Improve Gas Mileage

10 Best Tips to Improve Gas Mileage

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Automobile drivers never paid much concern to gas mileage during times when the cost of petrol was fair, but presently as the price of fuel is on the high side, drivers now mind the amount of fuel lost in each trip made. You can Improve Gas Mileage in your vehicle in various ways.

To improve gas mileage with your vehicle you can Inflate Your Tires Properly, Use the Right Car Oil and Ensure Gas Cap Seal Isn’t Broken. The cost of filling up your fuel tank is really expensive. So, you should conserve as much gas as possible. This way, so doing, you should try and avoid anything that will risk on petrol.

What Is Gas Mileage?

Owning a car comes with a lot of tasks. From maintenance to fixing, all cost money. It gets worse when you get a car that isn’t fuel-efficient, they consume much fuel per the second drive. You will have to battle maintenance, fixing, and a constant feeling of a car, and that is not a good way to live a life. 

In situations like this, you need to figure out how to consume less gas for a distance mile. And this brings us to “Gas Mileage”. Gas mileage is measured in MPG. It means being able to use a lesser quantity of gas for a larger distance per mile. For this to be achievable, there are several tips you need to know to help improve your gas mileage. These tips include;

Tips To Improve Gas Mileage

  • Inflate Your Tires Properly

Most drivers have a habit of inflating their car tires themselves when they notice they have become slightly low. And they do this all the time without knowing the risk in it. It is capable of reducing your gas mileage. 

To inflate tires, make sure you do it using the right pressure indicated in the manual to give the best balance. An under-inflated tire can affect the engine, as it would require more gas for it to run.

  • Use the Right Car Oil

For drivers who are fond of using just about any oil to run their cars, it is the wrong thing to do. The design of each car engine should work with a special type of oil. So using any car oil may affect your car’s engine and gas mileage too. When you use non-recommended thicker oil, it’ll cause much friction, causing the engine to work harder than normal and as such consume much gas. Every car comes with a manual that shows a specific oil type that’s perfect for it .

  • Ensure Gas Cap Seal Isn’t Broken

Take some time to check your car’s gas cap seal. To know if they are broken or not. When this seal has been in use for a long time tends to break down. And if broken, allows air to leak into the gas tank, causing excess air to enter the engine. 

This isn’t good because the engine burns too much gas as it drains much gas from the fuel tank. This will cost you to spend a lot on fueling your car because your car won’t be able to conserve fuel any longer. So, once you notice this, quickly replace your gas cap with a tighter seal.

  • Apply Cruise Control

Applying cruise control helps maintain a safer, legal, and fuel-efficient speed. You should apply the cruise control mostly in cases when you hit the speed pedal without even realizing it.

It usually happens when you are driving over the speed limit. This is where you need cruise control; it helps tame your driving. And also helps decrease the need to accelerate and brake, making you consume much gas per mile.

  • Pulsing and Gliding

This is one technique that helps you improve gas mileage. To do this, you must accelerate to a specific speed, then glide until you slow down. You would repeat the process over and over again, for this help save gas. The car engine works more during sharp acceleration and uses little gas in the process of coasting.

You can mostly use this method in areas with hills; this way, you can easily glide down for a long period in long distance. And by so doing will improve gas mileage. 

  • Coast to Stop Signs

You can save up much gas when you coast to stop signs or red traffic lights than accelerate to the red light before finally stopping. Whether you accelerate or not, you won’t still beat the traffic light, so it a best you coast slowly towards stop signs, as it saves gas.

  • Replace Air Filter 

Replacing the air filter and spark plugs when they get bad can help improve your gas mileage. So, carrying out a routine check on your car’s air filter can help you notice damage in time and avoid further damages. Also, keep the gas ignition coil in good condition.

  • Reduce Excess Weight

When a fully-loaded car with lots of baggage reduces gas mileage. When it carries excess weight, it would significantly put more pressure on the engine, meaning the car’s engine has to work a lot harder for the car to move, thereby reducing the car’s gas mileage. 

  • Refueling Car in The Morning

This routine saves you from overspending on fuel for your car. When you refuel your tank in the morning, you get the advantage of the physical properties of the fuel. A little explanation to clarify you; Petrol storage tanks are buried underground in the deepest part, and early in the morning, the ground becomes very cold making the petrol denser.

But as you drift into the day, the temperature rises, causing the molecules of petrol to expand. So, if $500 can get you 2gallons of petrol every morning, by day you can’t get up to 2gallons for that amount. This is because petrol has expanded given you a lesser amount. 

  • Remap Your Car’s ECU 

Tweaking your car’s engine control unit brings out the best performance. And its performance also includes gas mileage. Although the process of tweaking your car ECU may be expensive, it is definitely worth the price, as the overall performance of your vehicle is guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

Improving gas mileage is very necessary. As it prevents you from overspending on refueling the car and also frequent maintenance, which isn’t a good start. So, if you can keep up with these little tips, you can be sure of saving up your money for better things other than car fueling.

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