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Top 5 Best Harley Davidson Riding Gloves

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Harley Davidson, a top sports kits manufacturer, cannot stop wowing its numerous customers and athletes with incredible top-best riding gloves. Interestingly, they make different gloves for different climates, needs, sports, and situations.

Whether you’re a motorbike enthusiast or an Amazon seller dealing in sporting kits, you’ll want to know which top 5 best riding gloves shake the market. This post is for you.

The gloves that passed our selection test truly deserve to be included in this post. Why? They have good traction. The top 5 riding gloves here can withstand all weather conditions. Even if you need gloves that feature cutting-edge, fire, heat, and water resistance, our selection fits in. Think budget-friendly gloves, perfect for both low and high-budget riders, the top 5 best riding gloves in this post make you smile.

Here we go with our 5 best riding gloves from Harley Davidson:

1. Harley Davidson 98263-07VM

One of the top 5 riding gloves that are perfect for larger hands and knuckles is the XL-sized Harley Davidson 98263-07VM. The glove has the best fit and high-quality finish that users wouldn’t want to part with even after use.

Made of lined stretched nylon mesh materials and power-stretch features that guarantee the protection, flexibility, and comfort that you deserve while cruising leisurely on your motorbike, Harley Davidson’s 98263-07VM product is great for all seasons and time.

What about the pre-curved fingers that feature an ergonomic thumb? That gives you confidence that you have a glove that enhances your mobility and boosts zero worries even when distracted on a long-distance ride.

Regardless of the size or shape of your knuckle, Harley Davidson 98263-07VM fits perfectly and assures the rider’s freedom. This is because the glove’s wrist comes with an adjustable hook and loop closures.

Highlighted Pros

  • Offers flexibility, rider’s freedom and 
  • Perfect for all seasons and weather conditions
  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist closures
  • Enhances mobility
  • Great for pro riders and great for a long-distance ride

2. Harley-Davidson Women’s Reveaux Mesh Gloves

If you want safety and protection from heat and moisture, then this is a pair of gloves specifically made for you. Especially if you’re a type that sweats a lot, polyester-designed Harley-Davidson Women’s Reveaux Mesh Gloves is a great choice. 

It is made of familiar fabrics, this moisture-wicking, chemical-free product prides itself on the innovative Coolcore that keeps heat and moisture under check while allowing for enough airflow. 

Harley-Davidson Women’s Reveaux Mesh Gloves gives comfort because it features contrasting stitching as well as neoprene cuffs. The product comes in different sizes and can fit well into your hands.

What’s more, “never spend too much” is the trademark of this product because, with just $45, hands it over to you.  

Highlighted Pros

  • Wicks Moisture and Heat
  • Allows for Airflow
  • Regulations Sweat Evaporation
  • Reduces Abrasion and Wear-offs
  • Gives Comfort and Confidence
  • Doesn’t Wear out Easily
  • Budget – Friendly and Exclusively Ladies

3. Harley-Davidson Men’s Passing Link Gloves

Waterproof Gauntlet Gloves 98305-14VM

Flexibility, comfort, and safety define Harley-Davidson Men’s Passing Link Waterproof Gauntlet Gloves 98305-14VM. Made in small and medium sizes, this product is a great choice for people with short or slim hands and palms. But you’ve got to measure the size of your hand before buying.

Made from authentic cowhide leather 100%, this product features 45o pre-curved fingers, ergonomic thumbs, and gel-cushioned palms that assure comfort and flexibility.

 It also comes with a tricot lining which makes a safe, soft, and attractive style. The waterproof feature also comes with a lining to ensure safe riding in the wet and dry season.

Comfort, durability, and durability are secure as the gloves are designed with ergonomic thumbs, elastic wrists, 45-degree pre-curved fingers, and well-cushioned palms.

 Highlighted Pros

  • 100% cowhide leather
  • Made in small and medium sizes
  • Perfect for slim hands and palms
  • Guarantee safety and protection 
  • Resistant to all weather conditions 
  • Waterproof, durability, flexibility and comfort

4. Harley-Davidson Men’s Leather Gloves

Illumination Gauntlet Leather Gloves 98213-13VM

Perhaps Harley Davidson produces these gloves with all the seasons in mind. If not, then be sure that no other product out there resists wind and is more suitable for all weather conditions than Harley-Davidson Men’s Illumination Gauntlet Leather Gloves 98213-13VM.

The lightweight product is designed with a wind-resistant Thermolite lining to enhance warmth, improve ease of wear and guarantee comfort, whether during rain or wind.

The ergonomic thumb, pre-curved fingers, and well-padded palms will not only give you riding confidence but also prevent fatigue because the riding experience becomes smoother with these gloves.

There is an elastic wrist as well as an adjustable closure that helps you tighten the gloves adequately to your hands, thus providing security and a perfect fit.

Highlighted Pros

  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Provides warmth and comfort 
  • Wind-resistant 
  • Well-cushioned with an ergonomic thumb

5. Harley-Davidson Men’s Mesh Gloves

Bar & Shield Full-Finger Mesh Gloves 98263-07VM

What makes Harley-Davidson Men’s Bar & Shield Full-Finger Mesh Gloves 98263-07VM unique? It’s because it is Harley-Davidson-made. But more importantly, it comes with amazing features and functions.

The product is lined with stretch nylon mesh and power-stretch all around the knuckles to improve the fit of the mesh gloves. There’s great mobility that this product offers with its pre-curved fingers and ergonomic thumb.

Harley-Davidson Men’s Bar & Shield Full-Finger Mesh Gloves 98263-07VM is designed with adjustable hook and loop wrist closures that make it fit perfectly into the hands and provide warmth.  

Highlighted Pros

  • Lined stretches of nylon mesh with power-stretching across the knuckles 
  • Pre-curved fingers with ergonomic thumb for added mobility 
  • Adjustable hook & loop wrist closure 
  • Rubberized Bar & Shield logo graphic 
  • Black 


Let the truth be told: if it’s not Harley Davidson gloves, then be wary. Your next order from the store should consider the following gloves that make our list. Nothing is lost, having comfort and stability when riding.  

Why are Motorcycle Gloves Required?

These Harley Davidson Motorcycle Gloves are essential to your riding because without gloves you run the risk of harm or discomfort.

What is the Best Harley Davidson Riding Glove?

Harley Davidson 98263-07VM is the best Harley Glove out of the 5. Which is perfect for large hands and knuckles and is the XL-sized Harley Davidson 98263-07VM. The glove has the best fit and high-quality finish that users wouldn’t want to part with even after use.

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