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When to Replace a Motorcycle Helmet?

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This question is very interesting. When I got my first motorcycle helmet, I had the helmet for the longest time ever, in this article we will discuss when you should replace your motorcycle helmet and what the industry standard has to say about it.

When to replace a Motorcycle Helmet? The industry standard says you should replace your motorcycle helmet every 5 years. When it comes to replacing your helmet, there are a few important sub-concepts that will help you better understand when you should replace your motorcycle helmet. There are a few things you should consider before making your final decision on replacing your motorcycle helmet.

Replacing a Motorcycle Helmet

I get it; Replacing a motorcycle helmet can be an annoyance. For example, by all means, motorcycle helmets are not cheap and having to replace a motorcycle helmet can be tedious. However, to make sure your security is taken into account, we created this simple guide to further educate the visitors on when it’s reasonable to replace a helmet.

With my experience, replacing a motorcycle helmet can be a hard decision especially if the motorcycle helmet doesn’t have any physical damage to it. You must consider the following key points when you decide to replace your helmet.

  • Have you crashed with your helmet on? If you crashed with your helmet in the past, chances are you should replace that helmet as soon as possible. You don’t want to be running the risk that the “already crashed” helmet might not be able to provide the amount of support whereas if it was straight out of the box.
  • Have you dropped your motorcycle helmet in the past? If you’ve dropped your motorcycle helmet in the past, make sure you have your helmet professionally inspected to ensure quality of helmet still meets the necessary amount of safety.
  • Where have you stored your helmet on a daily basis? Another major key point is where has the helmet been stored over the last couple years? Chances are if you stored your helmet in a cool location and away from petroleum products, then your helmet should be just fine for up to 5 years.
  • Are there any manufacturer recommendations per brand that you have? Another thing to check out is the manufacturer recommendations per product, if they publically announce a certain recommendation for the helmet you own, make sure you follow the experts with all the information they provide you.

Other Questions About Motorcycle Helmet Replacement

We understand that in order to justify replacing your high-quality helmet, you must check out these follow-up questions which will help you better understand in industry recommendation so you can make a better decision on your own.

Should I Replace My Motorcycle Helmet After a Crash?

If you crash your motorcycle it is recommended that you replace all your gear including your helmet. The helmet is going to be the most important “saver” when it comes to crashing your motorcycle. Just make sure that the helmet is professionally inspected to ensure that it is ready to be used.

Also, I would consider the severity of the crash when deciding to reuse the helmet. For example, if you crash your motorcycle and nothing happens to your upper-body, chances are the helmet is okay…just make sure again that you bring the helmet in for professional inspection so they can ensure your safety.

How To Check If Motorcycle Helmet is Damaged?

In order to check if your motorcycle helmet is damaged, you must thoroughly examine the defaults it might have. For example, check the outside of the helmet for scratches, dents, lumps and other abnormal appearances. In doing this, you are ensuring your safety is the number one priority when out riding.

Here at Gear Sustain, we are proud motorcycle advocates who support helmet replacement where necessary, if your helmet is damaged in any form, make sure you get it inspected and replace the helmet to ensure your safety is taken of.

Disclosure: We must let our visitors know that choosing to replace or reuse your motorcycle helmet is your decision, we are simply here to provide the best available opinion on when you should replace your helmet based on a few certain circumstances.

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