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15 Best Electric Motorcycles For Sale

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As typical of the last quarter of every year, especially the last month, there are special jamborees, conferences, carnivals, and festivals. Included in most of these fun-packed events are promotions, offers, new arrivals, special packages, coupon codes, and discount offers. 

Especially as a motorcycle enthusiast, how much of this is your electric motorcycle supplier ready to offer? Does your seller have in stock new electric motorcycles for sale right now, even as this year winds down with its projections, successes, expectations, as well as disappointments?

No doubt, still in the outgoing year, there are certainly quite a lot of things you would have wanted your electric motorcycle to deliver while on the ride, but which sadly it has failed to do.

Are you ready for a change? Do you want something better so that you begin the new year with an electric motorcycle that you can cheer for and even make referrals about to friends and colleagues? 

If yes, then this post is for you. We have carefully selected some of the top 15 new electric motorcycles for sale right now. As we speak, new electric motorcycles are being stocked by your e-store wholesalers, shipped by drop shippers, and on display by numerous mortar-and-brick sellers on your street every day. 

It requires some market strategy and a little sacrifice to read the best post that reels out relevant and accurate information about the best electric motorcycles to buy at this time. 

Our selection takes into account several things, including performance, flexibility, comfort, fuel economy, magnificent design, ride control, and budget-friendliness, among other features.

Now, let us walk the journey together as we move from the first to the last of the top 15 new electric motorcycles for sale right now. Before we start, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed: you won’t find anything boring about any of the motorcycles in our selection. 

Best Energica Electric Motorcycles:

1. Energica Ego Design

2019 Energica Ego Design

Since the 2019 Energica Ego electric motorcycle has been heavy at slow speeds, it is designed in slow mode and in reverse at parking-lot speeds. It comes with great speed. With oil-cooled, permanent-magnet AC motor drives, the Energica Ego motorcycle can go as fast as 150 mph. 

Its electronic throttle stores input up to the minute degree, up to one-hundredth of a degree. It complements the cruise with seamless control while riding over long hauls. 

It comes without a heavyweight clutch or switches gearbox, which sometimes makes control complicated and adds to the weight of the motorcycle. Control is made easier with the spring-preload adjustment plus. With $22,565, you have one delivered to your garage.

It is simply a blast to ride! 

2. Energica Eva 107

2019 Energica Eva 107

More relaxed with a lower seat height ad taller bars, Energica’s Eva 107 is capable of 145 hp and 148 pound-feet of torque.

Referred to as an “electric streetfighter,” by its maker,  Energica Eva 107 boasts an 11.7 kWh battery, adjustable front, and rear suspension, Brembo brakes, and Bosch switchable ABS. 

Eva’s battery, inverter, charger, and ABS are managed by a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU). It also comes with a 4.3-inch color display built-in GPS. 

3. Energica Eva EsseEsse9

Energica Eva EsseEsse9

The Eva EsseEsse9 takes a standard upright riding position and retro vibe. Its power stands at 109 hp and 133 pound-feet of torque. With a top speed of 124 mph, this motorcycle boasts other features unique to all Energica motorcycles, including cruise and traction control, switchable Bosch ABS, chassis, brakes, suspension, and four riding modes.

The park’s assistant-enabled motorcycle also features a 24kW DC CCS Combo Fast Charger/AC Charger, a 4.3-inch display with Bluetooth connectivity, and brake regen settings. The EsseEsse charge power is at 20kW power on any combined charging system DC Fast Charger, with an onboard charger of 3kW.

With $20,930, EsseEsse9 gets to your garage

4. 2020 Evoke Urban S and Urban Classic

2020 Evoke Urban S and Urban Classic

Evoke is a great sample of solid electric motorcycles. With a naked and a classic model, you have a quality ride for adventure or commute. Similar in every feature to all Evoke models, save for styling. It is sportier and uses a 19kW hub motor, giving a top speed of 81 mph and 86 pound-feet of torque.

It also features a charger upgrade option, as well as a reverse gear, inverted fork, a storage mode, a 5-inch display, three ride modes, and even a storage mode. The charger option is compatible with Level 2 charging stations 

5. Courtesy Fuell

Courtesy Fuell

With 50-litre secured storage and inverted fork, patent-pending monocoque chassis, Fuell boasts a city range of up to 150 miles, a fast charge to the 10 kWh battery within 30 minutes. The acceleration is ripping. Thanks to a curb weighing only 400 lb, the bike doles out between 15-48 hp and 553 pound-feet of torque. 

The Fuell comes with advanced tech, which includes a front and rear collision warning system. It also boasts a blind spot detection and rearview camera coupled with ABS brakes of an integrated regeneration at the rear brake. 

Pay $11,995, for the 35kW model and $10,995 for the base 11kW motor. 

6. 2020 Harley-Davidson Livewire

2020 Harley-Davidson Livewire

Harley-Davidson is a popular brand known for quality products. Harley’s LiveWire is designed with user-friendly tech including a 15.5 kWh battery. Built with a color touchscreen and fully adjustable suspension, LiveWire has a capacity of 105 hp and 86 pounds of torque. 

An in-depth review on the Harley Davidson Livewire Electric Motorcycle Review.

With a lightweight chassis, there’s electronic-enhanced antilock braking and traction control system. Part with$29,799 to get this electric motorcycle.

What’s more, Harley-Davidson’s Livewire comes with a regenerative braking mode and a LTE-enabled Telematics security system, and an onboard H-D Connect which pairs riders with their bikes. 

7. 2020 Lighting LS-218

Purposefully designed for head-snapping speeds, the LS-218 bike boasts 150kW IPM liquid-cooled motor that releases 200 hp and 168 pound-feet of torque. 

It comes with an impressive 100-mile average range at highway speed and a three-option battery option: the base 12 kWh pack, the mid-grade 15 kWh option, or the top-line 20 kWh pack.

Other features include Brembo brakes, a fully adjustable Race Tech fork, and Öhlins shock, and a superfast charge time (of course) of 30 minutes on a DC fast charger.

8. 2020 Lightning Strike and Carbon Edition

2020 Lightning Strike and Carbon Edition

Featuring a liquid-cooled motor, Strike’s carbon edition is of unique power, speed, battery capacity, and range. The model is built with a 10 kWh battery and a 150–mile range for highways and city cruises. 

Built for a 150-mph top speed and 120 hp, with DC fast charging and a competitive price of $19,998, the Carbon edition is the only model with specs listed on the company’s website.

9. 2020 Zero S and SR

2020 Zero S and SR

With its more sleek, stripped-down vibe, our lightweight and nimble Zero S And SR mode boast sporty ergonomics. The motorbike comes with a powertrain at the base and a choice of battery packs or “builds.” The options are either a ZF7.2 battery or a more powerful SR. 

The power is 46 hp (S) and 70 hp (SR) for 78 pound-feet of torque for S and 116 pound-feet torque for SR. The 14.4 kWh battery makes the bike an appealing option for urban riders. Buy the bike for $10,995 or $15,495.

10. 2020 Zero DS and DSR Black Forest

2020 Zero DS and DSR Black Forest

Zero is here with another spark. With its DSR Black Forest Edition comes a 14.4 kWh power pack with a strong frame as well as three lockable cases, accessory bars, handguards, and a defensive headlamp cover. 

The price is high in no way but its lighter weight makes it a better option. The base model DS comes with a smaller 7.2 kWh battery, giving it more onboard storage than the DSR. 

The DS goes for $10,995, DSR for $15,495 and DSR Black Forest for $18,995. With a power range of 90 hp and 116 lb.-ft. torque and range of 163 miles, and the battery charge time is 5.2 hours, 9.8 hours to 100%. 

11. 2020 Arc Vector

This electric motorcycle, which stands out as being innovative and radical, is built with a custom carbon fiber swingarm, monocoque design, and center hub. The motorcycle’s chassis houses the motor, top-shelf Brembo brakes, and Öhlins suspension.

With a weight under 490 pounds and 16.8 kWh capacity, arc vector boasts the most energy-dense batteries. The 399-volt motor is packaged with a jacket with haptic feedback and a helmet with a heads-up display. 

But you’ll need something in the region of $114,217 to make an order for 2020 Arc Vector. That’s staggering, right? It’s worth every penny. 

Highlighted features

  • 133 bhp, 293 lb.-ft. Torque
  • Range: 270 miles 
  • 40 min charge duration (w/ CCS DC charger)

12. Brutus V9

It may look old-school, but the Brutus V9 is backed up by full-on power and is a pretty beefy price to match. Brutus Motorcycles offers skimpy specs, a 9-inch DC electric motor that boasts 125 hp and an incredible 277 pound-feet of torque. 

With a top speed of 115 mph, the motorcycle has a supersize battery of 18.8 kWh or 33.7 kWh option that can charge up to 270 miles for slow speeds and 165 miles at a faster pace. 

Highlighted features 

  • 280 mile range 
  • 125 hp, 277 pounds torque
  • $32,490

13. Johammer J1.150 and J1.200

The aluminum-framed Johammers are built with a twin-arm box section fork and are fully sheltered in polypropylene that houses the 14-hp air-cooled electric drivetrain and the 8.3 kWh (12.7 kWh max) battery pack that can be charged in about 3 to 3½ hours.

What’s more, the range is put at 93 miles and a top speed of 75 mph. the range can be extended by the regenerative braking system.

14. Sarolea Manx 7

Sarolea Manx 7

With your $47,500, this straight-out-of-Belgium electric motorcycle is for you. Slick with 204 bhp, 330 pound-feet of peak torque for a top speed 125 kp, 2019 Sarolea Manx 7 is popular for featuring a carbon fiber monocoque frame and swingarm. 

It also comes with a full Öhlins suspension, Beringer brakes, ultra-light 17-inch forged alloy wheels from OZ, and an air-cooled brushless DC three-phase electric motor. 

The three-phased battery option is available for 142 miles on a single charge but its 18 kWh boasts 173 miles. 

15. 2020 Tarform

Tarform features elegant parts such as the battery, suspension, and power regulation systems. You’ll enjoy the digital power delivery system which comes with AI functions.

What about the capacity of the motorbike to offer two models with version one bearing a 9 kWh, 53-hp motor with a 95-mph top speed and supposedly 129 miles of range? The second version boasts a larger 13.5 kWh battery and 80 hp, and will be good for 168 miles. 

With $18,000, you can make your order for Tarform.


So, whether you think of having a workout, or you want to compete in a riding contest, or take part in a cross-country riding experience, or have a weekend fun with friends on a ride, you have an electric motorcycle to do the magic for you.  

With these 15 new electric motorcycles in our selection, you can be sure your 2020 is already lit up with greater hope and positive expectations. Never get mistrustful of spending your hard-earned money on what is good and that can offer value.    

All the best as you enter into another season of celebrations and fun with an electric motorcycle to spice up the period.