S&S Carburetor Review

S&S Super E / G Carburetor Review Guide: Pros + Cons

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“How much of the mechanisms of the S&S Super E / G Carburetor do you know?” Jakes, a professional motorbike repairman, queried Mat, a die-hard bike enthusiast.  

“Are you trying to teach the old dog new tricks, or what? Mat retorts with some dose of anger and reluctance. 

“Not at all. But for the sake of personal safety and security, the old dog can also adapt to new changes,” Jakes replied as he drove past the frustrated Mat. 

 Mat motorbike has broken down en route to an important fitness exercise in Miami. His workout suffered a setback for the umpteen times when his bike’s carburetor failed to supply fuel to the engine.

Certainly, Mat’s case was one of many when it comes to a carburetor failure or lack of fuel flow in a motorbike engine. But his lack of what best model of the carburetor to buy cost him the delay and frustration.

As a motorcycle fan, you don’t have to know all the mechanical issues in your motorbike. Getting a proven carburetor like the S&S Super E /G carburetor and knowing how it works will save you a lot of time, resources, and energy. 

What must I know about the Carburetor?

This is analogous to asking, ‘what role does the heart play in the human body’? But, if you don’t know why the heart is in your body in the first place, you can’t even be asking for its function. To start with, what function does the carburetor play in your bike engine? 

Have you ever used or seen someone use the body spray? The mechanism of the carburetor is similar to that of the spray. The carburetor is a device that supplies fuel to your bike engine for combustion.

Typically, when air with velocity flows above a cylinder, it causes a pressure decrease. Meanwhile, at the other end of the cylinder, there is a dip in the fuel.  Consequently, the fuel rises in the cylinder and is carried away by air.

There are several models of carburetor out there; some are good and deliver quality service to your engine; some never give value. The S&S Super E/G carburetor has proven, tested and trusted. If you don’t use the right model, you get the wrong result. It’s that simple.

So, why should you use the S&S Super E /G carburetor? Its features tell it all.

Features of the S&S Super E / G Carburetor

Whether you want it as OEM or aftermarket, S&S Super G gives you the best quality you deserve. No fuel supply failure. No corrosion. 

With a four fuel delivery ports, S&S Super E/G carburetor offers your bike engine the right and adequate fuel it requires. S&S Super E/G carburetor provides a better fuel flow, preventing your engine from gasping for fuel or pressure. The Super G carburetor’s OEM dual-cable throttle valve system guarantees a perfect blend of fuel and air in the right proportion. This also ensures smooth and reliable operation  

What’s more, Super G carburetors contain a 2 1/16​”throat at the butterfly plus a 1.75″ venture. This is recommended for bike’s high performance. So, if you’re using Big Twin or XL engines up to 100 cubic inches in larger displacement, Super G carburetors are for you. It has to be noted that Super G carburetor is not built for engines with lower displacement or low compression. 

The natural finish or black S&S Super E/G carburetor is also built with high-quality fit and finish. You’re sure of getting increased airflow for more horsepower. Specially designed with O-ring sealed idle mixture screw and adjustable accelerator pump to ensure a quick response from the throttle system and that the engine seamlessly starts.   

In addition, our S7S Super G carburetor comes with a high flow air cleaner and built-in enrichment device that also features a variable position lever. There’s also a tight, tucked-in profile for adequate legroom. This model of the carburetor is a perfect fit for stock displacement engines, whether or not it has performance upgrades.

One other thing you find great with S&S Super G carburetor is its capacity to work efficiently on high output motorbike engines and medium-sized big-bore or stroked engines. Whether your bike is built with old or new model engines, All E & G carburetors fit perfectly to it.


  • Increased airflow for more horsepower
  • Perfect for stock displacement motorbike engines
  • Prevents engine from gasping for fuel or air
  • Compatible with stock displacement bike engines 
  • Doesn’t rust or corrode.


  • Not for motorcycle engines with high displacement or compression 
  • Competitively costly 

Final Wrap

Would you want to be caught in Mat’s experience? If not, then buying the super S&S Super E/G carburetor is the way to go. There’s a world of difference between knowing how to ride and keeping in touch with the fuel supplier. But a good rider should merge the two and be on top of his game when it comes to a DIY replacement and repair. 

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