How To Hotwire a Car

How To Hotwire a Car: All-Inclusive Guide

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Whether you realized it or not, we are pretty sure that you have seen someone hotwire a vehicle before, maybe in the movies or even in reality. There must have been a scene in your favorite action movie where the star actor joined some wires together, and the vehicle worked.

Hotwiring a car is essentially a way to start a car by skipping the ignition lock cylinder of the vehicle. There are various ways you can go about hotwiring the car, in this article we are going to discuss the three different ways you can hotwire a vehicle today.

Except your vehicle was made like 20 years ago, most recently manufactured vehicles have evolved beyond the usual manual principles that permit easy hot wiring. There are now inbuilt computers and electronic lock mechanisms that cannot be easily bypassed by hot wiring. So, even if you were able to hotwire these recent vehicles, the ‘ battle had only begun.’

However, in times past and even presently, some persons have survived real-life emergency cases like a natural disaster, a fire outbreak, robbery attacks e.t.c because they knew how to hotwire. Therefore, you’d never know when the knowledge contained in this article could come in handy for you.

What Does it Mean to Hotwire?

In its simplest form, hotwiring a car means a way of starting your car by skipping the ignition lock cylinder. To crank your car, the ignition key is inserted into the car through the mechanical component called the lock cylinder.

The older your car gets, the smoother and more seamless it is to hot-wire. Brand new cars are not as easy to hotwire as the old models. The reason for the complicated nature of hotwiring new model vehicles is that most of them do not come with built-in immobilizers. Most new models are integrated with immobilizers that make bypassing the ignition lock cylinder easier. 

To hot wire, a vehicle means that you found some other way to put on its combustion engine without using the key. Reaffirming the fact that ‘there are many ways to kill a rat.’ Hence, it is no wonder that hot wiring is usually a method used by thieves to steal vehicles. 

However, it is also possible that someone who owns a car misplaced the keys and would rather hotwire than get a new set of keys.

How to Hotwire?

To Hotwire a car, you would need some tools, and these tools could vary depending on the type, model, and make of your car. Generally speaking, though, below is a list of the primary tools you would need to hotwire a car.

First Method:

  1. With your gloves on and with the flat head screw driver’s aid, expose the panel that envelops the steering wheel column.
  2. After you have done the first step, you would find multiple wires, but your business here is with the brown wires, and if there are two of them, cut off the insulator and touch the conductive parts of both. This will automatically rev up the engine.
  3. After the car starts up, do not allow both brown wires to come together again but rather, with the adhesive tape’s aid, join the conductive ends of two stripped wires to the two brown wires. 
  4. If you open up the panel enclosing the steering wheel panel and find just one brown wire, then take up the red wires and sever off about an inch from both to expose the live or conductive part of the red wires.
  5. Wind both tips of the red wires together, and with the exposed conductive tip of the brown wire, touch the joined point of the red wires, and the vehicle would come on.
  6. After the vehicle is put on, remove the brown wire from the red ones’ joined ends and tape the brown wire to the tip of the stripped wire.
  7. To turn off the car later, untwist the connected wires.

Second Method:

  1. Insert your drill into the keyhole. The drill should go into the hole as much as your car key usually does. This is done to destroy all the locking pins in the keyhole. 
  2. Now, you can insert your screwdriver within the keyhole, and functioning as a key, the engine would come on.
  3. This method would require that you get a new key by the time you are done.

Third Method:

  1. Open up your vehicle’s hood and connect the jumper cable to your car battery’s positive terminal.
  2. Connect one end of the jumper cable to the positive terminal of your starter solenoid, and the vehicle would come on.

How To Hotwire New Models Vehicles?

So far, the processes we’ve described above apparently work mostly on old-model cars. Earlier, we said that hot-wiring often works easily on old-model cars. It doesn’t imply that hot-wiring late-model cars are impossible, however, complicated it can be. Even if your car is not built with immobilizers, it can be hot-wired despite the built-in electronics and sophisticated innovation.  

The presence of key fobs makes hot-wiring a walk in the park. Many late-model cars come with push-button starts, remote keyless entries, and key fobs, which make the process of bypassing the ignition lock cylinder a lot easier.

Stealers can hack into the dashboard, using a device that will locate your car‘s key fob RFID indicator. This device will boost the car and make it respond as though the car’s key fob is close. 

Final Thoughts

Ensure your vehicle is neutral, put on your safety gloves, apply the emergency brakes, and carry out all other safety precautions before hot wiring. The reason for this is that hot wiring isn’t safe. 

You could get shocked or begin a fire, which is a mess much bigger than the initial emergency you were trying to solve. As you see hot-wiring as an alternative way to start your car, thieves also use this method to cart away with your car.

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