Different Types of Motorcycles: The Ultimate Guide

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As a beginner motorcyclist and rider, you’re very eager to order what you think is one of the best motorcycles from your e-store wholesaler. But how much of the guide to motorcycle types do you get familiar with? Have you ever taken any course on beginners’ guide to types of motorcycles?

If the guess would be correct, you’re probably going around with the naïve idea that all motorcycles are the same. After all, they all have two wheels. More so, motorcycles either belong to the vintage styling category or share some of the conveniences of modern technology.

But the shocking news is that motorcycles have types and kinds, and they perform different functions, outside the e-promoted image of motorcycles you possibly carry around. 

So, as a beginner making a foray into the motorcycle industry, you’ve got to read this short post, which interestingly is perfect as a brief course for a guide to motorcycle types. 

Guide to Types of Motorcycles 

There are three types of motorcycles, namely, moped, cruiser, and motorcycle. Expansively, we have 9 types of motorcycles based on functions, structure, use, price, and jurisdictions. In this post, you’re provided with an insight into what and how to choose when you’re buying motorcycles.

Motorcycle types include standard, moped, cruiser, touring, scooter, off-road, sportbike, dual sport, and sport touring. Let’s discuss each of them to guide your choice of what you’re looking for.     

1. Standard Motorcycle

Your guide to motorcycles starts with the standard type of motorcycle. It’s the commonest kind with the simplest design suited for all purposes. Its features include:

  • Engine displacement: 125cc up to 1,000cc.
  • A tank bag
  • Short and medium-range seat height
  • Pretty neutral ergonomics. 
  • It’s not very forward-leaning or rearward-reclining. 


Yamaha SR400 is a great example of a standard motorcycle.

2. Cruiser Motorcycle Type

Also known as a chopper, the cruiser is essentially the perfect motorcycle for cruising. A popular question people ask me is – Cruiser vs Touring : What are the differences? Click here for an article that will help you understand the difference. It is designed with the following features:

  • Lower Seat height than standard-type motorcycles 
  • Varied displacement engine sizes (from small to 1,000cc or more)
  • When you imagine a cruiser (specifically a chopper), Harley-Davidson may be the first 
  • Travel long miles
  • Multiple accessories


Harley Davidson offers the best cruiser in the market. Consider buying H-D Low Rider 

3. Sport Bike Motorcycle Type

If you need speed and agility, then sport bikes are the ideal options for you. It boasts the following features:

  • Forward-leaning ergonomics
  • Perfect for speed and agility
  • Lightweight (manufactured from light materials, like aluminum)
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Taller seat height
  • Boasts power and comfort


Check out Suzuki GSXR600 for your sport bike motorcycle.

4. Touring Motorcycle Type

The touring type of motorcycle features the hugest body structure among other motorcycle types. A popular question people ask me is – Touring vs Cruiser : What are the differences? Click here for an article that will help you understand the difference. Popular for its cross-country touring power, touring features the following attractions:

  • Large amount of storage 
  • Easy ergonomics for a longer one-stretch ride
  • Massive fairings to ward off wind and weather 
  • Displacement engine sizes 
  • Great for highway speeds 


Honda Goldwing is the rand to consider when looking for an excellent touring-type of motorcycle

5. Sport Touring Motorcycle Type


The Sport Touring motorcycles are the typical go-to when you’re looking for a perfect blend of the Sport and the Touring. Check out their features here:

  • Seat taller than a Touring motorcycle 
  • Better luggage options for hauling extra gear. 
  • Small and mid-range displacement engine sizes 
  • Covers a lot of miles


You can check out for Kawasaki products, like the Concours14 ABS

6. Dual Sport Motorcycle Type

If you need a motorcycle type (with knobby off-road tires) than is capable of doing anything, plying any road, or covering any distance, then consider Dual Sports. Known also as Dual purpose or adventure sport motorcycle, the dual sport features the following:

  • Aggressive off-road suspension 
  • A slightly taller seat height 
  • Limited storage  options
  • Blends sporty look with off-road capability 


The KTM 1090 Adventure R offers the best for you for all your weekend adventures and workouts

7. Scooter Motorcycle Type

Style and safety get a new name under Scooter-type motorcycle. Many consider a scooter not to be a real motorcycle, but they offer you security and elegant design. A motorcycle can be classified as a different category if you wanted, so here is the difference between Scooter Vs Motorcycle. Let’s consider the buyer’s guide for a scooter:

  • Best for a metropolitan trip, not highways 
  • Lightweight
  • Closer to the ground, making maneuvering easier.
  • Displace engine sizes between 50cc and 500cc.
  • Offers smaller fairing against wind and weather
  • Limited storage for a few items 


 The Honda Ruckus is a popular brand for Scooter

8. Moped Motorcycle Type

Modern-day motorcycle enthusiasts in the United States may not be familiar with the moped, because it is becoming harder to find. A motorcycle can be classified as a different category if you wanted, so here is the difference between Moped Vs Motorcycle. It features:

  • Small displacement engine size of 50cc or less
  • Lightweight 
  • Limited power, fairing, and storage options


Because of the design and style that looks like a scooter, few brands that make it. However, TaoTao brand makes the Titan 50 which is a perfect moped.

Just as the name sounds, off-road motorcycles aren’t the common types of motorcycles you see around. Why? They go where no vehicle wants to go; they ply the roughest, riskiest and most dangerous path other motorcycles dread. 

In terms of features, off-road motorcycles are known for the following:

  • Tall seat heights 
  • Deeper brush and higher suspension
  • Lightweight
  • High-speed transmission 
  • No turn signals or lights
  • Perfect for climbing hills. 


Check out Kawasaki’s KLX110. It comes with a 4-speed transmission and no clutch.

Final Thoughts

While our guides to types of motorcycle open you up to the specific details of each type of motorcycle in the market, your preference gets you what type of motorcycle you desire. 

Follow your gut and pick any of the types you want.  

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