags Help?

Ever since the introduction of airbags, they have saved thousands of lives, from damages to the face, head, and other sensitive parts. Since kinetic energy increases with speed, it requires more mass to decrease the velocity. Airbags are a great help

For starters, airbags are the supplementary inflatable system (SRS). By supplementary, we mean replacement of a seatbelt or its side job. Without a seatbelt, it might not be as effective as it has to be. Since, seatbelt pushes you back after a strong hit posing you to the front, these inflatable open immediately after the first strike of the head with the area of their placement. They are mostly placed in the front dashboards for passenger, steering for the driver, inside headrests for the back sitters.

Effectiveness of Airbags

No questions rose against the effectiveness of an airbag. The mix of various chemical and physical strategies embarks it as an efficient approach made by the security conveners. The sensors inside the car airbag are always working, with or without the car turned on. They are significantly impacted upon a hit. 

A minute injury may occur to the side of the eye, or even a little cut on the head. But studies by the two most outstanding scientists over the eight years proved airbags are as effective as they can be. They reduce the intensity to head-on crashes by 16 per cent and 24 per cent for all other crashes. 

Side airbags, front, or torso, each one is extremely effective in every way. Remember to always wear your seatbelt before departing, since no prevention is ever enough.

Parts of Airbags

You might be thinking, airbags are itself part of the vehicle, what makes it such? The answer is that the airbag is made of a bag alongside a sensor and an inflation system. 

An airbag is a fabric made of nylon, soft material, rolled into the steering wheel, dashboard, or torso. Since the cloth is incredibly soft, filled with cushions, the head won’t hit hard. It will help if you have a seatbelt. 

The next part is the sensor. The most important feature of the airbag is this one. Why? It prominently determines the crash. As soon as the sensors notice the car slowing down suddenly, or get a massive impact, they burst open before the head hits the steering. That’s how efficiently they are set, and with the seatbelt on, minor injuries will save you. The airbag can be either electrical or mechanical. 

The third is the inflation system. As soon as the sensors recognize the crash, an immediate response is sent to the inflator. The reaction of Sodium azide with potassium nitrate burst opens the airbags. You might have noticed some gases coming out. That is the nitrogen gas produced after the reaction. Once you are saved from hitting the board, this gas starts to move out through small pores. You will get space to breathe and immediately witness the scrutiny.

How Airbags Work

It’s all the science and chemistry of reactions behind this working. Upon the hit, the car will decrease the velocity rapidly. There is no rocket science here. Just some mass and velocity are working together to promote harmless accidents.

  1. Once the accelerometer notices the change, it triggers the airbags button. Now we might be thinking how come simple speeding and braking does not trigger this button? Not enough force, I guess.
  2. After that, the electric current from the airbags enters the heating element. A small explosion between sodium azide and potassium nitrate occurs. That, in turn, generates a huge amount of gas, probably nitrogen.
  3. The action is rapidly inflating and deflating. Once the gases are released, the bag filled with soft powders like talcum or cornstarch immediately deflates. If the impact is hard, you are moving forward, and that’s how the airbag will come out and save you. 

Final Thoughts

The idealities and the technology behind all of the airbags working are immense. We can conclude the article by saying that majority of the technology, the sensors, triggers, everything is meant to save lives, and thankfully it did. Everyone who has been through an accident can guarantee airbags’ usefulness and how it benefits the intriguers. 

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