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State Laws For Dirt Bikes (Explained)

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Riding a dirt bike is so much fun, and it’s a great way to start your weekend and lay off all the accumulated stress. But, there is a time for everything, and for the purpose of this post, there is a place for everything.

Yes! Indeed, dirt bikes cannot be ridden legally or just drive anywhere. Are there laws regarding riding a dirt bike? Yes! Can I at least ride on the road with a license? Keep reading and all your questions will be answered in this post. 

Where are Dirt Bikes Allowed?

These days, there are so many rules, laws, and regulations with consequences if any is broken, and it becomes more challenging to find exciting ways to do that is legal. There are four top places you are allowed to ride to ride your dirt bike. They are:

Private Property 

This is the first and most comfortable place to enjoy your ride is your very own backyard. But, with the noise and air pollution laws, there might be a limit to your riding. There is no definite answer as to whether you can ride your dirt bike in the background or not. This is as a result of every country and city having different regulations, so you have to seek answers from your local city council or simply read the laws and regulations from your city’s website. 

Riding Parks

This is also one of the best places to ride your bike conveniently. However, before you go to any ride park, be sure that they allow dirt bikes and check the requirements they want. We have a standard list of requirements that parks that allow dirt bike ridings usually require. These include USFS approved spark arrestor, membership fee (where applicable), exhaust sound limits, safety gear (goggles, gloves, boots, and boots), and the registration number. Also, there must be a signed waiver if your child is under 18.

Motocross Track

Another great place to enjoy riding your dirt bike is the local public or private motocross track but with permission. A beginner dirt bike rider or someone who doesn’t have any of the best ATV goggles should completely stay away from any tracks as riders can face dangerous risks while riding. 

Is my Dirt Bike Allowed on the Road?

The answer to this specific question is resounding NO! It is illegal to have a dirt bike on public roads, neighborhoods, or sidewalks. These rides are not street-friendly and legal in stock form because they are only made for “off-road use only.” However, a dual-sport bike with the right documents and plate can be legally ridden on the road. 

Having said all that, most remote areas do not allow off-road vehicles to share the road with cars and trucks, so get all the necessary information about where you want to ride your dirt bike before jumping into the road. 

Will I be Fined for Riding a Dirt Bike on a Public Road?

Whether you are riding a dirt bike, pit bike, or a motocross bike on public roads, there are usually some consequences attached to it. In most remote areas, you might get a ticket or get your motorcycle impounded, and yes, a small fine is likely. Plus, if your bike gets impounded, you are going to have to pay impound fees before getting your dirt bike back. 

A License or Not?

You do not necessarily require a license to ride a dirt bike as it is not allowed on public roads. However, some states have an age restriction and will require a guardian or parent present while the underage child is riding.

However, a dual-sport dirt bike with a title and legit can be ridden on the street only with a driver’s license. In addition, you also need a motorcycle license if you want to ride the dual sport on the road. 

How Do I Go About Registering For a Dirt Bike?

Some states allow dirt bikes to be ridden on the road only if they have been fully registered and plated. There are different laws for dirt bikes in each state just as we try to make an ATV street legal when it comes to registration. What you need to do is to approach your local Motor Vehicle Office (DMV) for your dirt bike registration and title program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a dirt bike considered?

Dirt bikes are considered motor vehicles, so they can be ridden on public roads with permission as long as they are street legal. They are generally lightweight and are designed to hold out against the shenanigans that come with off-road riding on mud, uneven and rough terrain, mountains, dirt, and rocks.

Typically, a dirt bike must be of sturdy design, with rugged suspension and tires. If you love cross-country riding, you should consider riding a dirt bike.

Q: Are dirt bikes allowed on sidewalks?

No. you are not allowed to ride dirt bikes on sidewalks, alleys, or even through a parking lot. Apart from its illegality, is safety not more important? Sidewalks can enticing but the danger they potent can be unbearable. If anything, try to avoid riding on the sidewalks, or alley.

Q: Can a 15-year-old ride a dirt bike in public?

You have to be at least 16 years old with a driver’s license, and you can only drive on private land with permission.

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend that you check with the local laws or go through your country or city’s website to get more details on riding a dirt bike around. However, you should ensure your dirt bike has all the necessary requirements before requesting a permit to ride. If you’re buying a dirt bike from an existing owner, the DMV holds the vehicle’s title until the process is complete.

Now that you’re ready to launch your newly acquired dirt bike on the road, take all the necessary safety precautions. The laws are there to guide you; but ultimately, you should be in control of your life.

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