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Top 7 Best Motorcycle / Dirt Bike Games For PS4

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With the top 7 best motorcycles and dirt bike games on your shelf, your weekend fun can’t be better. Perhaps, you only love riding motorcycles and dirt bikes.  How much can you turn a hobby into a fun-filled exercise? 

Motorcycles have become so much fun for a lot of people that hardly can they have a weekend without having to work out on the bike. What’s even more fascinating to many motorbike enthusiasts is the fact that they also can have these real exercises on the virtual roads. 

In this post, we have carefully selected for you the top 7 best motorcycles and dirt bike games that will make your day and see you receive your kid’s blessings. 

Enough of that sarcasm, and let’s go straight to the real business of this post. The top dirt bike games that pass the test of our selection come through due to the excitement they give and the incredible fun they create. 

They also make the cut as a result of the lasting impression they leave behind in the hearts of many virtual game fans who have played them. 

1. MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore Edition

MX vs ATV Motorcycle : Dirt Bike Game

Created by THQ Nordic, MX vs. ATV is one of the top 7 best dirt bike games on this list. It is priced on Amazon and available on PS4.

Its new enhanced physics and control system, MX vs. ATV is built with a lot of incredible features. With over 30 tracks including popular dangerous Supercross tracks, this game comes with extra outdoor tracks.

The game also features five series in career mode, including 450 MX vs. ATV, 450 ATV, 250 West, and 250 East live series. 

The credibility of this game has been tested because it contains well over 80 licensed motocross firms and more than 60 professional riders are licensed. 

2. MXGP2

MXGP2 is one of the products from the famous 2015 official MXGP Championship, and it contains every Track and Rider from that series, including Glen Helen.

MXGP2 Motorcycle / Dirt Bike Game

Players will no longer have to squeeze themselves into one stadium as the new improved MXGP2 is built with 2 brand new indoor stadiums.

The custom use of the game is very friendly. You can change the look of the riders as well as the team name. Also, whether you don’t want any part of the bike, such as handles, suspension, brakes, liveries, etc you can adjust and customize. 

Another interesting feature of MXGP2 is that players after building the bike can test run it to have a feel for how it’ll look like life. With Amazon prices, you’ll have it.

3. MXGP 14

Made by Bandai, this official motocross videogame is great for its incredible number of games, tracks, and bikes, including 14 tracks (from MX1 and MX2 2013 FIM motocross), 60 bikes, and 60 riders.

These new tracks include fans, 3D textured trees, vegetation, balloons, realistic illumination, and much more. This official motocross video game can be purchased on Amazon

With amazing motocross philosophy, MXGP 14 is built with unparalleled realism of new terrains, ditches and particles, motion-captured animations, realistic physics, and dirty systems.

4. Monster Energy Supercross

Monster Energy is designed with a wide array of iconic bikes, athletes, and tracks drawn from 250 Sx and 450 Sx categories.  Players can use both the real parts and accessories of the games.

 It is specially made for the Supercross Season with a lot of impressive career modes as well as extreme options for custom uses for riders and bikes. I

In addition, players can edit, create, customize and share the game with the help of the perfect online track editor.

Added to the features include advanced graphics which brings back the exciting experience of playing the legendary Supercross.

5. Trials Fusion

If you’re a great fan of entertaining videogames like Pure, then Trials Fusion is for you. Built with detailed and crisp graphics, this game is of high-quality sound, and Trials Fusion puts a lot of control in the hands of its players.  

So, you’re sure of successful landings and crashes based on how you lean forward, backward. They also depend on how you push as you rotate the bike in the air. 

If you talk about some of the best graphics and stunningly beautiful design levels, Trial Fusions provides that. With Amazon prices, Trials Fusion is yours. 

6. ATV Drift & Tricks

 ATV Drift & Tricks is a game for players who prefer playing alone or with up to nine other players in a turbo-charged multiplayer style. It allows you to do crazy stunts and is compatible with PlayStation VR.

What’s more, ATV Drift & Tricks comes with 8 wild games, including League, Hunter, Last One Standing, Hot Lap, Time Trial, etc. There’re different tracks and terrain to optimize your PS4 skills 

7. Motor Racer 4

Motor Racer 4 features two levels of experience in VR. With more than 100 motocross and asphalt challenges, 18 races, ad 3 elegant atmospheres, the motorbike and dirt bike game blends extreme speed and freestyle. It’s sold for $23.50.

Added to that is the availability of the best driving skills, including swerving, slipstreaming, drifting, etc. It also comes with 10 charismatic pilots with different personalities and racing styles. 


You can be sure your potentially boring-looking weekend is already reinvigorated if you have any of the top 7 best motorcycle or dirt bike games. Enjoy every moment as you start playing.       

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