10 Best Harley Davidson Touring Seats in 2021

Le Pera Aviator Solo Seat

You feel great to tour with your motorcycle, and one of the challenges that set in is when you start feeling uncomfortable, or when you are no longer deriving the expected comfort. As such, your touring journey turns out to one to give you pain in the butt as well as pain on your back. The best remedy to this is to look for a great touring seat produced by one of the well-known brands in the automobile industry, Harley Davidson. 

Mustang 76036 Standard Touring Regal One-Piece 2-Up Motorcycle Seat with Tufted Buttons for Harley-Davidson FL Touring 2008-18, Black
XMT-MOTO Hammock Rider and Passenger Seat for Harley Davidson Touring models 2009-2020 Road King FLHR Road Glide FLTRX Street Glide FLHX Electra Glide FLHT,Vivid Black
Mustang 76145 Fastback One-Piece 2-Up Motorcycle Seat for Harley-Davidson Sportster 2004-18, Black
Mustang 76036 Standard Touring Seat
XMT-MOTO Rider and Passenger Seat
Mustang 75595 Fastback Seat
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Mustang 76036 Standard Touring Regal One-Piece 2-Up Motorcycle Seat with Tufted Buttons for Harley-Davidson FL Touring 2008-18, Black
Mustang 76036 Standard Touring Seat
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Free Shipping
Editor's Rating
Rating - 4.8/5.0
XMT-MOTO Hammock Rider and Passenger Seat for Harley Davidson Touring models 2009-2020 Road King FLHR Road Glide FLTRX Street Glide FLHX Electra Glide FLHT,Vivid Black
XMT-MOTO Rider and Passenger Seat
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Editor's Rating
Rating - 4.5/5.0
Mustang 76145 Fastback One-Piece 2-Up Motorcycle Seat for Harley-Davidson Sportster 2004-18, Black
Mustang 75595 Fastback Seat
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Editor's Rating
Rating - 4.9/5.0

We have searched the web to find out everything about Harley Davidson touring seat and have merged everything in this single article. I will take you by hand to show you the best touring seat you should consider. Not only that, but I will also show you everything you need to know about Harley Davidson touring seats: how to replace them, the types we have, and what they are made of.

Every motorcycle has its befitted style of seat, but we will be looking into what they are made of and many other things.

I have been a rider for not less than 20 years. Over the years, I have owned not less than 8 Harley Davidson motorcycles, and I can tell what it looks like to ride a motorcycle with a good and comfortable seat. One thing I can say is that Harley Davidson takes the comfort of its riders for granted as their seat quickly degraded in terms of comfort. The remedy is to look for an aftermarket touring seat.

One feature to always consider when choosing a seat is comfort. You don’t want to sacrifice your comfort when looking for a seat, knowing full well that touring is about long rides. 

There is no doubt that the original seats that come with the motorcycle are great for touring, but the issue is when you are looking for an aftermarket to replace the old one. The aftermarkets come with special designs and standards that are often better than the original ones. Have it in mind that older used motorcycles come with used seats, which is a great reason to have a change of the old saddle.

Best Harley Davidson Touring Seats to Consider

Without wasting much of our time, let’s go straight Harley Davidson seats we consider the best for you in the year 2020. Again, the review contains the buyer’s guild that guild you on how to choose the best touring seat for your bike.

1. Mustang 76036 Standard Touring Seat

To make sure your riding experience is filled with comfort, the HARLEY FLHX2: Mustang 1- Piece is designed with perfection. Mustang is one of the old names in the market with a record of good products. The brand is a leading maker of aftermarkets touring seats for many motorcycle brands. It will, therefore, be a big mistake to neglect the brand when talking of the best touring seat to consider. In fact, I always go for a Mustang aftermarket seat whenever I need one. 

The seat cover is beautifully designed with the most quality vinyl to give you a second-to-no level of comfort. Many manufacturers have adopted the using vinyl as it possesses similar features of leather. Though it may not be equal to leather in terms of durability, it is cheaper and easier to maintain than leather.

A mere look at the design of this touring seat gives you a tangible reason to spend such amount on a touring seat. You should know that most of these aftermarket touring seats are expensive due to the quality materials they are made of. If you come across a cheap touring seat, you should suspect a wrong choice of materials. Take, for example, some seats are made of the plastic base plate, which may not stand the test of time and bend in after a short number of short rides. 

When making a decision to buy an aftermarket seat, always watch out for the necessary factors to consider. In addition to what has been listed earlier, these factors include the cushion, foam, waterproof features, quality of the base plate and the overall design. In the aspect of cushion, there are certain formulas manufacturers follow, but most manufacturers choose form or gen. 

Since motorcycles are exposed to a lot of harsh weather conditions, it is advisable that you check how waterproof the seat covers you are going for are as well as the seams. In that regard, HARLEY FLHX2: Mustang 1-Piece Touring Seat is particularly designed to make sure it serves you for a number of years. 

The driver’s seat is 17 inches wide while the passengers are 14 inches. One thing you may dislike about the seat is that it is narrower at the front. This is something I understand and will want to attribute to the manufacturer’s effort to design the product for shorter bikers.

If you are not bothered with the short width, this touring seat is worth more than its price. Even if you are an amateur, you should be able to install the seat with ease. It comes with a great design, great durability, as well as great cushion. However, you should have it in mind that the seat requires you to spend a lot of cash. But that shouldn’t bother you, knowing that it is a product from Mustang.

2. XMT Moto Desert Rider

XMT-MOTO Rider and Passenger Seat For Harley Touring FLHX FLHTCU FLHR 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

 This is the XMT MOTO Desert Rider Passenger Seat New For Harley Electra Street Glide FLHR 2014 2015 2016 2017.

If you are on a low budget, the XMT MOTO is relatively cheap and is a Chinese import from most e-commerce sites. This is a great seat made of synthetic leather and foam internally placed over iron with a plastic frame.

This is a relatively low budget seat, XMT MOTO, providing great performance with easy installation components.

3. Le Pera Aviator Solo Seat

Le Pera Aviator Solo Seat

If you are looking for a master of perfection, consider this seat. A product from La Pera, it is a handmade seat. This is one of the brand great products that is designed to offer a midrange seat width of 13 inches with a backrest of 5 inches wide. This Aviator seat is a balance between their Bare Bones and Monterey solo seat. 

La Pera has been in the industry as far back as 50 years ago, with great artisan craftsmanship designs. Though the brand has a touring seat that cost as high as a new motorcycle, their products are of high quality. They are made of soft leather converging high-quality foam firmly attached to steel frames.

2008-2019 Harley Davidson Touring


Do not be scared away with the price. Even though it is high, it is something you should afford if you are looking for a high quality touring seat. The seat is very near to perfection.

4. Skwoosh Classic Seat

SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion Cooling Mesh Breathable Fabric | Accessories | Made in USA (Short)

There is always a standout and unique fabricator in every category. This is the position of SKWOOSH. This aftermarket touring seat is not designed like most other aftermarket seats, but instead, designed as a cushion for a seat. 

The seat is made of gel to make sure that it maintains its soft texture during and after every ride. It is specially designed using high-quality fabrics and materials that no brand will dare use for their products. This is mainly because they do not know how to use them.

SKWOOSH construction features a design that is a combination of cushion and gel packs to deliver stable and comfort performance in all conditions and at all times. The seat is designed in a way that allows airflow through the air channel provided to assure a cool ride at all times and conditions. 

The product is design with SKWOOSH TekPad gel to ensure you have a riding experience that you desire. 

When you make a purchase of this seat, see that it is of size. What this means is that you t sits firmly under your tailbone area, this is to let you have a riding experience that you will ever seek. A combination of SKWOOSH and shocks gives you a motorcycle that rides like it is on clouds.

SKWOOSH looks into the ergonomic design of touring motorcycle it is used on and it can be folded for easy storage.

This is an item you will like to have. It is quite great on its own. No matter the bike you have, add this and you are assured of a comfortable ride.

5. Mustang 76145 2004-18 Fastback Seat

Mustang Fastback Seat

 The Mustang Fastback 76145 comes with a simple design to ensure it is affordable for customers on a low budget. It is designed to offer a classic super clean look and customized low-cut riding style. This is a classic touring model is capable to deliver great comfort on long rides. The seat is also easy to install. 

Mustang 76145 comes with an 11 inches front and 6 inches rear.

This model is made of high-quality materials and the passenger seat is rated for looks that for comfort. Therefore, if you are embarking on a long ride with a passenger, get a cushion for your passenger.

I will recommend this seat to customers on a low budget. If you are a solo rider, this is ideal for you. The only setback to this great product is that it comes with a not wide enough passenger seat. 

6. Mustang 99556 Super Turning One-Piece Touring

Mustang 79556 Super Touring One-Piece 2-Up Motorcycle Seat with Driver Backrest for Harley-Davidson FL Touring 2008-19, Black

If you own a Harley Davidson Road King FLT, or FLHX, this seat may be a perfect fit for you. In fact, it is a perfect choice for a rider of Street Glide without the fear of any possible sacking or rolling off.

If you consider the seat expensive, also consider the value you will get from it. If your problem is about the degrading value of the seat, this aftermarket product might be the right choice for you. In terms of cushion and size, it is far better than the stock seat. An instance is how it lets you sit 1.7 inches behind how you sit on the stock seat. 

Such an extension is an advantage for riders who find it difficult to properly fit on the stock seats. This is always experienced by shorter and taller riders, especially if the seat is not of high-quality materials. 

To tackle the challenges faced with insufficient width with stock seats, this aftermarket seat offers a relatively enough width. It has a 14 inches passenger seat and a 19 inches rider seat.  This is relatively wide enough to let you have an enjoyable tour.

Riding for long may cause pain to your back and thereby make your tour tiring. At times, you might need to have a stop and relax your back before you go on with your ride.  To tackle that, this aftermarket comes with an adjustable and foldable back seat with the inclusion of this kind of backrest, there is to more issues of back fatigue. 

Another feature that cannot be neglected when talking about this aftermarket seat is that it is lower than the normal stock seat. This is an ideal seat for short riders, as this lets you climb the bike and even let you place your feet on the ground effortlessly. And if you are tall, the width is an advantage for you. 

The backrest is not restricted to the driver; both the passenger and the driver enjoy the backrest. And if no passenger is coming with you, you can put your luggage at the back. 

In terms of design, this is a top-notched seat, which is a reflection on its price tag. This seat is strong enough to accommodate and survive harsh climatic conditions and any other threat from the road. One thing you will also like about this aftermarket feature is how it doesn’t sack in, which might cause you to discomfort on a ride. 

As I will have it in the buyer’s guild, there are many features associated with one’s choice of aftermarket seat, ranging from the materials used to cushion. While some aftermarket comes with a metallic or plastic plate, Mustang uses vinyl in making the cover of the seat. My findings show that vinyl is a good waterproof.

Mustang has done well enough to come up with this quality touring seat. The seat has great features to make your tour enjoyable. This product and its design are top notches. In comparison with the stock seat, this seat is superb and great. It is lower enough to accommodate short people with enough width to give you tour the comfort you seek. 

Though it might seem expensive, you will be convinced of the price if you consider its value. Also, Mustang is best known as a maker of high-quality aftermarket seats. The backrest is what many people like about the seat. As bending for through a long journey is harmful to your health, the backrest is quite necessary for a long journey. 

7. Mustang 79006 Super Touring Seat (H-D 2008-2009)

Mustang 79006 Super Touring Deluxe One-Piece 2-Up Motorcycle Seat for Harley-Davidson FL Touring 2008-19, Black

Mustang Deluxe Touring Seat is also a touring seat to consider for enthusiast tourists.

 Is it different from other aftermarket seats or stock seats? If we are to consider its many great features, we can say it is a great product to reckon with.

This seat lets you sit an inch further back than how you sit on the stock seat. This is a great feature for tall people to comfortably seat. The seat is lower when compared to a stock seat, which is a great feature for short people to place their feet on the ground and climb the bike with ease. 

 Another feature about the seat is how you can configure it according to your configurations.  It is hard to come across a full convenient stock seat like this. We should appreciate Mustang for being a maker of aftermarket seats for one of the famous motorcycle brands in the world, Harley-Davidson.

One thing I would be wrong to not talk about how the seat comes with a back width of 14 inches and 19 inches for the driver’s side. Both the passenger and the driver enjoy touring on a high-quality seat. 

Being a product of the USA, Mustang Deluxe is best known for being made of high-quality materials for many years. The seat is made of vinyl, a water-resistant material. To see that your seat survives whatever climate condition. The seams are completely water-resistant

I would advise that you buy the separately sold backrest for both the passenger and the driver, so as to have a comfortable backrest. You can also consider the armrest. This is one of the optional requirements for touring though

The seat might seem expensive, but if you consider its great features, you will think the price fair enough justifiable. The price is not too bad for such quality material. 

Also, it is not time-consuming to install, especially if you are installing it on the HD Street Glide. The optional headrest and the armrest slide in place.

One other unique feature about this seat is its front bucket drain, provided in case it rains while on a ride. It is provided to manage the water spilling on the seat.  

This is an ideal gift for a rider who goes on a long journey. Compared to the stock seat, it is wider, and also offers the cushion to make a long ride enjoyable. What many customers like about the seat is its bucket drain. 

The only thing I may consider a setback is the armrests and backrests which are sold separately. The seat is expensive on its own, and to buy the armrests ad the headrests separately results in an extra cost. However, this is not a deal-breaker. 

8. Mustang 76033 One-Piece Touring Seat

Mustang 76033 One-Piece Touring Seat compatible for HD FL 2008 to 2018

This is the last on my list of Harley Davidson motorcycle touring seat. this is a touring seat designed to enhance your touring experience while riding up the mountain with full comfort. 

It comes with a high-quality cushion so as to withstand the bumpy roads and enhance their city  Mustang uses foam. 

Touring for long is a stressful task. As such, you will need a completely convenient and comfortable seat to make sure you have a stress-free riding experience. This aftermarket touring seat has a width of 17 inches for the driver side and 14 inches width for the passenger side. Both tall and short drivers find all the dimensions convenient. 

Mustang designs both the base in a way that both the riders and passenger backrest can easily slide through. Without a backrest, your touring is stressful and may cause back pain. Therefore, you must look for a way to install backrests. However, many models come with removable and adjustable backrests. The only setback with this model is the extra cost of finding and fixing a compatible backrest for the model. 

Another thing you may like about this seat is the material with which its cover is made up. The cover is made up of vinyl, and as said earlier, vinyl is a good material capable of withstanding harsh climate conditions. Also, vinyl is similar to leather fabric materials in terms of performance. It is even better in terms of maintenance, as it is easier and less expensive to maintain than leather fabric materials.  While leather is durable, the cost of maintenance is higher to vinyl

You don’t find it hard to install this seat has even if you have no experience of doing do; the product comes with an instruction to get it done. 

The reason why most of the aforementioned seat is from Mustang is because of y respect to the brand. You may even think they are the official maker for Harley Davidson touring seats. In terms of design, accessories, and comfort, all their seats deserve an accolade. 

You will even be thinking of installing them immediately after you get your Street Glide. This is because of the high rate at which stock seats lose value in terms of comfort and how you find them hard to customize.

This touring seat works even better with handrails on Harley Davidson touring models; well, except for the FLHT model. Include the separately sold backrests then you have a complete combo. The passenger seat may alternatively be used to put gear if you are riding alone.

This is yet another high-quality Mustang touring seat for Harley Davidson. The seat is a marvel to have except it being expensive plus additional purchases of backrests. Other than that, it is a great buy. But these additional costs are not deal-breakers; they are worth the value of money.

The overall design of the seat is great. But the driver’s seat is not sufficiently wide with its 17 inches while most of my picks are 19 inches wide. Nonetheless, it is still a great width compared to most of the stock seats.

9. Mustang One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat 75535

Mustang One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat 75535

This is Mustang seat for Harley-Davidson Dyna 2006-2017 Wide Original Touring One-Piece, with no stud and no Conchos. 

 Mustang is one of the brand names to reckon in the industry. The brand has produced many aftermarket seats with great designs. If I was to choose one of their products, I would choose this One-Piece Touring seat coming with a design with a wide enough driver seat that offers you the comfort you need. 

To give some extra back support, the passenger seat is 12.5 inches wide and can be extended forward and over the driver’s pocket. 

The first seat from the brand was the inspiration behind this model and it comes with a driver’s seat of 16.5 inches width, with a lace trim edge. The seat is designed with a combination of high-quality materials – foam, leather, and cloth. These materials are stitched together to give me a driver and the passenger a long-lasting comfort ride. 

If you are the classic type that prefers originality over any other factor, this is a seat you will like for touring. If you invest your money on this, you will get the worth for it as it has the comfort you will seek for when riding over a long distance.

10. Extended Road Softa LS Seat (2008-2020)

Saddlemen Road Sofa LS Seat for 2008-2013 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Classic FLHTC Motorcycle Accessories - Black

This touring seat is specifically designed for the category of people who like to ride over a long distance every day. It is an ideal seat to ensure a comfortable and stress-free long-distance journey with Harley Davidson touring models. 

Some of its standards are passenger and riders Gel core Technology, and split cushion designed in a way that let you sit into the Gel core rather than sitting your body the cover. This is a benefit you hardly come by with most OEM and aftermarket touring seats you see on the market. 

The product also comes with an upgraded option like trunk pa covers, heated options for both driver and passenger, as well as extended reach profiles provided for taller riders who would want extra space.

Gel core Technology is a company secret that is only restricted to the company. Most companies only use foam, air, and gel. The Gel core technology is manufactured formulated and engineered to provide a smooth, therapeutic ride.

The product is designed and manufactured in the USA. It has saddle gel for both driver and passenger as an effort to increase comfort and circulation and to lessen tailbone pressure.

The tall lumbar support and driver saddles serve as support to the back and legs to deliver superior comfort. The streamlined nose also lets the driver reach the ground easily.

The purpose of the split cushion design is to give a separation between the seating surface and the lumbar support, thereby lessen tailbone and back pain for maximum long-range comfort.

How to Replace a Seat

It is easy to set up a seat, you only have to unscrew some bolts in the old one and bring in the new one. Setting up a seat is simple; it’s a matter of unscrewing the mounting bolts in the old one and replacing it with a new one.

What to Look For When Buying an Aftermarket Seat

It is a mutual characteristic of all manufactures of Harley Davidson models to use the stock bolt pattern in the configuration of their seats. You have a lot of options to select from, not minding what your reason is to change your seat. Everybody has a unique body, and sitting is a serious aspect of riding. There are many factors you have to consider we choosing a seat, ranging from the seat design to the materials used and the overall quality of construction. 

Having a new motorcycle seat does not only change the look of your motorcycle but also modifies your riding experience. Do not be carried away by the looks of this aftermarket seat, but focus more on the one that really fits your goal. The question to ask yourself is, what type of seat do you want, based on your budget, riding experience, as well as personal style?

To ease your search in looking for your desired seat, below are a few suggested questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you in search of comfort, overall functionality or look to speak of your style? 
  • How often do you ride? Do you ride for hours through miles or you always go on short rides?
  • Are you comfortable with a stock profile or you are looking for the support of a wider seat?
  • How often do you ride with a passenger, if you do at all? 
  • Sitting on the stock seat, how convenient is it for you to place your legs on the ground. Do you ride under the rain, and how often do you?
  • Are you looking for a seat cover or a complete seat?

While other things are kept unmodified, having a new seat cover undoubtedly changes how your motorcycle looks. 

If your seat is still in good condition, that is, you can balance well on it, but the only problem you have is you don’t feel comfortable on it through your riding journeys, I would advise you not to change the entire seat, but to have a change of the seat cover. 

By only changing the seat cover and keeping the stock hardware and swapping, you spend lesser and save some cash, while maintaining the same riding position. Besides saving money, it is quite easier to install a new seat cover. Yes, you have to do is to remove the stock cover and bringing in the new one

If what you need is more comfort to a firm seat, and you are not so bothered about the appearance, I would suggest that you get a new seat pad. This is the best dedication to take if you happen to be a type of person on a low budget. The seat pad is made of foam, and air cushions. It is simply laid over your existing to give you additional comfort while on long rides. Go through this piece to have an in-depth understanding of what you will need on your bike.

Considering the support you get, the riding position, as well as the overall comfort level, I will be right to say that having a new seat gives your motorcycle a new look. 

If you fall under the category of rides that do not derive comfort from their stock seat and are looking for the most quality products for the motorcycle, the only answer to your search is to get a new stock seat. There is a long list of options for you to choose from ad there are numerous benefits for you to derive from doing so. Harley Davidson has designed and produces high quality and great looking seats for you to choose from. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my saddle if it gets wet? There is no reason for you to get scared when you notice the water has spilled on your seat. Water cannot damage it. Most of the seats recommended above are water-resistant and durable. However, this does not mean water will not enter your seat. Water can penetrate through the stitching in the cover. 

When water enters your saddle, try and squeeze out the water by applying reasonable force on it. Thereafter, let it under the sun for some time to dry. And if you are the type that always rides in the rain, I will recommend that you get a saddle rain cover. 

Can I modify a saddle to suit me? Yes, you can. However, most saddles are designed in a way to fit perfectly for almost every model it is made for. To avoid any issues, you should provide the dealer with your height, inseam, and weight. This information will let them know which perfectly suits you. 

If you want to make any modification, be sure you have tried the seat and know exactly what the modification should be about. 

If I order a leather seat, does it mean the entire seat is made of leather? Most seating panel is made of leather. What this means is that most of the parts that your body comes in contact with are made of leather. The main reason for this is because most pressures from your body are menarche seat and backrest. 

Also, to keep your saddle tight and not stretched, most brands use a coordinating vinyl. This lets you have a saddle that looks ever new for a long period of time. 

Are Gel Cushions Better Than Foam? One common question is about the use of gel in place of, or in addition to, foam. Gel displaces rather than compresses like foam; if you push down firmly on the gel, it doesn’t compress; rather, it changes its shape. Both would to your shape and absorb shock but in different ways.

The gel is usually more suitable for very high-pressure, thin applications in a limited area such as in bicycle seats or the soles of your shoes. To be fully supported and comfortable all day, high-quality foam is the go-to choice (although some manufacturers like Saddle men incorporate gel inserts into the high-pressure areas of foam seats.)

What are the benefits and setbacks of the various cover materials? Let’s take each material at a time:

Vinyl:  this is a common material is popular due to its availability in many colors, its water-resistant ability as well as its durability. 

One setback of this material is how it traps heat to your body, as it is a handmade material. 

If you are the type that prefers vinyl, one solution to this is to get basket-weave seating. Basket-weave allows some air between the seat and your body. Take care of your vinyl saddle whenever you wash your motorcycle to have long last cover.

Leather: If you are a long-distance rider, I would recommend that you go for leather. Leather is a natural material that is capable of breathing well into your body and making you feel cool through your ride.

Leather also goes well with the foam to let you have a personalized fit. 

If you have a leather saddle, I recommend that you take good care of it with a good silicon conditioner. This is to make sure it lasts long and maintains its weather resistance capability. 

However, if you own an off-road bike, I do not recommend a leather seat for you.

Velour:  This is an elegant material for touring motorcycles. It provides a comfortable and cool ride. If you have a velour saddle, I advise that you treat it with some sort of protectant, as the material is a cloth material. 

Out of all these materials, velour needs extra care and it is not good weather-resistant material. The material also gets dirty easily and calls for the most amount of care than other materials. Also, velour degrades quicker than any of the other materials.


I hope this piece has gone a long way to help you determine a particular Harley Davidson touring seat that befits you and your motorcycle. Follow all instructions listed and you are good to go.

Always remember my recommendation: The safety of other road users is your safety. So, always consider them first each time you have to take any action, whether major or minor.  I wish you a safe trip each time you get on your saddle. Stay here with me for the next post.