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Top 18 Best Dirt Bike YouTube Channels to Follow

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Since there’s increasing interest of bikers in dirt bikes, sellers have upped the ante in deploying digital promotion.

If you’ve been looking for the best dirt bike YouTube channels to follow for up-to-date information and the latest content, I’ve got a list of 18 of them here. These YouTube channels for dirt bikes will blow your mind with their unique features.

Apart from the regular content, the Motorcycle YouTube Channels have exclusive details and top-quality audio and video content on dirt bikes, as well as their builds, latest models, history, and events.

Let’s go see the Top 18 best dirt bike YouTube channels to follow:

1. Cameron Niemela

Subscriber Count: 330k

One of the top dirt bike channels on YouTube is undeniably Cameron Niemala. Cameron’s channel is a very insightful channel that covers bike builds, track builds, and riding videos. He is a very meticulous individual who recently fought off cancer.

His videos are not only well drafted but also very educational. One highlight of his channel is his CRF-250 bike build. This was a multi-month bike build in which he strips the bike all the way down and builds it back up all the while teaching you how to build a phenomenal bike that will perform on the track and on the posters. Cameron’s exceptional content has accrued himself nearly 300 thousand subscribers. Cameron has also Founded Pryme MX which sells Motocross Inspired Products.

2. Tyler Monagan

Subscriber Count: 639k

Sentiment apart, if we rank the first 5 best YouTube channels for dirt bikes, Tyler Monagan will undoubtedly stamp its place. Producing incredible content since 2013, this channel releases an average of 4 videos per month. But trust me, the content is amazing, featuring exclusive details on bikes, builds, and events.

What’s more, Tyler Monagan boasts well over 600 video content, more than half a million followers, with close to 1.5 million view counts. Isn’t that amazing? You could have all the videos delivered straight into your email box. 

3. Lover Boy

Subscriber Count: 401k

It’s doubtful, I must say, to find any serious veteran rider or die-hard dirt bike lover who hasn’t visited this channel or had something to do with it. That confidence comes from the fantastic and helpful information this channel reels out on a regular basis about dirt bikes. With, at least, a fully packed video content per week, this channel is for those who want to enjoy their rollercoaster ride.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan of dirt bikes, Lover Boy offers amazing content for Fishing, Boating, and Nature enthusiasts. Let me say in simple words, the Lover Boy YouTube Channel is a place for anything and everything for anything bike. Then, come to think of having close to half a million subscribers, well over a million view counts, and close to three centuries of videos.

4. Derek Hallman

Subscriber Count: 551k

How do you tell the next generation of riders and bike owners that Derek Hallman didn’t make your list of top 100 best YouTube Channels for dirt bikes in the last 100 years? That’ll be unfair to this amazing platform where you have access to two video contents on dirt bikes per week?

If you also love cinematic motocross videos, or your interest is just to take a lesson from the major motorcycle crash videos, Derek is the right place to be. The channel has well over half a million followers plus views running into several million counts.

5. JoeyMac420

Subscriber Count: 1.15 Million

If there’s a YouTube channel where all the tips about dirt bikes are domiciled, then you’re not likely to mention 4 before JoeyMac420 comes to mind. JoeyMac420 has been doing its thing since 2011, shredding some of the wildest video content on Jumps, Splatters, and CRASH to entertain you.  Over a million subscribers, several million view counts, and close to 400 video counts are what make this channel one of the best.

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6. Dirtbike Magazine

Subscriber Count: 142k

With no exaggeration intended, Dirtbike Magazine is a compendium of all the video content that you’ll need and be relevant in another 50 years. If that doesn’t convince you, I’ll show you that within the space of six years, this channel has produced close to 500 videos, all dedicated sources for everything dirt bike as well as offroad motocross. Seven videos a month on all events about dirt bikes are no joke, man.

7. Dirt Bike Channel

Subscriber Count: 190k

The name alone tells you what this US-based channel is out for. With few contents away from clocking a thousand videos, Dirt Bike Channel has a command of more than 190,000 followers plus several millions of view counts. With an average of 1 video per day, you can climb to new heights, sink to new lows, ride on the edge, and ride on the pipe, as Dirt Bike Channel owner, Kyle Brothersen, says.

8. DirtBike Lunatic

Subscriber Count: 195 Million

You must be truly lunatic to visit dirtbike lunatic channels. Taking my word literally? That’s unbelievable! This Bosnia and Herzegovina-based YouTube channel for dirt bikes is a dedicated platform for all you think about motorcycles.

This channel boasts more than 500 crash videos on the latest on dirt bikes, including tips about the latest motocross, dirt bikes, and enduro. It shouldn’t surprise you that there are well over a million followers and close to half a billion view counts.


Subscriber Count: 167k

I won’t hesitate to visit Australia one day to personally present an award to the YouTuber behind the Cross Training Enduro Skills channel. You may want to go with me, but not before you know that Cross Training is a platform to know all the skills, trial skills, and practical steps to ride dirt bikes.

You also have to hook up for the history and events behind the rise of extreme enduro, enduro cross, and hard endure? Don’t forget to acquire as many techniques, skills, and cross-training ideas as you can to be able to go on an adventure with your enduro cross crash-free.

10. HighGear

Subscriber Count: 164k

HighGear is one of the best dirt bikes YouTube channels to follow because everything and anything about dirt bikes is its way of life.

Dedicated to providing good video and audio content about your bikes, HighGear is truly for drifters, motocross riders, dirt bikers, Angry People, and Funny Moments. With close to 400 contents on it, the channel offers no boredom because more than 150k people have followed it.

11. The Dirtbike Rider #2 No Music

Subscriber Count: 12.3k

A lot of riders flock to the Dirtbike Rider #2 No Music channel for a number of reasons. There’s unlimited access to about 500 contents on anything you want to know about dirt bikes. Besides, you have a practical demo fun ride with friends with the endure.

12. Kaos Riders

Subscriber Count: 481k

Located in the US, Kaos Riders is a YouTube platform for all the right information about dirt bikes.  Whether you’re riding an ATV, UTV, dirt bike, or motorcycle, the Kaos Riders have more than 200 video contents from which you can learn. Although the platform is just 4-years-old, it has cornered close to half a million subscribers, with several million view counts.

13. Megan Griffiths Enduro

Subscriber Count: 42k

Letting you learn all areas of cycling, including Motocross, endurocross, and trials is the objective of this channel. Through adventure crash videos, tutorials, and moto vlogs, Megan Griffiths Enduro brings you closer to over 195 contents and connects you with close to 50k subscribers.

14. Fix Your Dirt Bike

Subscriber Count: 8k

Is your dirt bike broken down? Never call on the professional repairman yet.  Why not take advantage of the over-a-100 contents on this channel to become a DIY dirt bike expert, and come back to thank me later?

Do you see yourself too unnecessarily heavy for riding? Get useful information on rider diet and nutrition. What’s more, Fix Dirt Bike offers tips on camping, survival, first aid, and fitness as it concerns motocross, enduro, and adventure riding.

15. Desert Dirtbikes

Subscriber Count: 7k

If you’re a rider who loves riding in the desert, the Desert Dirtbikes YouTube channel is for you. You’re a lot closer to your dream of having all the activities going on around dirt bikes if you can hook up with this channel. Riders and bike owners in Qatar are enjoying the fun of their life.

16. Dirtbike FreaX

Subscriber Count: 42k

This Austria-based channel boasts a follower base of over 40,000 and video content close to 300. Beginning in 2012, the Dirtbike Freax is a platform for you to have access to all events, activities, information, and tips related to the motorcycle, dirt bike, endure, etc.

Although it releases an average of 1 video a year, I can assure you you’ll learn a lot from the limited number. Dirtbike is truly a reflection of don’t bother so much about quantity but quality.

17. Adventure Motorcycle YouTube Channel

Subscriber Count: 104k

This is one YouTube channel where you gain access to a lot of video content related to motorcycle adventures, testing bikes, and filming expert riders. With a pool of well over 300 videos, the channel already commands over 100,000 followers and millions of view count.

18. ZachAtk1

Subscriber Count: 100k

What’s the noise about ZachAtK1? If you can hire a trumpet to sing the praise of the brain behind this YouTube channel for dirt bikes, please don’t hesitate.

Averaging one video per month, ZachAtk1 is an official dirt bike channel dedicated to taking you around all the awesome riding locations. So, if you want to have an amazing and crash-free adventure with your bike, get the tips from this channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a beginner rider, what should I look for in a Dirt Bike YouTube Channel? As a beginner biker or new owner of a motorcycle who wants to learn things about dirt bikes, you’ll not have to follow every channel.  

How much content? To gain more insight and have wider knowledge, you should go through and follow a channel that has adequate uploaded content. The greater the number of content, the more access you have to content and the broader you learn.

How many views count? Also, check for how many people have viewed the content. This is what is called the view counts. There’s a chance that a channel with a higher number of view counts has more credibility and acceptability.

How many followers? Care to know the number of subscribers that follow the channel. This is the most important aspect of what you should look out for. The greater the number of followers, the higher the chance that such a channel has more viewers and users.


Let it not be heard that you just ride without having to find out the trendy best dirt bikes. How do you get the up-to-date information and right tips about your bike model without taking time out to visit these YouTube channels for dirt bikes? I can assure you that you’ll be missing a lot if following these channels is not on your to-do list for this week.

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