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Remove Smoke Smell From Car: How To Remove Smell

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Have you ever wondered how you can remove the smoke smell from your vehicle?

You can remove the smoke smell from your car by using Baking Soda, Cinnamon, and many other ways. Understanding how you can remove smoke smell from your vehicle is very important to your health and many other reasons. You will learn and discover the different methods you can use to remove the nasty smell.

What Is Smoke Smell?

Smoke smell is generated from the burning of cigarettes, tobacco, and other similar products.  The smoke smell can perforate the atmosphere and stay in an enclosed location, such as your car, for two entire days. So, if you want to impress a girl on a Friday night, eat out; you mustn’t smoke in your vehicle on Thursday.

Why You Should Remove Smoke Smell From Your Car?

Even the one you plan to ask out, most decent girls do not want to date a man who smokes. If you leave the smoke smell as a welcoming fragrance or perfume in your car. Your changes with her would be ruined.

Smoke smell can cause your vehicle’s seat and interior finishing to stink on a more serious note. Usually, it isn’t easy to get the smoke smell off fabrics and other materials. Imagine having to wash your car seats’ leather coverings; not likely to happen, we presume.

Superimposing nice smelling air fresheners on smoke smell would not be enough to get the smoke smell to ‘give up’ operations in your vehicle.

Normally as your car ages, its interior furnishing would begin to lose color, texture, and quality. If you do not ‘drive’ out the smoke smell from within your vehicle, the car’s leather and other furnishings will deteriorate more quickly.

This means that if you aren’t careful, your new Toyota Camry that you recently bought can begin to look like you bought it fifteen years ago. With a rapid decrease in the quality of the vehicle’s interior furnishing, you would not be able to sell it for much if you desired to re-sale it.

Step-By-Step Guide To Removing Smoke Smell

Removing smoke smell is a much more difficult task than sliding down your vehicle’s window and allowing the smell to move out voluntarily. This could also get the smoke smell out, but it would take more time. So let’s get started on the quick ways with which you could ‘reclaim your territory’ and impress that girl.

  • Coffee Grounds

This procedure is similar to using vinegar, and all you need to do is pour some coffee grounds into a container and, using a holder, keep the container firm within your car. Leave the coffee ground to take effect and take over the arena. This will be done in a few hours if all the windows in your car are ‘shut’ tightly. Eventually, after a few hours, your vehicle would smell like freshly served coffee, and we bet this is a much more ‘presentable’ smell than smoke smell.

  • Cinnamon

Most people go for this method because the smell of cinnamon is something to adore. The procedure involved here requires steaming the cinnamon in a small quantity of water. Keep the car windows elevated and leave the cinnamon solution to give off its fragrance till the car is saturated. By the time the water cools down to room temperature, the cinnamon solution has done its job.

  • Baking Soda

The Baking soda technique is quite easy. Spray some baking soda all over your vehicle and allow it to work for some minutes. Then vacuum the baking powder off the floor of your vehicle when its work is done.

  • Dryer Sheets

If you generously gave a lift to someone who smoked while in your vehicle, you can use these dryer sheets to clean the car seat when after the person leaves. From that moment on, your vehicle would begin to smell nice again.

  • Citrus Fruit Peels

Artificially scented citrus air fresheners are awesome, but when combating smoke smell, you need real-life citrus peels. Purchase and remove the skin of oranges, tangerine, grapes, and other citrus fruits.

Gather the peels together and place them in your vehicle. They would absorb the smoke smell and replace it with your favorite citrus fragrance.

  • Newspapers

Like the dryer sheets, you could use newspapers to remove short term smoke smells. Just place them in the vehicle immediately after the smoker leaves the vehicle. Newspapers are not very effective long term smoke smell removers.

  • Thorough Cleaning

In some cases, it would be impossible to get all the traces of smoke smell out of the vehicle because they have been in the car for very long. In such cases, go for new seat covers, floor carpets, mats, and all other accessories.

What you should do is a thorough vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, washing, e.t.c, of your car’s interior. Ensure to do all these with your windows rolled down.

Final Thoughts

Smoke smell in cars are pretty tough to deal with, and this is why it would be a good idea to leave a sticker that says smoking isn’t allowed in your car. Even if you smoke, ensure to avoid doing so in your vehicle.

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