6 Best Motorcycle Sport Touring Tires

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It’s now over five years since Kevin has been riding on Touring motorbikes. By all standards, Kevin doesn’t belong to the ‘newbie’ class. He’s a veteran with so much experience to hang on to and loads of tales to tell. He’s toured more than 30 different motorcycle roads across the United States. 

But do you know Kevin can’t name the top ten best motorcycle sport touring tires that have trended in the last two years for his preferred Touring bikes? Although he knows his ride must have a powerful engine and effective and efficient brake and exhaust systems, shouldn’t he keep track of what were the top 5 best sport-touring tires? 

Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire...
Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Front & Rear Street...
Michelin Pilot Power Front Tire (120/70ZR-17)
Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire
Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Front & Rear Street
MICHELIN Pilot Power Front Tire (120/70ZR-17)
Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire...
Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire
Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Front & Rear Street...
Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Front & Rear Street
Michelin Pilot Power Front Tire (120/70ZR-17)
MICHELIN Pilot Power Front Tire (120/70ZR-17)

What To Look For?

Even merely sitting down amid the noisiest crowd, Kevin can name and label the entire part of a motorcycle and provide you with details of the top 5 best exhaust systems for Harley bikes. But the lack of knowledge of what best tires to use has caused him a number of crashes on the road in the last few years.

If you belong to the class of Kevin who feels taking note of what best tires to use isn’t that important, you’ve missed the mark. Once your tires aren’t strong enough to withstand the touring job, then it may be difficult to scale an entire week without a taste of a terrible outing.

The reason is simple: the tires are what link you and the ride to the road, making it important that there’s no action carried out on the road while riding that does not involve the tires. 

As you make your way into the new year, relishing the joyous moments of the Christmas and New Year celebrations, we have brought you the best tips for the top 6 best motorcycle sport-touring Tires.

Top 6 Best Motorcycle Sport Touring Tires

Before we move on, it’s important to know that the tires listed here make our selection because they pass the criteria test. What are those features a tire must have to qualify as fit and perfect for your bike? Good traction, multi-pack value, speed rating, unique tread pattern, mileage, rigidity, extra grip in wet conditions, comfort, and stability. 

1. Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire

This tire makes our selection of the top 6 best motorcycle sport-touring tires truly representing the standard for which Michelin is known. What are those features that make the Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire best for your Sport Touring?

First, this square bead-wire package product is made of rubber compounds that provide a remarkable wet grip. Yet, it maintains its longevity and durability in use. With its square bead-wire tread pattern, the tire features improved casing rigidity, handling, and ease of installation.

Besides, this amplified density technology (ADT) is known for its high density, and the rigid casing is reliable for its ability to deliver excellent feedback and handling in all weather conditions. It also comes with silica rain technology (SRT) which integrates silica into the compound of the tire tread.

Another feature that will wow you when buying this sport touring tire is its easy maneuverability and stability. With its aramid fiber crown ply which often follows the rear tire, you’re not worried even while at high speeds. It offers enhanced resistance and lightness as well as impeccable stability.



  • Impeccable tread pattern
  • Enhanced resistance and lightness for stability
  • Easy  maneuverability and installation
  • Great grip and weather adaptability 

2. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III

Italy is a hoe for automobile parts. Pirelli has shown why you should be on the lookout for it when choosing to get the best motorcycle sport-touring tires as you begin your riding year.

As the name suggests, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Front & Rear Street Sport is a product that comes with a high-speed rating of 168+MPH. This is an absolutely high W-rated tire.  It comes with a large footprint area for improved adherence. 

Made for the World Superbike Championship, this tire has superior track and road handling. It comes with harder bi-compounds, featuring a wide side soft stripe that provides incredibly full grip from a mid-lean angle.

This product is capable of withstanding all racing or recreational activities. Built with a WSBK-derived profile, it gives an agile response, quick turn-in, and transitions.



  • High-speed rating (168+MPH)
  • Full grip
  • Bi-compounds
  • Quick turn-in and agile response

3. MICHELIN Pilot Power Front Tire

It is very unlikely you’ll mention the first five best partners of riders and the automobile industry before a name like Michelin pops up. It is both a brand and a partner. 

The MICHELIN PILOT POWER FRONT TIRE (120/70ZR-17) tires are made with a blend that was originally manufactured for MotoGP racing.

It comes with an amazing tread pattern that covers less than 12% of the tire’s surface. What that tells you is that you’re guaranteed a maximum lean angle of 50.6 degrees when you’re touring on a dry road. Besides, you’re also sure of another 41.9 degrees when you’re riding in the wet. 

What’s more, the tire boasts a very good sticky grip. The rubber compound of this product reaches its operating temperature peak very quickly. The touring tire also comes with an incredible cornering grip, as well as impressive durability for high performance.



  • Great sticky tire
  • High performance 
  • Amazing thread 
  • Perfect for wet and dry pavement 

4. Shinko 712 Front Motorcycle Tire

You can’t be mean with words. If you mean to say a product is excellent, never understate it with phrases like ‘it’s a good item to use.’ The Shinko 712 Rear Tire is one of those products you’ll take a lot of hours describing. It has a bang and a tire in the world of its own.

The 712 is truly a tire truly sport touring. Designed for mileage and high performance, this product is surprising without the high price tag. 

It boasts a staggered, positive ration tread pattern that accommodates both dry and wet conditions. This DOT-compliant tire ignores highway rain and offers excellent resistance to wet weather conditions. 

This tubeless tire has a modest speed rating of 130 MPH (H-rated) for its 4 ply nylons carcass design. Its lateral view also makes a perfect groove for increased inline stability. 



  • Great grip
  • The staggering, positive tread pattern
  • Designed for mileage and performance 

5. Continental Motion Rear Tire

Continental Motion-Sport Touring is one of the trending tires for your sport touring. Made by the popular Continental brand, this tire comes with a lot of amazing features that would make you want to order for it now.

You don’t have to worry when you’re in the wet or dry season as the tire gets you covered all season round.  It boasts unmatched levels of wet and dry grip in all conditions. Besides, the tire provides outstanding all-around performance radial for year-round use. 

Continental Motor-Sport Touring 140/70ZR17 REAR Tire guarantees you longevity and durability. How? It is made of a formulated polymer compound with a modern force-oriented tread pattern. Again, with 0o steel belt construction on the rear tire, this competitively priced radial tire confidently delivers value in terms of stability and comfort.



  • Polymer-made for longevity and of formulated polymer
  • Great grip for all-season use
  • 0o steel belt construction
  • All-around performance radial

6. Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire

Can you beat Dunlop out of the automobile industry? That sounds rhetoric. Such a question even becomes more like sarcasm when you’re now face-to-face with the new tire product the popular brand has brought to the market. 

This tire will make your ride experience the best. If you doubt it, take a look at its features.

Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire is built with an expanded size range that fits a wide variety of older bikes, sport-touring, and cruisers. So, you have the option of choosing which of motorcycles you fix the tire on.

With an incredible tread pattern and multi-compound materials, the tire delivers an excellent balance of mileage and grip. Don’t worry whether you’re on dry or wet pavement, this tire will sail you through. 

Besides, the tire encourages water to build up even in wet conditions as you find out in its front and rear tread pattern which is designed to provide outstanding water evacuation and wet grip.

 Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire also comes with bias-py construction aimed at ensuring that the tire delivers an excellent load-carrying capacity. It’s also designed to ensure a smooth ride for maximum comfort. 

On top of all of these features are the offset center groove, which offers excellent straight-line stability, comfort, and value.



  • Polymer-made for longevity and of formulated polymer
  • Great grip for all-season use
  • 0o steel belt construction
  • All-around performance radial

Sport Touring Tires: Buying Considerations 

  • Unique tread pattern

The pattern of tread your tire has will go a long way to inform you about the handling capacity of that tire. The tire’s tread type also tells you what kind of road the tire should go. 

If you’re making an off-road tour, then choose tires with a deep and aggressive tread. For sports touring, low-profile treads are not bad on your tires. Does your tire tread pattern allow water to build up when driving under wet or wet conditions? 

  • Multi-Pack Value

If you want a tire that will serve your sport Touring needs, save you money, and give you great value for your budget, then shop for tires that are on set. 

Don’t settle for a single piece. Although finding tires in a set may be like cracking the rock with your teeth it’s worth all the time and patience.  

  • High Mileage

How do you make purchasing a tire that won’t justify its cost? When you’re shopping for sports Touring tires or any motorcycle tires for that matter, be on the lookout for tires with longevity. Tire manufacturers prefer grip on mileage due to their use of multi-compounds. 

It is better to get those tires that blend of harder compounds and harder material strips to increase straight-line mileage

  • Speed Rating

On your tires, there’re specific letters that symbolize the tire rating. Common among these letters are V, H, and W. V signifies tires with a maximum speed of 149MP; H stands for tires with a maximum speed of 130MPH; while W is for a maximum speed of 168MPH. Maybe you want to go for W, but not all the time.

  • Puncture Guard

This is one feature you must go out of your to look out for because the threat of a punctured tire is as big as having a crash. Apart from the amount of your time it’ll waste, a punctured tire could cause a loss of momentum for you. 

Although tire manufacturing companies add an extra layer of material for a tire to combat this threat, there are different levels of puncture protection. Check for a tire manufactured from a rubber-made puncture protection belt as well as the tire for a higher TPI (threads per inch). 


Now you know that you don’t have to spend up to five years like Kevin before you become a veteran Sport Touring rider. You can be on the saddle for just two years and have learned all the ropes. It depends on your level of interest and the reason you want to ride. 

Enjoying your time on your sport-touring bike as well as avoiding an auto crash begins with knowing the right type of tire to buy. A post of this type has opened you up to all the top 6 best motorcycle sport-touring tires. 

Parting shot for All Riders: Remember to obey all traffic rules. Go for the routine scheduled service on your motorcycle. Never use roads as a racetrack. Think first of other road users; remember, their comfort on the road guarantees yours. 

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