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How to Make Harley Davidson Motorcycle Faster

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Not everyone gets the full gist when you explain how to make Harley faster. If you change the tune and ask a sort of question like ‘what’s the cheapest way to get your bike to go faster, then you begin to get tons and tons of answers.

What lesson does that teach as you get down reading this post about how to make Harley faster? Here are some ways to make your Harley faster: Get SE High Air Filter, Install 2-1 Exhaust, Get a TTS Master Tune System & Use the Most Suitable Harley Bike Cam and Pushrods.

Fast Harley Davidson Motorcycle on Road

But that’s just by the way. Whether you ride on fuel-injected bikes or any other system, you need performance and quality sound. But getting speed itself costs money. Even if you go the cheapest way by opening up the breather and exhaust to inject a set of cams, you’d still have to cough up some cash.

But here’s the thing: riding a heavyweight Harley bike can be somewhat annoying, especially if it doesn’t get the speed and its performance level is low while on the road. How do you get over that? How do you ride past that slow rider with the speed of light?

Let’s get to know how to go about that. If you want to increase the speed of your average Harley bike, there are a few custom motorcycle parts you can tweak to make a big impact. 

Get SE High Air Filter

Indeed, you know what relief you get when you blow your nose after a day-long street workout that had you inhale a lot of dust. This is the same way your bike’s air filters work. They filter out all the unwanted debris in the air before it gets into the engine.

Thus, it makes your bike lighter on the road and faster while at speed. The result of air filters’ work is clean and pure air inside for better combustion, efficiency, speed, and smooth power delivery.

RevZilla has a fantastic video on youtube about a buyers’ guide for air cleaners.

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Install 2-1 Exhaust

No doubt, with 2-into-1 exhaust systems, the two exhaust pipes come together optimally to emit fumes through one muffler.

Because this system comes with a higher pitch, is lighter, and generally performs best at low RPMs, it enhances a better and balanced airflow in your engine. Hence, it results in more torque and a smoother idle. These are features you won’t find with a typical true dual exhaust system.

The more fumes the muffler emits, the faster your bike and the better for your speed as you climb those mountainous and hilly routes with your Harley Davidson motorcycle. 

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Get a TTS Master Tune System

Installing a TTS Master Tune system enables you to increase your Harley engine’s power and performance level. As the cliché goes, when your engine is healthy, your journey is safe. It makes your Harley motorbike faster and your motorcycle more efficient, decreasing fuel consumption for optimal speed.  It is important to note that if a longer-duration cam increases high speeds and power in the middle. And that is all you want, after all.

If your engine breathes well, it goes without saying that at all rpm ranges, your stock motor increases in power, with close to 15 hp at the wheel. Isn’t that incredible? Another stunning role of the TSS tune system in ensuring faster speed is that it puts you in charge of your engine control unit (ECU).

Use the Most Suitable Harley Bike Cam and Pushrods

Three things are important when choosing which cam you should use for your Harley bike. If not, before opting for any cam, answer the following questions.

One, is the bike for all-around street riding or track or drag racing? Two is your riding style, aggressive or conservative. Three, is the bike lighter like you find with Harley and Dyna?

Now you have your answers, but there is an important thing to know: a cam with a longer intake duration will moderate static compression pressure at low speed.


Remember what we said and agreed on, at least in principle, when we started this short trip together. Nothing cheap gives value. So, if you want to give speed to your Harley bike or chopper, be ready to give something valuable in return.

We all know that one of the greatest joys we derive from using a motorbike, or any other vehicle, is to get us to our destination in good time. Otherwise, why wouldn’t I use my leg to cover the entire distance?

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How to Make Harley Davidson Motorcycle Faster

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