What Motorcycle Should I Buy?

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Buying the best motorcycle for your circumstances is very important. Keep in mind, motorcycles are expensive and you must choose wisely when buying a new motorcycle. This guide will help you choose which motorcycle you want.


I am often asked “what motorcycle should I buy/get?” Fortunately I have this platform to share my best response to this question, I usually like to answer that question with a few other questions such as, What are your qualities of riding, are you a beginner and I ask other related questions. Motorcycles are made in different sizes, models and shapes for reasons. The question is which one do you choose? It comes down to what the particular individuals needs are. So for example if you are looking for a long or short distance riding motorcycle, you have to start asking yourself these questions. The following questions will help you further learn yourself based on your situation so you can have a better understanding when choosing your dream motorcycle.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What Style of Riding do you Want? – This is a crucial question you must ask yourself. Are you looking to ride your motorcycle off-road? Or are you looking to ride your motorcycle for short or long distances? Once you decide on what kind of riding you plan on using the motorcycle with, then you will have a better understanding on what model and make you can go with then. I know this sounds simple, but it’s true this simple question plays a major role in the make and model you choose to go with.
  • What is Your Budget? – Motorcycles aren’t cheap toys and that’s a fact. So, what is your budget for your dream motorcycle? Once you figure out your budget on such motorcycles you will have narrow your choices based on relative pricing within the motorcycle industry.
  • What Size of Motorcycle are you looking for? – This is very important, once you answer this question you will be able to limit certain options. There are a variety of motorcycles out there that are made for specific height and weight. If you keep this in mind, when you go to the motorcycle shop you will have a better understanding of what models you should keep an eye on. Here is a guide on What Motorcycle Size Should You Get For Your Height?
  • Which Brand of Motorcycle Should I Buy? – Choosing the brand of motorcycle is going to be the hardest question by far to answer. There are a few other sub-contributing factors when choosing the best motorcycle make. Although, my advice here is to find what style of riding you want, then what your budget is and finally figure out what size of motorcycle you are looking for then you will have already limited yourself to a select few brands. Then from there you can choose the motorcycle based on looks and bragging rights.

I hope this guide helped you with your motorcycle buying decision questions. I fully understand that selecting your first motorcycle isn’t easy, just follow these questions so you narrow your options. There are hundreds of motorcycle models and makes, when you ask yourself these questions you will have a better understanding of what motorcycle you should get. Please comment on any questions or concerns below, I would be more than willing to see your thoughts on this guide.

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