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Top 5 Best Slip-On Mufflers For Harley Sportster

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Now that you’ve got to fix the slip-on mufflers of your Harley Davidson’s Sportster, what are the essential buying considerations you need to look out for? 

Essentially, any great slip-ons should allow you to modify the sound and look of your bike’s exhaust without having to pay through your nose procuring or installing a completely new exhaust system.. 

There are top-quality slip-on mufflers out there for your faulty Harley Sportster. Our selection here has slip-ons that produce features such as versatility, easy installation, great sound waves, noise minimization, good looks, gas exhaust removal, affordability, and lots more.

Take a look at the top 5 best slip-on mufflers for Harley Sportster that give value at affordable and fair prices.

1. Vance & Hines Chrome Round Twin Slash Slip-On Mufflers – 16839

Slip On Muffler For Harley

Typical of Vance and Hines, this slip-on muffler model is chrome-finished. It boasts amazing features including muffler bodies that are protected by full-length heat shields to enhance its look.

You’ll be wowed with the blue-proof look and increased performance provided by the model’s throaty growl. What about the standard louvered core baffles?

What’s more, the product comes with a 3-inch muffler that produces a deep rumble sound even while riding at a high speed. There’s also a new low-cost baffle that reduces discoloration that results from the heat generated by the exhausts. 

There are optional baffles available in competition or quiet which reduce sound levels (3-5 dB).



  • Compatible for multiple Harley rides
  • Easy to install
  • Great quality sound 
  • Great value at a fair price

2. Cobra Neighbor Haters Slip-on Mufflers 6107 FLH, FLT 95-16

This series from Cobra obviously is not for the faint-hearted because it combines too-loud sound with mid-loud sound. It also comes with spirally louvered core exits that allow the V-twin soundtrack to flow in full swing.

The electronic glass cylinder-bounded mesh Neighbour Haters uses a 2-inch constant velocity core that produces both exceptional sound and enhanced performance.  Surrounded by stainless steel, this product comes with a simple trumpet-belled shape that ends with an inner steel tip.



  • Powerful sound
  • Enhanced performance
  • Excellent loo and style

3. Crusher Black 2.5 in. Maverick Slip-On Mufflers 618

If you want to roar your Harley Sportster, Dyna, or Softail, then getting the Crusher Black 2.5 in Maverick Slip-on Muffler should be a model to think about. 

The muffler is built with precision and high-flow louvered baffles that require neither maintenance nor repackaging. With a signature Maverick design and look, Crusher Black Slip-on comes with Sound Reduction Baffles that are 2.5-inch in diameter. 

What’s more, the Crusher Black Muffler is coated with black ceramic and billet aluminum of high heat. It is also built with Sound Reduction Baffles  


  • Real deep Sound at idle
  • Sharp Bark on a hard throttle

4. Khrome Werks HP-Plus Tapered Slip-On Mufflers 202450

Drop $319.95 (excl shipping fee), Amazon delivers the Khrome Werk Tapered Slip-on Mufflers to your doorstep. The item comes with a number of stand-out features including distinctive throaty sound and high-temp fiberglass packing.

Besides, the Khrome Werks muffler is made from a patented steel construction baffle which improves your engine horsepower and torque.

The high performance is complemented by the amazing look that comes through the slash or tapered style.



  • Uses all factory mounting hose
  • OEM heating shields

5. Wyatt Gatling Black Slip-On Mufflers – 30-0843

Featuring a dura-chrome finish with 2′ baffles, the Wyatt Gatling Black Slip-On Mufflers series is one of the top 5 Best Slip-On Mufflers for Harley Sportster that makes our list.

This style slip-on tapered muffler set features a fluted design, increased horsepower with great quality sound. The product comes with high performance and quality sound due to a set of two Superlow XL 883L mufflers and its retention of the V-Twin slip-on muffler design.

The dura-chrome finish and baffles are enclosed in a high-tech matt design that delivers heat dispersion and sound retention.  

Baffles have an inner diameter of 1-13/16″. Some applications will require drilling a 1/4″ hole into the header pipe.



  • Dura-chrome finish
  • V-twin on muffler for high performance
  • Quality sound
  • Easy to install 

Final Thoughts

Certainly, the market is awash with so many slip-on mufflers. Never be carried away by the noise of the market. Go for the best slip-on muffler to get the best out of your Harley Sportster. 

It’s not enough to have a ride; you also need to ensure regular servicing. Maintenance is as equally important as having a ride, and a bad or faulty slip-on muffler can cause great damage to your engine. Go, go, and go for the best!    

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