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Sena 10s vs 20s: Comprehensive Bluetooth Headset Comparison

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Sena brand is one of the famous and great brands in the motorcycle communication system providing a wide range of communication devices. The two most advanced and modern communication technologies that retain Sena at the top of the list are Sena 10s and 20s. 

So what’s the difference between the Sena 10s and 20s? The Sena 10s is known for its provision integration with universal intercoms and the Sena 20s features a user-friendly interface that also comes with a fantastically advanced noise control provision.

Sena 10s is birthed from an upgrade of its predecessor SMH10 while an upgrade (with plenty of features) to Sena 10s brings out Sena 20s. Nonetheless, due to many factors, these two models remain the choices of a vast number of motorcyclists. 

You might be on the verge of making a choice of which one to buy between Sena 10s and 20s. To give you a guide on which one fits your needs and style, I have written a comprehensive article that gives a thorough comparison of these two portable devices. This article gives you a deep insight into which one meets its expectations and which one you should consider. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the numerous features of each device. The features we will look into include their compatibility with devices from other brands, their range of connections, audio quality if they support multitasking, and more.

What are the Differences?

  • While Sena 10s cannot connect more than 4 devices at a time, the Sena 20s can connect up to 8 devices at a time
  • Sena 10s can connect only within a range of 1.6km while the Senal 20s are designed to connect within a range of 2.0km
  • While Sena 10s does not support multitasking, the Sena 20s do.

What are the Common Features?

  • Both devices deliver clear audio
  • The two devices have a mobile app to guild users
  • Both devices are compatible with devices from other brands

Before we go on, let’s have a review of the brand.

Sena For Motorcycle

As far back as 1998, Sena has been offering solutions to motorcycle communication issues and has never relented in paving ways to give riders the best motorcycle communication experience. 

The company has so far designed a vast range of Bluetooth devices to make riding enjoyable. The company brings together cyclists as its staff, its CEO inclusive. This is to ensure that the staff is a group of individuals with great experience about the needs of motorcyclists on the road. 

Before any of the brand’s devices were sold out to consumers, it must have undergone a strict test. This is to ensure that their far-built reputation is not jeopardized by mere errors.

Sena 10s

Sena 10s

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Sena 10s gains its reputation in the motorcycle communication system by delivering great features to let you enjoy your ride to the fullest. 

Hands-Free Call

With Bluetooth 4.1 and Universal Intercom as some of its features, Sena brand designs this device to enable hands-free calls by pairing it with two phones. I guess this is convenient enough.

Compatibility With Other Brands

That’s not all for Sena 10s. Another remarkable feature is the Universal Intercom which is able to connect to any motorcycle communication device in as much as it’s Bluetooth-compatible. To give you the best experience in motorcycle communication, this feature is able to connect to up to 4 compatible devices while riding. The feature covers a remarkable range owing to the advanced Bluetooth technology that the Sena adopts.


Using the One Touch Group Intercom, you can connect to other devices up to a mile (1.6Km) away. Comparing Sena 10s with its predecessor comes with extra features, though with a slimmer profile. 

Clear Audio

Other enticing features are the clear audio you get when riding. It is annoying to hear ambient noise while making calls or listening to music. Sena 10s looks into this issue and brings it to a minimum. To give clear audio while making calls, Sena 10s offers a maximized audio HD quality. 

The device has advanced noise control features with smooth audio through an optimized Bluetooth speaker.

Smart Phone App

Unlike other devices, Sena 10s does not come with a printed user manual. With this, you are left to wonder how to configure the devices as a beginner. For this reason, the company has a smartphone app that can be downloaded on either an apple or an android device.

With the app’s user-friendly interface, you are able to change settings, have access to the user manual, set Intercom friends, and more. You find it easy to make settings and configurations. Also on the app, you can pair up to two phones for hand-free calls. 

Without a doubt, Sena 10s has proven to be one of the most versatile motorbike communication systems not exclusive to brand-specific intercom only. You can connect the Sena 10s with the prism Bluetooth Action Camera or the Bluetooth Audio Pack-equipped GoPro.

All-in-One Clamp System

One other thing that makes Sena 10s excellent is that it installs with no effort seamlessly and handily. The All-in-One-Clamp System makes connections easy for your earbuds or microphone. There’s no need for tangling wires running around your helmet.


  • Provision of Universal Intercom. 
  • Easy to attach to a helmet
  • Multiple connections to smartphones
  • Hand-free calling.
  • Great speaker with clear and crisp HD audio. 
  • Embedded advanced noise control to wipe out background noise.


  • Can’t link up with more than 4 devices on the intercom. 

Customer Insights

For the purpose of communication, Sena 10 is worth a device to go for. I have been enjoying using it until the introduction of Sena 20s which came with several features. Just like you would do, I switched to the new release. You should be guided that the device is not designed for a half helmet. You will find it hard to attach it to a half helmet. 

One other thing, among several others, I enjoyed was the eradication of the ambient noise that might interrupt your communication with friends. The hands-free calling it enables is another remarkable feature I enjoyed. Many accidents occurred due to phone calls while riding. Sena 10s provides a solution to that.

To enjoy your ride with friends, Sena 10s is recommended. You can easily find GPS directions or play music with its advanced Bluetooth technology. You should also note that the device does not come fully waterproof. You are therefore advised to avoid full immersion in water or liquid as this will cause damage to the device. 

Having gone through the Sena 10s, let’s examine the Sena 20s as well. 

Sena 20s

Sena 20s

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Sena 20s is also one of the well-regarded motorcycle communication systems on the market today. It is an upgraded version of its predecessor – the aforementioned Sena 10s. You should note that the Sena 20 comes as a single unit and not like the Sena 10s that comes as a pack. 

The question now is, ‘what is interesting about the Sena 20s?’ Is it worth the money?

Compared to a lot of communication systems for motorbikes, it is not hyped to say the 20s impressively stand out. 

Great Variety

It is capable of connecting up to 8 devices in a 2km range. This is better when specifically compared to the Sena 10s that can only connect with no more than 4 devices on a range of 1.6km. With Sena 20, you can do a lot. However, the Sena 10s is still not a bad idea if you are connecting with not more than 4 friends.

Brand Compatible

With the Sena 20s, you stand to enjoy Universal Intercom which can connect not only Sena Bluetooth devices but also to non-Sena Bluetooth communication systems. This is in line with Sena’s effort to provide convenient technology to motorcyclists.

Audio Clarity

Sena features are not limited to the number of connections and range but also the crispness of the audio. From my experience with other Bluetooth devices, one will struggle to enjoy FM radio, call, or music. More annoying is the ambient noise that interferes with your audio. 

On the other side, Sena 20s delivers an interrupted clear and precise HD audio. The advanced noise control features wipe away the surrounding noise from your audio. The usual noises that come with communications on highways are not experienced with the use of this device. 

All thanks to the Advanced Noise Control and the high-quality stereo Bluetooth speakers; you can play clear music, hear clear calls, and GPS commands. 


Sena 20s also features multitasking technology that enables you to choose which commands to follow. Unlike previous devices with which you would have to switch to FM radio to answer Intercom conversations, Sena 20s lets you listen to multiple sources of audio at a time. 

Hands-Free Command

The features of Sena 20s don’t just end there. You can pair other devices with just a shake of the device. The device supports hands-free commands. This enables you to be in control without you having to take your hands off the bike. 

App To Guild

Furthermore, with the Sena app, you can effortlessly configure and pair devices. Just as said earlier, the app has a user-friendly interface with intuitive technology.

As I also said earlier, the app works on both android and apple smartphones. You can set the number of friends on the Intercom or read the user manual. It shouldn’t take even novice hours to install the device on a helmet if you follow the user guild properly. The app is available to make your job easy. 


  • Multitasking technology 
  • Provision of advanced noise control.
  • 8-friend pairing in the 2km range
  • User-friendly interface
  • Bluetooth single shake pairing
  • Easy to install.


  • Provision of the printed user installation manual
  • Highly-priced.

Personal Insights

Considering the excellent features that Sena 20s offers, we can undoubtedly say it is a good choice for motorcyclists. The only problem I have faced using this device is to manually reconnect after the connection was lost. It would have been better if it could reconnect automatically. However, that isn’t a deal-breaker as you can handily reconnect with the jog dial.


Having gone through all the benefits you stand to enjoy with each of these two devices, it is now your responsibility to make your choice. In making your choice of device, always put into consideration the number of friends you will be connecting to and the range you will be communicating.

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