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10 Motorcycle Brands Made in the USA

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Have you ever wondered what motorcycle brands are manufactured in the United States of America? It’s interesting because there are hundreds of motorcycle brands out there, and it seems like all of them are made in the United States. You’d be surprised which motorcycles are manufactured in the United States.

These motorcycle brands are made in the United States, but not that some brands may source parts overseas and assemble them here in the USA. Let’s dive into the list of motorcycle builders in the United States of America.

1. Harley Davidson Models

The Harley Davidson fan base is unbelievable. We are Harley Davidson supporters as well. The Harley-Davidson Brand has transformed the way we look at motorcyclists today. They are one of the largest motorcycle brands in the industry.

They have released many innovative models in the past five years. Although they have many competitors, check out major Harley Davidson competitors here.

2. Big Bear Choppers

The Big Bear Choppers Motorcycle Models are very dramatic. They say their motorcycles are some of the most sensational on the road. They went from a one-man crew to a hundred-man operation in a small mountain town.

The Big Bear Choppers name came from the location, Big Bear, California. These motorcycles are impressive. The designs are unique and will catch your eye on the roads.

3. Boss Hoss Cycles

The Boss Hoss Cycles are a lot larger than they look. They are an exciting motorcycle brand built in beautiful Northwest Tennessee. If you’re in the area, make sure you stop by and check out their manufacturing facility, you will see that the motorcycles are made in a great place with tremendous staff members.

4. Confederate Motorcycles

Confederate Motorcycles are manufactured in a limited selection (50 total per year). They are designed in the best and most customized way that seeks the idea of construction from a specific customer. This motorcycle usually varies, but I have to say this motorcycle brand is unique in its design.

5. Grandeur Cycle

The Grandeur Community has an excellent reputation in the motorcycle community. These motorcycles and bikes have been featured in magazines in the USA and abroad. This is a motorcycle make you should check out.

6. Indian Motorcycles

The Indian Motorcycle Brand is very popular with its state of art bagger models in the United States of America. Their headquarters are located in Spirit Lake, Iowa. If you’re in the area, make sure you don’t forward to checking it out.

One model to point out is the Indian FTR1200. This motorcycle has an impressive V-Twin, 2 Cylinder, 4 Stroke Engine. This motorcycle will take you places. A few other features to note are in the table below.

Model TypeStandard
Engine TypeV-Twin
Fuel Type Gas
Starter Electric

7. Motus Motorcycles

The Motus Motorcycle, which you probably haven’t heard of, is manufactured in Detroit. The Motus Motorcycle Brands does a lot of work with General Motors and has developed a tremendous engine and chassis prototype. They are grateful to have highly-reputable brands to help them develop this motor.

Some Motus Motorcycles have carbon fiber parts and other notable features, such as carbon fiber wheels. It’s a sport touring motorcycle that offers a variety of possible changes in terms of customizing your motorcycle. All in all, this motorcycle is impressive. The suspension is fantastic. Check out the video below to learn more about the specifics.

8. Stokers Dallas

Rick Fairless said in a recent interview that he is amazed that his company got that large. His company is inclusive and offers a great place for motorcycle enthusiasts.

The story of Stokers Dallas Motorcycle Company is quite interesting. You have to check out the video below featuring the J&P Cycles YouTube and the owner of Stoker Dallas.

9. Ultra Motorcycle Company

The Ultra Motorcycle Company is designed and manufactured in the beautiful valley of the sun, specifically in Glendale, AZ.

These motorcycles feature a V-Twin Engine, and they were the first motorcycle company to ship their V-Twin Motorcycles to Canada.

10. Steed Motorcycle Company

The Steed Motorcycle Company is not very well known in the motorcycle community. I thought I’d share this motorcycle brand with you since it is built in the United States, and I have seen one of these motorcycles.


In conclusion, I hope this guide to the top motorcycle brands made in the United States was helpful. I gathered a brief introduction to these motorcycle brands so you can further research the most interesting motorcycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common related questions.

Are Victory motorcycles made in the USA?

Yes, the Victory Motorcycle Company has its final manufacturing facility in Spirit Lake.

What is the Most Popular American Made Motorcycle Company?

This question is debatable, although I can conclude that the Harley Davidson Models are the most recognized motorcycle in the industry nationwide. Of course, there are Harley competitors, but it’s essential to realize that Harley Davidson has done a great job by manufacturing all their parts here in the United States of America.

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10 Motorcycle Brands Made in the USA

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