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Remove Egg From Car: How To Get It Off

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Eggs are usually a great part of our breakfast, they not only provide the protein component of meals. They are also the highlight of celebrations, like Easter and Halloween. When eggs get on the bodies of vehicles, they can react with the vehicle’s paint in minutes. Which can cause the paint to break into small pieces. You will learn how to get egg off a car in the best possible methods.

Many consider the presence of eggs on the vehicle as harmless-ideally it should be. However, the continued stay of the egg on your vehicle can result in serious damage to some components of the car. Your car paint can be the first and major victim.

What you have to do is to attend to the egged part as soon as you discover it. But not every car owner or driver understands the processes or methods involved in getting rid of an egg from the body of the vehicle.

In this article, you will find out the easy step-by-step guide to remove an egg from the body of your car. If you choose a Do-It-Yourself tactic, you won’t go wrong. If you prefer to hire the services of a professional, you’ll be still on the right track.

Methods To Remove Eggs From Your Car

With the aid of a bucket, hose, power washer, waterless spray, washing brush/ scrub mitt, microfiber cloth, two clean towels, plastic scraper, and white vinegar carry out the following step to get the egg from the vehicle.

  • Spritz Waterless Spray-on Egg Shells

The longer the egg stays on the vehicle’s paint, the more of a problem it becomes. Even in the absence of sunlight to speed up the oxidation process, the egg will continue to damage your paint.

Apply your waterless spray and leave for about ten minutes to disengage the eggshells from the surface of your vehicle. After that, use the scraper to scoop away the shells. If this did not do a good enough job, then use a wet cloth wiping unidirectionally to clean the surface lightly.

After you done with that step, the surface of the car isn’t clean enough. It’s recommended that you continue and repeat to clean in that way. This time around you can use a microfiber cloth to prevent getting the egg all over the surface.

remove egg from car
  • Remove Fresh Stains with Running Water

The egg white is the most ‘dangerous’ part of the egg. It is that which can damage your paint. So as soon as you spot the egg on your doors or windscreen use running water from a hose to wash the egg away and after that use a clean towel to soak any water that remained on the surface of the car.

If the hose action was insufficient, mix up 28 grams of car soap to water and with a car wash glove rub off the eggshell. The running water and car wash soap method is the simplest method to getting the intruders off. This depends on how swift you are in ‘attacking’ the situation.

  • Employ the Use of Brake Fluid

In the place of any other cleaning agent, Brake fluids could also come in handy for cleaning up eggshells. Apply some brake fluid to the soft towel. The amount of fluid you apply would be proportional to the width of the surface you have to clean.

Then go on to clean the car’s surface in a circular pattern. Be careful not to scratch the paint while you work.

  • Apply Hot Water to Tough Stains

This method primarily entails placing some hot water and car washing soap in a spray bottle. Then spray this solution onto the egg stain. Allow this process time so that the hot water can soak into the egg stain completely. Allow this to stay for about 10 minutes to allow the egg to completely dissolve and soften.

After this is done, you can start to scrub with brushes to remove the egg shells. As an alternative to the hot water and car wash soap mix, you can use a solution that is a mixture of water and vinegar. If none of these methods works, you would have to meet an expert to ‘save’ your vehicle’s paint. 

  • Sand the Damage

Cut the sandpaper into small fragments and soak for some hours in the water. This is done to reduce the coarseness of the sandpaper. Using the piece of sandpaper gently scrub the vehicle’s surface for about thirty minutes.

Keep at this till all the egg white leaves but, ensure to be gentle in your approach so that you do not end up removing your paint with the egg. Use a polisher to remove any leftover traces of the egg white and any undesirable mark that has been imprinted by the sandpaper.

  • Use Magic Erasers

This is part of the process involved in sanding the damaged section of your car. The Magic erasers are designed to work in this way. If you could not get any sandpaper, you could get a magic eraser from a home depot and use it to clean the egg stains from your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

There is little you can do about preventing eggs from getting on your car. However, there is a lot you can do to always find a way to get it off before it causes further damage to your vehicle. If you saw the egg on time, just applying running water could be a satisfactory solution but if the egg already began to cause cracking on your paint then follow all the other procedures mentioned.

There’s no doubt egging can leave more than stain behind. It can leave chipped paint that requires you to do some patchwork on the area. If none of these works you would need to prepare your mind for a spot paint or a repaint.

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