Kumho Tires Review

Kumho Tires Review (Buyers Guide)

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Kumho is a reputable name in the tire industry. Founded in 1960, it is a South Korean company with extensive international reach. With manufacturing plants in South Korea and China, it exports its tires worldwide.

Kumho cut its teeth making tires by working on projects for the South Korean aerospace industry. This knowledge allowed it the expertise and needed to be able to innovatively engineer a wide variety of tires.

Kumho Tires Best Sellers

Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Radial...
Kumho WinterCraft WP72 225/55R17 101V All...
Kumho CRUGEN KL33 all_ Season Radial...
Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain
Kumho WinterCraft WP72 225/55R17
Kumho CRUGEN KL33 all_ Season
Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Radial...
Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain
Kumho WinterCraft WP72 225/55R17 101V All...
Kumho WinterCraft WP72 225/55R17
Kumho CRUGEN KL33 all_ Season Radial...
Kumho CRUGEN KL33 all_ Season

1. Road Venture AT51, All-Season Radial Tire

With its biting edge and deep-groove design, this all-terrain, an all-season tire is Kumho’s most popular and best-selling product. Renowned for its performance on snowy and muddy surfaces, it is a tire of choice for SUVs, jeeps, and light trucks. It also delivers on a smooth and quiet drive. 

2. Kumho Wintercraft

This range of tires was designed specifically for the snowy season. It comes with a sturdy design that allows the tire to have great traction in more than one area. This special effect comes in handy and makes it possible to navigate even black ice conditions.


  • Great traction
  • Ideal for any weather and road conditions
  • Specifically designed for snowy surfaces
  • Sturdy design
  • Safe and affordable

3. Crugen Premium KL33

This tire delivers on the traction and stability required for an off-road driving experience. It also boasts Kumho’s noise-canceling tread. Originally designed for Hyundai Santa Fe, its crossover appeal makes it suitable for SUVs, ATVs, and light trucks. With its wide-thread gaps and micro thread grooves, this monster of a tire is one to beat in this category across all major brands.


  • High tread wear
  • Stable and safe to use
  • Noise-canceling tread 
  • Wide- and micro-thread grooves

4. ECSTA PS31 High-Performance Tire

This high-performance, uniquely styled, sturdy, and comfortable tire from Kumho comes at a fair price. Specifically engineered for performance sedans, sports cars, and coupes this tire is made with a special ‘high dispersible micro-silica for a summer drive that can handle both wet and dry summer conditions. The ECSTA P31 is a great choice for a tire.


  • Specifically Designed 
  • Made with incredible dispersible micro-silica
  • Perfect for wet and dry conditions 
  • Safe and smooth to use

Kumho Tires Stand-out Features

There are a lot of things to love about the tires produced by the Kumho brand. They include:

Durable and Affordable

Kumho is especially known for offering great value on its tires. It delivers durability, comfort, variety, top-notch innovation, and engineering on its tires. Yet it remains one of the most affordable brands out there.

Variety of Tires

Another stand-out feature of the Kumho company is its commitment to variety. It reaches a wide variety of vehicle users offering many options as well. From sports cars to the off-road truck, there’s a Kumho range that serves different driving experiences.


When it comes to warranties, Kumho easily comes top. With other companies averaging miles of 45,000 miles on their warranties, Kumho offers a whopping 85,000miles. It also offers warranties in two forms: Kumho’s Manufacturer’s Warranty and Road Hazard Warranty. The first is available to all light trucks and SUVs for 72 months. Quite impressive.

The Road Hazard Warranty repairs all Kumho tires destroyed beyond repair in a road accident. However, it doesn’t cover all tires and repairs must be done within a year.

Incredible Traction 

If there is any feature that should not be lacking in vehicle tires, it must be traction. The tire is the part of your car that lines the vehicle to the road. Hence, the tread pattern must be a top-quality one, offering great traction. Meanwhile, with high traction comes tire compounds, meaning that your tires can easily grab the road, corner sharply, and stop quickly. The treadwear must not only be fast but responsive.  

Fuel efficiency

You will also love to choose the Kumho tires for their capacity to help your car efficiently manage its fuel consumption. You need high-performance tires as much as you need them to help your vehicle consume less fuel. Kumho tires are known for their smaller contact patch and less friction. This explains the tires’ easier rolling. Essentially, a set of quality tires will deliver better gas mileage with higher performance if their contact patch is smaller. This is what Kumho tires are known for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do Kumho tires last?

Kumho warranties offer 80.000km of “no worries” driving. You can be sure this set of tires won’t give you any issues if installed on your vehicle.  

Q: Where are Kumho tires made?

Kumho has manufacturing plants in South Korea and China. The U.S. accounts for 20% of its worldwide sales. That already suggests that Kumho tires are the best to gun for on the market.

Q: What other brands are manufactured by Kumho?

Kumho manufactures tires under the brand names Kumho and Marshal

Q: Who owns Kumho?

Originally owned by Park-In-chon. It was acquired in 2018 by Doublestar. 

Final Thoughts

Kumho comes highly recommended. A brand that every driver should try at least once. It is poised to become a top 5 tire brand in the coming years and it has both the features and brand quality to endure for many more years.

Apart from being affordable picks, Kumho tires as we’ve seen above are known for precision handling and smooth ride. These tires’ sidewalls are flexible, making the ride a lot smoother and safer. The quality of noise from the road is also lower. This guarantees comfort.

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