4 Easy Steps To Remove Window Tint From Your Car

4 Easy Steps To Remove Window Tint From Your Car

Riding a car with a tinted window is so much fun; they do not only protect you from glare but also provide complete style and safety.

Unfortunately, everything has an end, so does the tint, and if you don’t know how to remove the tint carefully, you will end up paying a lot to get it removed or might end up creating a mess.

Here are four basic and easy steps to help remove the tint from your care correctly. Just before then, let’s quickly dive into reasons why people remove their tint.

Steps to Remove Window Tint from Your Car

Here are 4 simplified methods to remove a window tint from your car:

1. Using a Heat Gun or Hairdryer

This is the first and easiest step to remove the worn out tint from your car. The whole process can get a little messy as learning to clean a dirt bike or ATV, but after a wash, you have the car in a better look.

  • Hold the hairdryer or heat gun 2 inches away from the car window and simply run it on high until the adhesive melts to the point that you can pry the edges with your fingernails.
  • Position the dryer or heat gun so that it hits where the window and film meet, and begin peeling slowly as the glue softens.
  • With a clean towel, rub the adhesive away.
  • Wash the car windows with a cleaner once the adhesive is completely removed.

2. Steaming

This is one of the best ways to remove a window tint without causing so much mess. All you have to do is grab a fabric steamer, steam the window, and after several minutes, the glue melts off, and the tint will come right off.

One particular thing about this step is that it also cleans your car stuffing. However, when the tint is out, you will have to do a little more cleaning to get the glue off.

3. Solar Peel

This is a more natural way to get that tint off. Simply take advantage of the warm sunny weather to make your tint-removing job much more comfortable. You are going to need two black plastic bags, a spray bottle of soapy water and ammonia.

Follow these simple steps to get the tint off:

  • First, spray the window exterior with soapy water and cover with one of the cut-out bags. Make sure you smoothen it until it becomes flat.
  • Next, cover the interior surfaces to protect them.
  • Spray the ammonia on the internal part of the window, and be sure to wear a protective mask to protect you from inhaling the fumes. Ensure that the bag is covered before the ammonia dries off.
  • Allow the window to be in the sunlight for at least 25 minutes before getting the bag removed.
  • From the corner of the film, gently peel the tint away while spritzing the ammonia to avoid getting dry.
  • Finally, use a non-metallic to remove any chunk of tint and clean up the residue.  

4. Peel & Soak

This is the slowest method and also best for small areas or window problems. Although it is slow, it proves to be one of the most effective methods of removing a window tint from a car. How should you go about it?

Cut the edge using a razor blade carefully and gently peel the film away. The moment you are done, spray the area with soapy water and peel or scrape the adhesive out. Finally, wash off residues with a glass cleaner.

Benefits & Reasons for Removing Car Tint

There are a number of reasons for removing car tint. It all depends on the car owner or driver’s preference. The laws of your state of residence also inform whether or not you can tint your car’ window.

Aesthetic Purpose

There are periods when you just do not want a tinted window even though they are still in good condition. It can be very frustrating, especially if the adhesive is at its strongest.


The bubbling view looks horrible, and there is just no way to fix it. The initial thing that comes up in your mind is to peel the part where it’s bubbling, which can and will leave an unattractive mess of adhesive and tint chunks.


After a while, the window tint begins to turn purplish, and you have to consider replacing it. The tint becomes purplish as a result of the breakdown of the non-metallic dyes as it blocks the UV rays. There’s no way to fix this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How difficult is it to remove window tint?

Removal of car tint is easy, but removing the sticky residue left after tint removal can take hours to get it off. You may want to hire a professional if you cannot handle some apparently difficult parts.

Q: Can I remove the tint myself?

Yes! There are several simple methods you use to get the tint off. However, if you cannot go the Do-It-Yourself way, hire the services of a professional tint remover. The good news is that it doesn’t cost much.

Q: Is it possible to remove the factory tint from your car windows?

No! There is no way to remove factory tint from your car windows except to replace the glass with un-tinted glass. But if you insist, you can contact your manufacturer or aftermarket dealers.

Final Thoughts

There you have them. These are the four simple steps to completely remove the window tint from your car without messing the whole car or damaging it. You will need to follow the simple steps listed above and you will have the adhesive and tint out in no time. Make no mistake about it, some states don’t permit the use of a tinted window for a car in the first place. You’ll need to find out what your local laws say about it.