Motorcycle Mechanic: Salary, What They Do, Education Requirements

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Often people ask what the salary and education requirements of motorcycle mechanics are. Making some fortune out of your hard-earned skills and knowledge is a great relief for those who know that investment goes beyond apprenticeship or going to school.

As a motorcycle mechanic you can make an average salary of $35,000. Imagine that you’re a veteran; how more rewarding can it get working with your hands, manual labor, or simply working on motorcycles? If you are one of those who want to turn their skill to career and understand the inner workings of motorcycles, this post is for you. 

You have all the details you need if you can spare a few minutes to digest all the specific information that is contained in this short but heavily loaded post. 

Now, let’s get into the fray. Don’t forget to take along with you patience, alertness, and focus. 

Education Requirements for a Motorcycle Mechanic

You don’t have to be a genius to be admitted as a student for technical training? Typically, you need a high school diploma in automotive-relative disciplines. Having an equivalent of general education development (GED) is a requirement to start training on how to become a career and certified mechanic. 

Essentially, training to become mechanic is not exclusive to technical schools alone. What that means is that there are classes, sessions, and training courses at trade and entrepreneurship schools, as well as in community colleges. 

You could also study any automotive related courses in universities for four years. Hence, an Associate Degree in Motorcycle Technology or “an Associate Degree in Motorcycle Repair” is a great leverage valued by employers.

Meanwhile, here’s the irony: certificate doesn’t make you certified. Being certified doesn’t make the mechanic. You need to translate the theoretical knowledge into real-time practical delivery.

Motorcycle Mechanic Salary

No doubt, being a motorbike mechanic is a rewarding enterprise. You can make as much as $40,000-a-year (and even more) from the sales of your skill and knowledge in mechanical engineering. That sounds good, right? 

Here’s the bad news: you could as well lose double the amount you make within a few hours. How can you make such? How can you lose such? You need to be up and going in your career. 

Your availability, ability to work from any location of your choice, your rate, your knowledge in employing technology, you location, and the quality of service you deliver hand you cool cash or make you lose both client and cash. It’s that simple!

The bottom line: having all the degrees and certificates doesn’t bring the money to the table as a mechanic. You need a lot of consistency; you need to be available; you need to deliver professionalism and competence.     

Where Can You Find Motorcycle Mechanic Jobs?

So, now that you know the education requirement and have some hint into how much you can earn, you also need to know how to find the best jobs. To say it mildly, finding jobs as a motorbike mechanic is not different from the medical practitioner in search of where to practice his medical profession. Never think it’s hard or there’s an easy way out. It’s all about value. 

That aside, there are places and states where motorbike owners are ready to reward you sufficiently. As a bike repairman, you can earn up to $46,600 plus in a state like California. How? If you work in the wholesale trade industry, California is the best place to go. Bike owners offer the best and highest rate for bike repair. But never forget that California offers value but with a price to pay, and that’s a high cost of living.

Maryland is another option. It offers good pay and a lower cost of living relative to California. You can make as much as $39,940 annually and spend less. If you compare that to your counterpart living in California who earns big but parts with much, your cost analysis mode tells you the difference.

West Virginia, South Carolina, and Idaho are among the worst locations you could ever think of staying if you’re such an ambitious motorbike repairman. In that order, the states offer the worst pay on motorcycle repair. But you also make a lot of savings in these areas due to the low cost of living.    

What Do Motorcycle Mechanics Do?

What exactly are your roles? It sounds like asking an umpire what his job is on the court, right? Based on your years-long training, this question may not be relevant at this point. But it becomes relevant if you consider the experiences and realities out there. 

As a motorcycle mechanic, you could work on a variety of other vehicles, including motorcycles, pit bikes, and even ATVs. All of that is based on your skillset, education, expertise, and area of specialization. Specifically, you could work on scooters, mopeds, and jet skis. The engines of many of these vehicles have a similar setup.

Part of your responsibility also includes regular servicing, repairing, tuning, motorbike assembling, including transmissions, drive chains, forks, and brakes. 

Final Thoughts

The more experience, value, expertise, skill, education, and training you have, the better for your growth.  

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