Best Motorcycles for Beginners

Top 6 Best Motorcycles for Beginners (Must-Read)

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Perhaps, as a beginner motorcyclist, you’re always excited each time you see those veteran motorcyclists riding from the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina to the Pacific Coastal Highway in the Big Sur region of California. 

These sightings can often make potential riders want to join public roads as soon as possible and start being hailed as you move from one state to another in the saddle of your newly acquired Harley Davidson Lower Rider cruiser.

 But you should know that everything follows time and a process. You cannot jump the queue when it comes to riding. If you have to start with a cruiser, you cannot jump on a Standard or make an order for a touring or an off-road motorcycle.

There’s a need to take one step at a time. As a beginner cyclist, you need to know where to start; which bike to begin with; which road is appropriate for a learner; and so on. So, as you’re making your foray into the cycling circle, read all the important information about the best beginner motorcycles.

We compile a list of the top six best beginner motorcycles based on high performance, maneuverability, durability, flexibility, stability, weight, ranking, and seat height and position. 

Here are the top motorcycle favorites for you if you’re just beginning as a rider:

1. Honda CB1100 EX

Popular for its attractive look and style, this best motorcycle for beginners, boasts matchless features including easy maneuverability. A seamless gas tank on a durable steel chassis, Honda CB1100 Ex comes with a triple-disc brake system. 

 What’s more, this ride is beginners’ favourite because of its incline-four engine that adds to itself a cooling system, an aesthetic look, classic frame, complete chrome fenders, and round headlight.

2. Yamaha YZF-R3

Yamaha is a popular brand and this multi-color Yamaha YZF-R3 design is a powerful bike for starter riders. With its incredible ergonomics and sporty frames, the bike is lightweight and easy to handle. It also comes with an advanced forged piston design and a seat position perfect and comfortable for a sports-style riding position.

 Your feet stay firm on the ground and you maintain balance when on the saddle of the bike. There’s also a disc brake system that ensures reliability and stopping power. Built with a slew of accessories, the motorcycle is offered at a highly competitive price.

3. Yamaha V Star 250 Cruiser

Lightweight, durable and easy to maneuver, Yamaha V Star 250 Cruiser is built as a compact motorcycle fit for beginner biker. With a superior gas mileage (about 78 miles per gallon), you’re confident of getting an appropriate 200 miles once the tank is filled up.

There’s an upright and comfortable riding position once you’re on the bike because of the low-sitting position of the seat. Capped on all sides with quality chrome, this motorcycle boasts stylish mirror, handlebars, and fenders.

Although it is one of the costliest beginner bikes out there, its 249cc V-twin engine proves durable and is capable of covering a long distance. 

4. Bonneville T120 Triumph

Bonneville is not one of the unpopular brands you find in the market, and with Bonneville T120 Triumph, class and durability make the hallmarks of the

Framed with a 1200cc twin-parallel high torque engine, Bonneville T120 Triumph provides plenty of power to take you wherever you go. With a mid-range sitting position, this best starter motorcycle ensures beginner riders get a great balance. 

It comes with handcrafted chrome, 160 available accessories and a heated grip. The price of the Bonneville matches its quality.  

5. KTM 390 Duke

 The 390 Duke made by KTM is one of the best beginner motorcycles to feature a single-cylinder engine. The engine functions at an optimal performance level with low-to-medium torque.

Slim and lightweight, the bold and sporty-coloured KTM 390 Duke is built with easy maneuverability and incredible. The position of the seat is both high and curved, guaranteeing control, comfort, and stability.

The steel-framed chassis boasts durability and a great touch which complements its geometric style. The price may be cheap, but the quality is matchless. 

6.Yamaha Bolt Cruiser

Yamaha cannot stop amazing its numerous customers. Built with a slim body and low-riding seat that provides comfort for starter riders, the lightweight Yamaha Bolt Cruiser can cover long-distance trips. 

The fuel tank is a large one, taking as much as 3.4 gallons of fuel. Refueling comes in less often. The modern look is a product of the digital display and steel-cut fender of the bike that pairs with the stripped-down, minimal chrome aesthetic. 

The bike hosts a 642cc V-twin engine with a cooling and fuel injection system that gives great speed and reliability that Yamaha is known for.


This list does not exhaust all beginner motorcycles, but our list enrolls the best motorcycles for starter riders. All the favorites here give the quality and value that every rider desires at the start. 

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