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How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper?

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Just like in motorcycle movies, having a motorcycle with a powerful sound improves your riding experience, and you get to enjoy the thrill of riding a motorcycle that you can hear the sound of the engine growling healthily. 

There are several ways you can make your motorcycle exhaust sound deeper, including switching and modifying the stock muffler, take out the baffles, and get installed a high-performance exhaust. In this article we will dive deeper into each different way to make your motorcycle exhaust sound deeper.

Most motorcycle enthusiasts get this satisfying feeling and riding pleasure when their motorcycle exhaust sounds deepen because it is a sign that the motorcycle is in good condition.

Here’s a fact you can rely on: exhaust of two-wheelers comes with its distinctive and different sound, depending on the manufacturer, type of material used to design the baffles, as well as the dimension of the exhaust. The depth of the exhaust sound depends on the personal decision of the motorcyclist. Essentially, you can change, modify, or remove the pitch to suit your preference.

Why Should You Modify Your Motorcycle Exhaust?

There are so many reasons why people tend to modify their exhaust system, and here are a few. Re-modifying a motorcycle’s exhaust system is done depending on the type of motorcycle you ride, the type of exhaust, or pitch of the sound you are comfortable using. People change the kind of exhaust sound aside from the initial one from the manufacturer by merely modifying the exhaust system. You will find that a little change to the exhaust system can transform a small motorcycle to sound like a powerful and breathing monster. You are probably wondering if the reason why your Motorcycle backfires is because of the exhaust sound. Well, that is for you to find out if you keep reading. Let’s move on to how to change your motorcycle exhaust sound.

How to Modify Your Motorcycle’s Exhaust Sound

1. Switch and Modify the Stock Muffler

Motorcycle stock mufflers suit a wide range of personalities and inclinations. You are probably okay with that sound from your stock exhaust, but if you want a low-end more resonant exhaust sound, then you may need to replace or modify your stock muffler. Removing the insert is not enough to create that more resonant sound you want, but it’s a great starting point.

This is the best way if you’re not comfortable with just removing the insert but simply want to know how to make your bike’s exhaust produce a deeper sound without having to modify so many parts of the engine of your motorcycle. In that case, you need to get the SVT Boneshaker slip-on mufflers. These mufflers will indeed cause a headache for your neighbors but will surely deliver a strong and deep exhaust sound. Apart from providing that strong exhaust sound, it will also provide sufficient back pressure on your motorcycle’s motor all in a bid to improve performance.

2. Take out the Baffles

Just like getting a motorcycle’s phone mount will help you get all the thrilling moments while riding, taking out the baffles from your motorcycle exhaust pipes will sure give you the desired strength and deeper sounds. However, going with this will produce a much louder sound that may cause problems for you. Therefore, it is essential to check with your local and state laws before removing your motorcycle’s baffles to ensure that you do not violate any noise pollution laws and regulations. While loud is the new black for some motorcyclist enthusiasts, it is advisable not to go beyond the decibel levels permitted.  

In addition to this information, you should also be aware that taking out your motorcyclist’s baffles will change the back pressure of your motorcycle’s engine. However, suppose you ride a motorcycle with a fuel-injected engine. In that case, you may need to take to a professional motorcycle shop and have the ECU remapped to account for the reduced backpressure.

3. Go for a High-Performance Exhaust System

One other perfect tip to make your motorcycle exhaust sounds deeper if to install a full-performing exhaust. This means you have to get bike headers with few curves running down to the muffler part and be sure that the muffler has no restrictions in it. A perfect performance exhaust for an ideal set-up is a straight-through design.

However, if you cannot afford a full performance exhaust system, you can always substitute for an aftermarket slip-on muffler and see how it sounds. You can also get the right performance upgrades for your motorcycle like the new air kits, and you will enjoy a better engine as well as better sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of the motorcycle exhaust system?

The exhaust systems are installed on your motorcycle for a few reasons. It’s unlikely that you would enjoy your ride without an exhaust pipe. Take a look at some of the importance of exhaust systems:

  • To route combustion gases away
  • To muffle motorcycle noise
  • To help the motorcycle engine perform even better.

Q: How does the aftermarket performance exhaust improve my motorcycle’s performance?

The aftermarket exhaust improves motorcycle’s performance by improving your engine’s efficiency, which in turn helps exhaust gases, improve the fuel intake and the flow of air.

Q: What kind of exhaust system should I go for?

Good question! It all depends on the kind of motorcycle you are riding. Exhaust systems come in two types which are mufflers only and full system. Each of these two types has its functions and serves unique purposes. You cannot go wrong opting for either of them.

Q: Will my motorcycle pass inspection after an aftermarket exhaust?

Absolutely yes! States have different requirements, so your best bet is to first get an answer from your local inspection station, police department, or motorcycle shop.

Final Thoughts

Why would you allow yourself to be intimidated on the road by a fellow rider who’s out on a low-displacement engine? It’s always interesting to be on your newly acquired Harley Davidson Electra Glide showing off its power. 

But you need to have a deep-sounding exhaust to make this happen. If you follow all the guidelines in this post, you’re on your way to make your motorcycle exhaust sound deeper. With these tips, your bike can become a roadmaster.

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