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What are The Best Dirt Bike Brands in 2023?

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Yamaha is the best dirt bike brand. The brand is a market leader because of the quality of material used, pricing, and sheer power of these bikes. 

This review prioritizes factors such as reliability, quality, and user-friendly features. We have featured brands that fulfill the needs of both beginner and new riders. We have considered things such as price, maneuverability, engine power, and weight. 

It is important to choose a dirt bike brand that matches your performance and style. Nothing matches the feeling of tearing through rough roads with the smell of earth surrounding you. Here are the top dirt bike brands and manufacturers that we would recommend;

  1. Yamaha

  2. Honda

  3. Kawasaki

  4. Suzuki

  5. KTM 

  6. Husqvarna

  7. Hyosung

  8. Bultaco

  9. Maico 



Yamaha is one of the top Japanese manufacturers of bikes, with a history in the dirt bike industry of over 65 years. Riders prefer the brand because of its affordability and reliability. The brand’s dirt bikes are made using state-of-the-art engineering, therefore, guaranteeing durability and less money on maintenance. 

Yamaha YZ-250 dirt bike brand

It has dirt bikes for beginners and experienced riders alike. Yamaha became a popular dirt bike brand after renowned racer Dylan Ferrandis won the national championships and the Supercross race in 2020 using Yamaha dirt bikes. 

Dylan Ferrandis winning the supercross race using Yamaha dirt bike

If you are considering a Yamaha brand for dirt biking, we highly recommended the YZ-250, WR-250, and YZ-125 for a seasoned rider who is looking for the thrill of the race. The YZ-125 offers a perfect balance between ease of use and instant power that a beginner can enjoy equally as well. These quality dirt bikes provide instant torque, unmatched power, and high suspension for safety. 



Honda is another Japanese company, a dirt bike brand that has been in the industry for decades now, and it is well known for reliability, ease of use, and durability. Something that makes the Honda bikes, stand out is the excellent suspension that helps maneuver very well when trail riding.

Honda dirt bike

Honda manufactures one of the most popular dirt bikes on both the supercross and road – Honda CRF450R. This dirt bike is meant for experienced riders giving the rider three engine settings (smooth, standard, and aggressive). This dirt bike is great for motocross racing due to its power and responsiveness. Honda also has the CRF 50F for amateur racing and kids which is highly sturdy, durable, and powerful. The Honda CRF E2 is one of the best in mini bikes, specifically designed for kids and teenagers weighing under 50 kg.


KE 100

Kawasaki is an excellent choice for riders who are looking for a dirt bike with excellent suspension, lightweight, and ease of handling. The brand has been trusted off and on road for 50 years therefore you can trust they deliver quality. We would recommend Kawasaki dirt bike for beginner drivers who want to experience riding on challenging terrains. 

Kawasaki dirt bike

Kawasaki is also a clear winner out of the dirt bike brands we reviewed when it comes to price. Therefore, if you want to start your dirt bike journey and are looking for a lower price, this is a good dirt bike brand to pick. If we had to choose, the best out of the Kawasaki dirt bikes would be the Kawasaki Kawasaki KE 100, KX 500, and the Kawasaki KLR 650 Camo. For children under 12 years, We recommend the light weight Kawasaki Elektrode electric balance bike. 


DR 650

If you are discussing motorcycles, the word Suzuki will most probably pop up. The brand offers various options both if you are a beginner or an advanced rider. They also offer a good variety of price from some of the cheapest bikes in the motorcycle industry to more expensive ones. 

Suzuki Dirt Bike

We recommend the DR 650 and DR Z400 models of Suzuki motorcycles if you are looking for that great trail bikes experience. These motorcycles are meant for novice to intermediate riders who want to perform jumps and ride through tough trails. The other model to consider is the Suzuki RM-Z250 will allow you to drive through slippery areas since it has features for reducing wheel slip and providing instant acceleration.


KTM 250 SX-F

KTM Group is a top dirt bike manufacturer when it comes to top speed. The brand was the first to innovate a dirt bike that can achieve a top speed of 123 mph. It is an Austrian-based company that has risen through the ranks in such a short amount of time. The brand is well known for its unisex dirt bikes. 

KTM Dirt Bike

We would recommend the KTM 250 SX-F for both beginner and professionals. This KTM dirt bike offers great torque, less vibration, and is easy to handle due to its short wheelbase. An interesting fact, the KTM 450 SX was renowned rider Ryan Doungey’s ride of choice in the AMA Supercross championship. 


Husqvarna FE 501S

Husqvarna motorcycles brand makes our list because they are a reliable dirt bike brand when it comes to traction, lightweight design, and power. This swedish company flagship models are Heritage, Endura, TE 300, and FE 300 famous for instant torque and high power. These electric dirt bikes are also punching high when it comes to overall design and style. You will easily know a Husqvarna motorcyles by its handlebars, air box, and brakes which are considerably different from other bikes. Besides that, Husqvarna is reasonably priced and maintenance does not cost a lot. 

Husqvarna Dirt Bike

Note that Husqvarna produces high-speed dirt bikes. The Husqvarna FE 501S can go upto 101.5 mph. Additionally, these electric dirt bikes have excellent suspension, smooth power delivery, and are highly repressive, making them beginner friendly. 


Hyosung GT 650R

Hyosung brand has been making dirt bikes since 1978 which has given them a lot of time to improve its quality. When we think of Hyosung the words affordability, durability, and power come to mind. Their dirt bikes have excellent power that enables them to ride even on rough terrain. We recommend the Hyosung GT 650R, Hyosung GV650, Hyosung GD, and Hyosung RT. The Hyosung GT 650R especiallyy has a large battery that lasts up to 7 hours and its top speed is 160 km/h. 

Hyosung Dirt Bike

Hyosung dirt bikes will not surprise you down the road with maintenance. Additionally, their parts are quite inexpensive. They are super reliable with the engines’ peak power being between 250cc-700cc. The brand’s dirt bikes are beginner friendly and once you become an intermediate rider you can purchase a more technical bike. The brand’s electric models are one of the best out of electric bike brands are great for school, work, and fun rides. 


1978 Bultaco MK11 370 Frontera

The late Jim Pomeroy will go down in history as the first American to go home with the championship for Motocross GP in Europe using a Bultaco dirt bike. 

Bultaco Dirt Bike

Bultac made its first first dirt bike in 1959 with the 125cc Tralla 101. Bultatco boasts of a magnificent product line that appeals to old-school riders. The brand’s 1959 edition dirt bikes were a market leader and the brand has continued to fly high ever since. Bultaco dirt bikes changed the game in the 60s with the Bultaco Sherpa which replaced most of the road bikes that had been tweaked to fit off-road conditions. The bikes initially used for off-road sports were heavy British four-stroke bikes with modifications such as knobbly tires, wider handlebars, sump guards, and high exhausts. Famous trials rider Sammy Miller approached Bultaco to create award-winning two-stroke engines which were lightweight and changed the whole game. 

You will know a Bultaco dirt bike due to the single-cylinder and 2-stroke engines for people that appreciate that roar. For novices looking for vintage bikes, the 1978 Bultaco MK11 370 Frontera, 1976 Bultaco Alpina, and 1976 Bultaco Sherpa T350 can make good additions to your collection. These dirt bikes are very powerful out of the dirt bike brands allowing you to go for those desert rides hassle-free. 


2023 Maico 700 Enduro

Maico motorcycle brand was very popular in the motocross world during the 70s and 80s. Maico has stood the test of time, having created great machines with better performance for the public and the German military as well since 1926. The company released its first dirt bike in 1934, the Maico F100 Piccolo which featured a 98 cc single-cylinder, two-stroke air-cooled engine. It could achieve a top speed of 37mph. Maico’s golden area was in the late 60s and 70s when it took over Europe and America. During that time, Maico motocross was the only manufacturer making off-road motorcycles from the ground up. Maico’s focus was producing simpler and easily responsive dirt bikes with the finest off-road capabilities. 

Maico Dirt Bike

The Maico MD 50, MD 250, or MD 125 are the finest off-road bikes. Its latest product line featured the 2023 Maico 700 Enduro dirt bike which stands as an award-winning two-stroke dirt bike with amazing off-road capabilities. At Maico, you will get powerful 250, 400, 440, and 490 cc engines. 

Buying Guide: Dirt Bike Brands


There are many dirt bike brands in the market. Price and quality are two important factors to consider before getting a dirt bike. 

As a beginner, you can talk to an experienced rider to make a decision. First, set out the requirements for your dirt biking, and know your skill level, budget, and comfort. Also, you can test out different brands, and go through the brand’s reviews. 

For beginners, we would advise you to go with the cheaper models. You can spend a lot of dollars on popular dirt bike brands that ends up sitting in your garage because you cannot handle it. 

Generally, Honda and Yamaha are affordable dirt bike brands while Husqvarna and KTM tend to be pricey. However, it is important to weigh in other factors such as engine power and weight. 

Engine size and power

For a beginner, we would recommend a dirt bike with an engine power of 125cc two-stroke or 250cc four-stroke. A 450cc motocross bike or dirt bike is too powerful for a beginner. We would recommend a beginner to stick with the power of 300 engine displacement. For an intermediate level of riding, we would recommend a high-power motor-battery combo for full adrenaline.


If you weigh more than 80 kg, it would be advisable to go for a heavy dirt bike. Size is also a factor to consider before purchasing. A dirt bike that is proportional to the rider’s body will give the rider more stability and control. Note that light dirt bikes are easier to handle and move around in. They are also more responsive allowing you to take turns easily therefore beginners can drive around more comfortably. 

Suspension and handling

The suspension on an electric dirt bike is closer to the ground, making riding extra enjoyable and smooth. The best way to test suspension and handling is to take the dirt bike on a driving test. A bike that suits you will absorb shocks smoothly while giving you stability and control. We recommend that you focus on brands that make solid suspension components, therefore, allowing these bikes to go through rough terrain. Reliable suspension and handling can allow beginner riders to build their skill slowly.  

Frequently asked questions about dirt bike brands

Are there different types of dirt bikes?

Dirt bikes are different from motorcycles in that they have narrower thick threaded tires to survive off-road. You have three options to choose from:

  • Motocross bikes

  • Off-road motorcycles

  • Cruiser racing bikes

Cruiser racing bikes can only be ridden on private property and are the most affordable. Motocross bikes are for riding on dirt trails. Off-road bikes are meant for private and public use and are the most popular. 

Why should I buy an electric dirt bike?

Electric dirt bikes give their riders some adrenaline rush. Dirt bikes allow you to ride in open spaces. If you are environmentally conscious, these bikes help reduce your carbon footprint. 

Even though electric dirt bikes are more expensive than gas-powered ones, they are more sustainable in the long run. You can save a lot of money by not needing fuel fill-ups. 

Electric dirt bikes emit less noise compared to their gas-powered counterparts. Some riders prefer the roar however it can be upsetting to their neighbors. 

Electric dirt bikes are easier to handle compared to gas-powered bikes. Therefore, you can ride for a long time without feeling tired. Dirt bikes have 100% torque which helps the dirt bike accelerate faster. It is faster in operation that you don’t feel the surge that traditional bikes produce when accelerating. 

Electric dirt bikes are easier to maintain because they eliminate the need for the components that regularly need maintenance in normal bikes. Electric dirt bikes don’t have spark plugs, air filters, or oil. Other models don’t have clutches and gearboxes. Surprisingly, the brake pads also stay longer because the dirt bike does the bulk of the braking. 

Which one is better? Two-stroke or four-stroke?

You should make the decision based on your goals, experience, and riding style. A four-stroke bike produces more power and a steadier and smoother output making it easier to handle. You also spend less money braking and shifting. It produces more torque and power than two strokes. They are also more pricey and heavier than the two-stroke.

The two-stroke is ideally lighter and accelerates and decelerates faster and has a jumpier feel. You will also shift the gears and RPM more. They are ideal for the lighter rider. 

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What are The Best Dirt Bike Brands in 2023?

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