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How to Paint ATV Plastics? (Best Spray Paint)

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Paint ATV Plastics: Sometimes, you would like to change how your ATV appears, probably so your ATV makes you look even cooler with your ATV goggles. However, you may not want to start spending money just to purchase plastic parts again. In situations like this, your best option would be the paint the plastics you already have.

In order to paint your ATV plastics, you must follow strategic directions that will drastically help you when painting your plastics. First, get your plastics spray paint, then take off the plastic parts from the ATV, apply primer if necessary, begin spraying, and let the paint dry now. You can find more information about how to paint in the numbered list below.

Many ATVs are built with their plastics already colored with printed graphics or water transfer printing. This is much harder to recreate, but there is a much simpler painting method that I’m going to share with you.

How To Paint ATV Plastics

Painting your ATV plastics can be a lot of work when you actually get down to it; there are a lot of processes involved in order to do a nice job. You will need to make sure the plastics aren’t dirty, then sand them down and take out contaminants that could be found in the plastic, which could make the paint not stick to the plastic.

After this process, you would need to utilize a primer, the paint, and a top coat to seal in the paint and shield the new painting from damage. Sounds like a lot of work, right?

We have found an easier way that you can simply follow to paint your ATV plastic; read below for a quick method to paint your ATV.

  1. First, get your plastic spray paint; you can find the best on Amazon.
  2. Then take out the plastic parts you would like to paint from the machine itself so you don’t get paint on the other parts like your LED light bars. If you’re an expert at taping off the area you would like to paint. Then you can leave it on. Taking it off makes it far easier to clean them before you paint.
  3. Some paints don’t require a primer before painting them. However, applying a primer ensures that your paint lasts much longer.
  4. After this process, hand the plastic somewhere. If there’s a tree, you can hang it there with a rope or put the plastic down on a bench. If you want to cure the paint, the temperature of the area you’re painting must be between 65 and 70 degrees.
  5. Now you’re ready to start painting. You can begin spraying from the bottom up to prevent the over-spray from making the top look grainy. Also, spray lightly so that your paint doesn’t start running down. Too much spray in a particular area will make the paint life also, so avoid that.
  6. The paint dries within 30 minutes, but you should wait 24 hours before using your painted plastics on your ATV. You also need to be careful for a week after painting because your painting only becomes resistant to chips after a week of painting.

Best Spray Paints for ATV Plastic

Now that you know how to paint your plastic quickly, you might be looking for the best paints to use. We’ve carried out all the heavy work for you once more and have compiled five of the best ATV plastic paints for you to make your choice.

1. Rust-Oleum 276116

You can find many paints in the markets, but this is one of the best; its most noticeable feature is the bright, vibrant color it comes in. With this plastic pain, you don’t have to use a primer. It sticks immediately; ensure the surface being painted has been cleaned up and is relatively smooth. It comes with a gloss finish that pops out its classy colors; it is also known to last a long time, so you have nothing to worry about with this spray paint.

Top Features: Paint ATV Plastics

  • Gloss finish
  • It can be used from different angles to get the same result
  • Ideal for different types of surfaces
  • Works for both internal and external surfaces

2. Autotek AT00BTB500: Paint ATV Plastics

Another spray paint you can use for your ATV would be the Autotek AT00BTB500. Made with top-notch quality, it will give your painting a glossy finish. This will save you the expenses attached to having to repaint frequently because it comes with high adhesion and is very flexible. This paint can withstand harsh weather conditions and be trusted to last long. This is because the formula used in producing it creates resistance in all forms of tough weather; it also has a high covering power, which is why many ATV owners love to go for this.

Top Features: Paint ATV Plastics

  • High covering power
  • High adhesion
  • Resistant to extreme weather
  • Long-lasting

3. Rust-Oleum 1910830: Paint ATV Plastics

One of the best quality paint you can find out there is the Rust-Oleum 1910830 paint; it is guaranteed to give you a glossy finish and dry off after fifteen minutes of making use of it. If you’re looking for paint that will dry pretty quickly, this is it. It also gives your ATV plastic parts a metallic look after you paint them up; the formula was produced with real metal flakes to ensure it provides your plastic parts a classy look after drying up.

Top Features: Paint ATV Plastics

  • Metallic look
  • Gloss finishing
  • Multifunctional
  • Dries within 15 minutes

4. Colorbond 258 BMW: Paint ATV Plastics

This paint is ideal for ATVs; it is long-lasting and created to fit perfectly on an ATV plastic. Of course, this paint requires a lot of cleaning, sanding up, and primer before you get down to the painting, but once it is done, you can count on your paint to last a very long time. It doesn’t fade or even crack after you utilize it. The best part is that it isn’t water-soluble and is very affordable.

Top Features: Paint ATV Plastics

  • Dries with ten minutes
  • Gloss finishing
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-water soluble

5. Krylon SUPERMAXX Paint: Paint ATV Plastics

This is the first Krylon on our list, and it promises to prevent rust from your plastic from the very minute you apply the paint on your ATV plastic. This paint doesn’t require any sanding or priming whatsoever; it lasts for a very long time and comes with superior adhesion that keeps your paint intact throughout the year. With users in mind, this spray comes with a simple spray tip to prevent fatigue in your fingers. It also comes in different colors and dries up within thirty minutes of being used.

Top Features: Paint ATV Plastics

  • Long-lasting
  • Spray tip
  • Superior adhesion
  • Protection against rust

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint ATV plastic? Yes, you can; you have to clean it up, sand it, and get rid of contaminants before painting it.

Can you clear coat an ATV plastic? Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t use a spray can. Also, follow the due preparation steps of coating an ATV plastic.

Do you need a primer to spray your ATV plastic? A primer is often required when painting an ATV plastic because it helps it last longer, but some paints do not require a primer to last long.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve had to worry about all this while trying to paint your ATV plastics, this post must have exposed you to a few things.  Your decision on the type and model of paint you pick will either make or mar your vehicle. That’s why you should not compromise the method of painting as well as the quality of the type of paint you use.

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How to Paint ATV Plastics? (Best Spray Paint)

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