Why Does My Motorcycle Throttle Stick?

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Are you running into throttle problems? The motorcycle throttle is yet one of the most important aspects of your motorcycle, ideally, you want to smoothly be able to function your throttle, yet when you let go, it should smoothly snap back into place.

So why does a motorcycle throttle stick? Your motorcycle throttle is probably sticking in one of three ways: cable is improperly connected, cable needs lubricant, and cable needs adjustment. Let’s look at all the causes and then ultimately dive into what you should do if your motorcycle throttle sticks.

Cable is Improperly Connected

Chances are your motorcycle throttle cable is improperly connected. This is an issue, you must ensure that your throttle cable is connected correctly to the carburetor and to the throttle itself.

To ensure that the motorcycle throttle cable is connected correctly, simply check on both ends of the cable to verify that it is connected on both ends.

If you find that there is an error with the connection, be sure to focus your time on that because that’s likely causing your motorcycle to have throttle issues. Either way, if you fix this or if it’s not even a problem; continue reading to further resolve the issue at hand.

Cable Needs Lubricant

Another popular cause as to why your throttle might be sticking is the lubricant. Sometimes if you don’t stay up to date with your motorcycle maintenance, it’s easy to forget about the throttle lube. On average I like to say your throttle will last 1 year of solid riding before you’ll start experiencing some degree of throttle sticking.

I put this one second for a reason, once you have fully inspected your throttle connection, you should use some sort of lubricant to ensure your cable doesn’t have to withstand the dry yet crusty sleeve. I recommend using Protect All, which is a highly rated cable lubricate for motorcycles. You can check it out here on Amazon.

Simply take the lube and spray it into the sleeve of the throttle cable, do this on both ends and simply pull the cable in and out so you can easily spread the lubricant around so you can maximize benefits.

Cable Needs Adjusting

The next component I recommend is adjusting the cable. Doing so will only benefit you in the long run. Whether this is the primary issue or not, you must spend some time with this aspect.

So you may be wondering, how you can adjust the cable? This is a fairly easy step, first locate the throttle lock nut, then simply take the appropriate wrench and either tighten or loosen the nut depending on if the motorcycle throttle cable needs to be loosened or tightened. Typically if this is affecting your throttle being stuck, you’ll have to loosen the throttle cable.

What To Do If Motorcycle Throttle Sticks?

If your motorcycle throttle sticks, there are a couple of solutions to ensure your safety is your number one priority. The motorcycle throttle sticking refers to a couple alternatives. 1) The Throttle is Stuck Open and 2) The Throttle is Stuck Closed.

The following table with should you know exactly what each entails and the immediate response we suggest if this happens to you.

Throttle Stuck OpenThrottle Stuck Closed
What is it? A throttle stuck open is referred to as where the throttle is stuck so the motorcycle continues to accelerate, this can be quite sketchy especially if the motorcycle continues to accelerate uncontrollably. A throttle stuck closed typically is referred to as a sticky throttle whereas a motorcycle is stuck not going anywhere whatsoever. This usually happens when the motorcycle’s throttle grip malfunctions.
What should I do? If this happens and you are in the midst of driving your motorcycle, you should instantly brake and pull in the clutch, try find a safe spot to stop, meanwhile shut off the motorcycle. If this happens, you can simply park the motorcycle safely and start to initiate possible solutions.
How to Fix it? Fixing a motorcycle throttle that was stuck open is fairly hard, in my opinion, you should first inspect the springs within the throttle, if those are functioning correctly, most likely it is the throttle cable. Fixing a motorcycle throttle that was stuck closed is easy; check out the throttle grip itself and inspect any possible strains.

Once you understand the differences between throttle being stuck closed or open, you can then jump into how exactly you can fix the motorcycle throttle.

Continue reading to understand how you can avoid this annoyance by following our throttle sticking preventative tips.

How to Prevent Motorcycle Throttle From Sticking?

Here are the top two preventative measures I would recommend every motorcyclist use to prevent their motorcycle throttle from causing problems.

  • Use Lubrications: If you use lubricant on your motorcycle, you will be able to preserve your motorcycle cable for years; it’s likely that every used motorcycle has throttle problems, but when I use lubricant just once a year, I maintain my motorcycle throttle just fine. I would recommend that you use the lube on the throttle springs, throttle cable and throttle sleeve. If you use lube once a year on all three of those parts, I can assure you that your motorcycle is in good shape.
  • Use a motorcycle cover: When you aren’t riding your motorcycle, you should always invest into a motorcycle cover which will help maintain your motorcycle’s sustainability over the years. There are so many benefits to using a motorcycle cover, chances are if you can afford a motorcycle you can afford a 5 STAR motorcycle cover.
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Related Questions:

Why is a Motorcycle Throttle Not Turning? Your motorcycle throttle isn’t turning because it’s most likely sticking on the throttle itself, has nothing to do with the cable; the motorcycle throttle under the grip. So if you slide the grip off and take a look on the inside, you might find extra residue or unnecessary materials causing the throttle to stick.

Why Motorcycle Throttle Won’t Spring Back? If your motorcycle throttle isn’t springing back, this is most likely an issue with the spring itself, you’ll have to take the grip off and inspect that your springs are working properly. The other cause for this could just be the stickiness. Simply inspect whether springs are trying to initiate or check under the throttle itself for sticky unnecessary material.

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