Vance & Hines 96-19 Harley XL1200C Naked VO2 Air Intake

Top 7 Best Air Cleaner For Sportster 1200

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Harley Davidson is no strange name in the automobile industry. With a rich history, tested experience, and high-quality products that boast increasing demand, Harley is certainly the go-to place for the best air cleaner for Sportster. Whether it is their OEMs or aftermarkets, Harley is famous for best air cleaners for Sportster that boast a number of extraordinary features. 

If you are looking to buy Harley air cleaner for Sportster, this post is the right first point of call. Here, you will find a lot of information that will serve your purpose and make a good referral as well.

The list contains 7 Best Air Cleaners for Harley Sportster. The choice of the products that make this list is informed by their incredible characteristics, including high performance, durability, excellent design, specific model variant, and functionality. Now, let the trip begin. Don’t forget to come along with your information absorbent so you can take in all the details and never allow any to fritter away. 

Here we go!

1. Bullet Air Cleaner

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With a gothic bullet-design and high-quality chrome-finished aluminum, the Bullet Air Cleaner Filter Kits for Harley Davidson is a 1991-2006 XL Model Sportster and is a great buy for your bike. The product is built with a washable filter and a complete 3600 fitted spike cover air filter pate. The filter is K&N red cotton gauze. 

Here are some take-aways about setting up this air cleaner: While a DIY mechanism is great for installing this product, it is better to engage a professional if you have a bad vision or your hands aren’t skilled enough. 


  • K&N Red cotton gauze washable filter
  • Aluminum tubing and frame
  • Excellent bullet design
  • Chrome-coated finish

2. Vance & Hines Naked XL883N

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Vance & Hines Naked XL883N VO2 Air Intake is a blend of high performance and excellent design. This 2015-2018 model fits perfectly on all Harley Roadster vehicles. What’s more, the Vance & Hines air is a perfect OEM replacement part, guaranteeing you amazing performance and style typical of Harley’s original products.

This kit is a great fit for the original filter cover, giving you the beauty and appearance you desire in your vehicle. 


  • Improved Air Flow Over Stock
  • Washable High Flow Filter
  • Larger Backing Plate

3. K&N 63-1126 Harley Davidson

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If your Harley XL 1200 ride is built within 2007 and 2014, then this cone-shaped rugged and high-performance kit is the best air cleaner for your purchase. The 63-1126 billet-made Air Charger air filter model was built to replace the Harley factory air cleaner. With a mandrel-bent, aluminum-tubed intake, this kit allows significant airflow that gives out extra torque.

The washable K&N kit also features a complete pack of mounting hardware including throttle body mounting plate. The reusable red cotton kit is pre-oiled to make it last for several miles (up to 100,000) and increase engine horsepower.


  • Enhanced engine sound and throttle response
  • Aluminum tube with black finish
  • Washable and reusable air filter
  • Easy to set up within 90 minutes

4. Arlen Ness 18-326

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One of the best air cleaners for Sportster is the Arlen Ness 18-326 Big Sucker. As a level 1 kit, Arlen Ness boasts high performance that makes it suitable for Harley Sportster models from 1998 to 2018. This kit’s performance upgrade functions to cause an increase in your torque by at least 21% in your ride engine. With its one-piece billet mounting plate and breather technology, Arlen Ness guides your engine to deliver maximum airflow. The breathers have throttle body and exit o-rings, so you don’t need any external hardware.

What’s more, the kit also offers two options of reusable and washable filter media: the standard red pre-oiled cotton and the stainless steel-jacketed black synthetic filter elements. Then the big sucker of the kit amazes with power and performance delivery.


  • Improved torque 
  • The one-piece aluminum backing plate
  • Reliable bale and high performance 

5. Spike Air Cleaner Filter

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The black mat Spike Air Cleaner Filter Kits wow every lover of Harley’s 1988-2018 Matt Black-finished Sportster models. With its gothic design and style, Spike Air Cleaner features a complete 3600 that is fitted and made of high-quality, black-finished billet aluminum spike cover air filter head. There’s also a washable red cotton filter of the K&N KN-SP3301 model.

The filter is easy to install, whether you apply the DIY mechanism or you go the professional way. 


  • Easy to install in under 90 minutes 
  • Excellent bullet style 
  • Matt black finish 
  • Aluminum body, tube, and frame 

6. Krator Harley Davidson Spike Air Cleaner Kit

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Improving motor performance and adding a bold and aggressive style to your ride are two functions a great air filter should deliver. If there’s any air filter for Harley Sportster in the market that does that, it is this amazing spike-style air filter kit from Krator.

Although it’ll require that you remove your stock air filter and housing, this kit is easy to install. It also provides better airflow than your stock filter. The design is amazing compared to your stock air filter housing.  


  • Distinctively bold styling
  • Great airflow 
  • Increases performance 

7. Kuryakyn Alley Cat Air Cleaner/Filter Cover

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One of the best after-market air filters for Harley Sportster is right here from Kuryakyn. Kuryakyn’s Alley Cat Air Filter Cover is built and finetuned with a black or chrome finish. If you need to add some style and increase the performance of your newly acquired air filter kit like an Arlen Ness Big Sucker, Kuryakyn air cleaner is the right choice. 

This filter cover comes with a mesh cover, so you don’t have to worry whether your Harley Sportster has a visual theme that’s primarily chrome-finished or black-oriented. Besides, this air cleaner adds efficiency to an increased filter’s performance.


  • Adds distinctive style
  • Allows for better airflow 
  • Black or chrome finished


You can choose to buy any of the best air filters for Harley Sportster on our list. They are budget-friendly; even for the pricey ones, they provide a lot of value for the money. Regular maintenance of your ride’s engine is very important.

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