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Best Ways To Clean Car Windows

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There is something about pulling up the driveway with a neatly washed car. Not just the car’s body but the windows also matter if you must make your desired impression on your audience. Therefore, it is not a waste of time to learn how best you could clean your car windows to get the level of reception you desire from the public.

A dirty car window tells a random observer that your life is unkempt. Still, an impressively clean car window, on the other hand, would not only ‘present’ you as meticulous but would also aid visibility and thus reducing the probability of your getting involved in an accident.

Sure, most persons would love sparkly and well-polished car windows, but the challenge remains that not everyone knows how to go about cleaning their car windows in such a way that they would look clear both inside and out. It could not be very pleasant to observe still streak-like lines on your car windows after a few hours of washing these same windows.

Therefore we shall now show you how to clean up your car windows and other glass components of your vehicle yourself, enabling you to save more money and ensure that you obtain maximum results from your work. If you can follow these procedures, we assure you of satisfaction when you are through cleaning up.

Cleaning Car Windows: Step-by-Step Guide

While it is good to use clean cotton material, the recommended cloth is the one made of microfiber. Synthetic towels are best because they are perfect for wiping off any kind of stain from your car window. 

Most-quality microfiber cloths produce the best results if you apply them to even the most stubborn stains. They can get rid of any streaks left on the surface of your car window.

Do not go for microfiber products that will shed fibers when using them to scrub. If you choose microfiber towels, make sure it is the one that is tightly woven. This type will ensure great scrubbing is done on your window.

  • Clean Water

You can use distilled water if you’ll be using concentrated cleaner.

Some consider the sponge as an optional material. This is because you cannot apply a sponge to every car window.  

  • Window Cleaner & Bucket

Out there, there is a range of window cleaning products you can buy. Do not buy or use car window cleaners that contain ammonia compounds. The reason is that ammonia does not work well on car window surfaces. 

Windows made of vinyl, rubber, or leather are not the best kinds that will accommodate ammonia on them. Also, tinted windows come with a film that can be affected by ammonia compounds. In terms of Eco-friendliness, ammonia fumes are not the best compound to use. 

Procedure to Properly Wipe Your Car Windows

  1. Ensure your vehicle is kept in a shade before you begin washing; this prevents the water and automobile cleaner from evaporating too quickly while you clean the car and windows.
  2. With a cloth or sponge, apply the cleaner to the windows’ surface and wipe the windows’ inner part in a left-right motion. For the outer part of the window, wipe in an up-down motion to ensure all the dirt is cleaned from every angle of the windows.
  3. With the microfiber cloth and some baking soda, you could wipe all stubborn stains off the windows.
  4. Wind down the windows and clean up the windows’ edges where they slide into the rubber seal.
  5. When cleaning the windows’ internal parts, you could prepare a mixture with a quarter of alcohol and half potions of white vinegar into an empty spray bottle. With this mix added to a towel, clean up the interior parts of your car windows.
  6. While cleaning up both windows, it would produce a better result if you add more pressure into wiping so that any though stains would be removed completely from your car windows.
  7. Endeavor not to spray from the spray bottle directly onto the window surface but rather spray the cleaning agent unto the cleaning cloth and then proceed to wipe the car window surfaces with it.
Clean Car Windows

Techniques to Clean Other Components of Car Window

  • How to Remove Dirt on Windshield Wipers?

To clean the windshield wipers, make use of 303 wiper cleaner. This kind of treatment enhances the durability of the wiper’s blades while ensuring the overall optimum performance of the wipers. 

Use a wet microfiber cloth, not rubber dressing, to clean any dirt buildup on your car wipers. This will help to reduce the noise coming from the contact of the blade with the windshield. During winter, it is best to apply a protected anti-freeze additive. 

  • How to Get Rid of Water Spots on car Window?

How will you remove water spots contamination on your car window? With top-quality glass polish cleaners, you should be able to get rid of water spots which often affect the overall gleaming finish and polished aesthetics of your window. Make use of a foam applicator with a microfiber cloth. 

  • How to Clean Tinted Car Windows?

If your car window is tinted, you’ll need extreme care to clean it. To avoid spoiling the film or scratching the surface, you should combine a soft damp microfiber cloth with soapy water. Avoid the use of ammonia and ammonia-related car window cleaners. Alternatively, you can use spray foam glass cleaners or any other ammonia-free glass cleaners to get rid of the dirt on tinted car windows 

Why Clean Car Windows?

Most times, we fail to see the importance of cleaning up car windows even after doing a great job on the vehicle’s body. A dirty window will only go on to impair vision. And we are sure you know that clarity of vision both in the day and night is essential for safe driving and maneuvering.

If you pay attention to cleaning up your car windows, you wouldn’t need to strain your eyes nor get involved in accidents that could have been avoided from the onset. 

On a psychological level, clean car windows and windshields give you some confidence in yourself and all you represent.

Final Thoughts

As we already discussed, you can see that cleaning up car windows is just an easy nut to crack, and by using all the already mentioned supplies that could be found within your home, you can obtain incredible results. However, you should note that when washing your car, it would be best to wash your car windows lastly. 

Washing your car windows as the last prevents the windows from getting stained again while you wash.

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