track car with gps

How To Track A Car Using Your Phone?

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There are always times when you need to locate your vehicle. With technology today, you can track a car from anywhere. Technology has advanced so terribly in awesome ways. You can now pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle anywhere on the Earth. Maybe you can’t remember where you parked your vehicle, or do you suspect it has been stolen? No need to panic; the thieves won’t know what hit them. By simply using your mobile phone and its inbuilt smart apps, you would easily locate your car. 

Google maps record the vehicle’s location, so if you have an android or iPhone, you can use google map to find your car. Click on ‘car play’ or ‘find my car’ to begin the process if you have an iPhone. 

Using a Mobile Phone

This portion of the article’s entire essence shows you how you can track your car from your home or anywhere else simply by using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Enter your information into the GPS Website and then follow the directions on the mobile phone to navigate to the car.

A car tracker app is the most cost-friendly way to discover the location of your car. You do not necessarily need an expensive cell phone; even a prepaid phone could do perfectly. All you need to do is download the app to your mobile from the google play store and install it. There, it’s that easy. 

In order to get a successful find, you must ensure that your GPSs’ batter is full and that the connection between the two is good. Imagine you are in the middle of this life-changing vehicle tracking process, and your cell goes off; it wouldn’t be good, would it?

Your location operation would be more precise if you have any tracking apps at play. You could download Instapaper, Google maps, Femi safe, AccuTracking, and many more. All this would play out together with the strong cellular network to give you an accurate location result.

Creating a tracker app account would demand your time because you would fill an online registration form, open an account, and decide what number you would attach to the tracker app.

After that, ‘install’ the mobile phone into a hidden place in your car. The reason for this is because you wouldn’t be taking the phone out anytime soon. To ensure the mobile phone with GPS tracker is always on joining the charger to any wire connected to your car’s battery source. You can still charge the phone yourself, but you would have to install it on your vehicle anytime you step out.

track car with gps

Using Your GPS Devices

A GPS tracker for cars works the same way your phone works to track a car and they both use and connect to identical internet technology. How does GPS work to track a car? It connects to satellites where it receives data to get the location of the car. After locating the data, the GPS sends information to a connected smartphone app or web browser, using a cellular network. 

There is a range of places you can install your GPS device in the car. Some of the places you can mount your GPS device in the car include the underfloor mats, dashboard, glove compartment, front or rear bumper, underfloor seats. You can also mount it in the wheel wells located at the outer part of your vehicle.

Built-in GPS of Your Car

You can also use a built-in GPS of your car. In this portion of the article, we shall be discussing the first of the three most popular ways to locate a vehicle. This is by using the GPS already built into your car by its manufacturers. 

A separate GPS tracker is not relevant in this process; however, what you need is a smartphone that can surf the Internet and guarantee your car’s continuous safety.

The most prominent downside to this system is that some particular make or model of vehicles lack this feature. Another con of this system is that these vehicles with inbuilt GSP are expensive and way beyond most people’s budget.

Final Thoughts

Auto thieves are everywhere looking for the car to steal. This is why you must take a proactive step to prevent. When you’ve done everything possible and the stealers still make away with it, you have technology that can help you recover the lost item.

The article has opened eyes to some of the great technologies you can use to ensure your vehicle doesn’t illegally become someone else’s property. It’s a great idea to have different means through which you would always keep track of your vehicle’s movement. 

As soon as possible, please subscribe to this plan because you are better safe than sorry. Today, tracking a car has become a walk in the park, thanks to the various available technologies.

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