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How To Change A Dirt Bike Tire? (In 5 Steps)

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Changing a dirt bike tire is one of the basic jobs motorcyclists think is best for a mechanic to handle. But it’s something you can do by yourself. 

It’s not easy at first, you might end up even maddening, but with the right tools, practice, and a lot of patience, you will eventually change that tire. 

The process of changing a tire is a quick and easy one as long as you have just the right tools, tips, and tricks for the job. Here are a few but helpful tips to make changing a bike tire much more straightforward. 

People remove a dirt bike tire for two reasons – they go new tires or get new inner tubes. When you have a flat tire, it means there is a hole in your inner tube, and regular maintenance tells you when it’s time to get the tools out.

Before we move on to get a dirt bike tire changed, here are some tools you should have in your garage before changing that tire.

Tools Needed To Change Dirt Bike Tires

Now that you have all the tools ready, it is time to start looking at the step-by-step process of changing your dirt bike tire. Be faithful to these steps. Otherwise, you may need to hire the services of a professional mechanic trained in a dirt bike. 

Changing a Dirt Bike Tire in Five Easy Steps

Step 1: Remove Valve Core

The first step you will take after assembling your tools is to remove the valve core. This is to ensure that the air is out of the tube. Use your tire stand, and if you don’t have one, you could use a double-folded towel to protect the disk and the sprocket from dirt. It would be best if you loosened the rim lock nut and back it off till a couple of threads can hold it down.

Note – in case of any corrosion forming; you can use grease or anti-seize on the threads before getting them to tighten up the rim lock. Having a pair of dirt bike gloves may help you with this process.

Step 2: Get on the old Tire 

While the sprocket side is still up, use a tire spoon to smash the head of the old tire from the edge of the rim. Let the iron down, then slide it under the edge of the rim, while using the iron’s shape and the extra leverage to force the bead down. You can now break the second bead around the tire and flip the wheel to the disc side.

Note – Push the tire to make sure that the bead is totally broken, and then push the nut on top of the lock bolt to force the rim low into the tire.

Step 3: Slide the Tire Iron in

With the bead down, the inner shoulder of the rim should be off, and then you can slide your tire iron in and lever a part of the tire edge up and out of the rim. You should ensure that the iron is under the disc to hold it while you are working on others. Do this work continually around your tire while moving the next iron with a short distance of about 2 inches from the other.

Step 4: Pull the Valve Away from the Rim

With one side of the tire off, you can pull the valve out of the rim and, now, carefully the tube out of the tire. Then, re-install the valve core as quickly as you remove the tube for reinstallation. Then begin dismounting the other side of the tire while the wheel is flipped to the sprocket side.

Step 5: Get the Wheel away from Stand 

You can pick the wheel off the stand now, hold it with the rim lock and bump the bottom of the wheel combo on the ground. With this, the old tire will now be easily pushed off the rim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the ideal time to change a dirt bike tire? 

The best time to replace your dirt bike tire is when it is being inspected. During the inspection of your bike, you might notice that the tires are beginning to wear out and showing signs that it’s time to get new ones. Make sure that the mechanic looks into other parts surrounding the tires, rims, and rims to see if there is damage on the bike.

Q: What are the significant tools needed when changing a dirt bike tire?

There are a number of tools needed to change the dirt bike tire. You will need to have the tire irons as well as a stand or wheel, soap or lube, wrench, valve core, and a bead buddy.

Q: Can I change dirt bike tires myself?

Yes, you can. Although replacing your dirt bike tires with the DIY method can be tricky, it helps in a great way by saving you a lot of money on your lean budget. At least, you can save up to $20 to 60$. 

Final Thoughts

The process of changing a dirt bike tire will only take about 20 minutes or less. Mounting new tires when the existing ones are worn out is pretty cool, easy and you get to spend the money meant for the mounting on getting yourself a cup of coffee or a new set of helmets. However, to avoid any problem, we recommend that you use the right tools and follow the steps. 

You’ll need to read the post because the tires as much as the jackets serve as safety accessories. 

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