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KTM Duke 125 Top Speed, Power & Review

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One of the most significant motorcycles of all time is the KTM Duke 125, and since its launch some years ago, it has been ranked high on the market, beating many competitors. Premiered as the motorcycle designed with a 125cc engine, the KTM Duke 125 competes favorably with a famous brand like the Yamaha MT-15 BS6. It’s one of the bikes for beginner riders.

The KTM 125 Duke has been designed in two different models, the KTM Duke 125 BS4 and KTM Duke 125 BS6. The two models from KTM share a lot of similar features and different specs, including an equal amount of maximum torque and power.

KTM Duke 125 Top Speed Video:

In this post, I’ll be unveiling some of the general specs and features of the KTM Duke 125 top speed. In terms of top speed, you’ve got to struggle for some time before the bike gains the stamina for 78mph.

Features of the KTM Duke 125

1. Power & Engine Displacement

Powered by a 125cc, single-cylinder engine, the KTM 125 Duke is capable of delivering up to 14.5 PS in maximum power at 9250 revolutions per minute (rpm) and about 12 Nm in max torque at 8000 rpm. The 125cc engine displacement is the first of its kind when it comes to this premium motorcycle. Unlike some other products that drop in power as they release new models, the KTM Duke 125 retains and upgrades power in later versions. Plus, the KTM Duke 125 is a fuel injection bike that reaches top speed at 125 kph.

2. Design

The KTM 125 Duke fuel-injected engine is liquid-cooled and paired off to a 6-speed gearbox and transmission, making it boasts an incredible design and modern style that remains unchanged even with its two unique models of BS6 KTM 125 Duke and BS4 KTM 125 Duke. The feature that makes riders want to go crazy about the KTM 125 Duke is the all-black engine cowl and blacked-out exhaust tip that brings out the aesthetics that the manufacturer desires.

3. Affordability

It’s on rare occasions you see high-power and high-performance premium bike that pushes buyers to break the bank before purchase. The KTM Duke 125 doesn’t belong to that class because it comes with budget-conscious enthusiasts in mind.

4. Stability & Brakes

With the motorcycle settling quite well on a trellis frame, you have confidence that stability is no issue when you’re on the saddle of this bike. The braking system features a radial caliper with a 300mm unidirectional ABS at the front and another 230mm disc at the rear. These two discs competently handle the braking duty of the motorcycle.

5. LED Display

Whether in its BS4 and BS6 models, the KTM 125 Duke is loaded with a user-friendly informative full-LCD display. This device cluster is a casing that indicates multiple functions and data, including fuel level, speed, tachometer readings, range, clock, and average rate. While the tail lamp of the indicators come are made of LED, the headlamp is built with halogen.

6. High MPG

The latest models of the Duke come with a quality feel, and the two-year warranty makes it easy for users to have peace of mind. The dealership of this product is internationally based on the dealer network. For a regular rider, the refined fuel-injected engine of the KTM delivers up to 100mpg, making it one of the most reliable bike engines you can find on the market.

7. Ergonomic Riding

The performance, ride, and handling of the Duke 125 are amazing. In terms of its ergonomics, the Duke is built to fit with a relatively high narrow seat height that stands at 830mm. That makes it easier for shorter riders to hop in and steady with a perfect riding position quickly.

Although the latest model of the Duke comes with more pounds at the first terminal, it nonetheless portends no danger for riders. It’s equipped with a full bar that prevents a cramped feeling. In terms of performance, the bike is a great pick when it comes to acceleration and quite sound. While on this bike, you get a feeling that it’s not a high-capacity machine. The multi-color TFT dashboard of the Duke indicates 78mph.

KTM Duke 125 Specs

Engine & GearboxBraking SystemDimension & WeightTires & Frame
Displacement: 124.7cc

Cooling Type: liquid-cooled

Fuel system: Injection

Gearbox:  6-Speed

Max torque: 12 Nm @ 8000 rpm

Max power: 14.5 PS @ 9250 rpm
Front brake: 300mm Single Disc

Rear brake: 230mm Single Disc

Front suspension: USD Telescopic Forks

Rear suspension: Monoshock
Overall Length: 1993 mm

Overall Width: 789 mm

Overall Height: 1083 mm

Ground Clearance: 175 mm

Seat Height: 818 mm
Wheelbase: 1366 mm

Kerb/Wet Weight: 148 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity: 10.2 liters  
Front Tire: 110/70-17

Rear Tire: 150/60-17
Frame: Trellis Frame  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the KTM Duke 125 good for long rides?

In truth, the KTM Duke is not the best option when you want to engage in a long-distance ride. This is due to its naked look and structure. Typically, all models of the Duke 125 are made for cities and street tours, not for highway rides. The Duke 125cc engines are specially designed to take care of drag races.
There are two risks you’re likely to face using this model for long rides. Taking the Duke 125 bike for a long journey will reduce the engine’s lifespan. Two, it may break down after a long stretch of unrest.

Is the KTM Duke 125 worth buying?

No doubt, you’ll get incredible value for every penny invested in the Duke 125. Whether it comes affordable or at a high cost on the market, the Duke brags quite a several features that make it worth all the investment in the world. The performance and delivery alone make one wonder if this bike has more than the 125cc engine.

Is the KTM Duke 125 available in India?

This is similar to asking whether Silicon Valley is present in New York. The KTM Duke 125 motorcycle is an Indian make and model, and it’s used for commuting. It is available in two models, namely the KTM Duke 125 BS4 and KTM Duke 125 BS6, with the BS$ being the lower version.

What’s the top speed of the KTM Duke 125?

If you mean the KTM 125 Duke that’s street-legal, it runs at a top speed of about 78mph. But trust me, it’ll take some time before it reaches that high speed. It requires some time to garner a lot of momentum before it can get to that top speed.

Duke 125 vs Duke 200: Which is better?

To start with, the engine capacity difference makes the KTM Duke 200 more potent than the Duke 125. Although a new 124.7cc enables it, DOHC, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine with around 14.5 hp of max power, the Duke 125 still bows to the power of the Duke 200 which stands at 200cc.

Is the KTM Duke 125 Safe?

I’ll reiterate for the umpteen times that the Duke 125 is safe. It remains one of the most reliable motorcycles you can find on the market. With its front and rear disc brakes, as well as premium dual-channel ABS tires, this bike proves confident to face any conditions within the limit of its roadworthiness and street legality.


Great motorcycle models often attract great reviews, and most people want to have them in their garage or at least associate with them in a way. But the issue is how much of the features and specifications of these bikes do people know or care to know?

The KTM Duke 125 features incredible top speed, maximum power, and torque. Stability, durability, and flexibility on the road are huge selling points for this easy-to-maneuver device. There are only a few bikes in the spec range of the Duke 125 that match the features it brags. If you have used any motorcycle product from KTM, you’ll remember that the brand is a household name when you mention quality, standard, and DOT approval.

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KTM Duke 125 Top Speed, Power & Review

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