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Harley Davidson Road Glide vs. Electra Glide Comparison

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What’s the difference between Road Glide and Electra Glide? Understanding the difference between these two Harley Davidson models is very important.

The main difference between the Harley Davidson Road Glide vs. Electric Glide is that the Road Glide features a high-quality build and ergonomic design. The Electra Glide has a great touring motorcycle design and a fantastic suspension setup.

Harley Davidson motorcycles will always be the best bet for professional riders and bike lovers. The resonant sound of a Harley brings a loud, adventurous, and exciting ride. The two most common models of Harley Davidson motorcycles are the Harley Road Glide and Harley Electra Glide.

These powerful bikes from the same brand are being put side by side to know the major difference between them. So, whether you are an enthusiast for Road Glide or Electra Glide, you won’t look down on the other; you will be amazed at the fun, excitement, and adventure these powerful Road kings provide. 

The questions are: “What is Harley Davidson Road Glide?” “What is Harley Davidson Electra Glide?”

Harley Davidson Road Glide 

Road Glide is the rider’s preference for all the Harley Davidson motorcycle models. It is built with Twin-Cooled/ Water-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. Plus, a torque of 121 feet lb and 89 bhp. Its design features high bars that offer a very comfy upright riding position.

Road Glide has a frame-mounted fairing and shark-nose bodywork, which is more protective and gigantic. The bike is speedier compared to what its enormous weight, width, and length portray.

1. Ergonomics

The bike design also features an ergonomic windscreen which offers maximum protection for the rider. Road Glide is designed with a richly elegant and expensive seat. It has armrests purposely built for the passenger’s comfort and high-quality stereo speakers that can be heard when riding at high speed. 

2. Mileage

There is a very spacious compartment for luggage. This is a go-to bike for long miles. When on the perfect road and when riding in a good mood, Road Glide is such a great bike compared to no other bike. 

3. Quality Build Materials

Another feature that makes the Harley Road Glide perfect for riders is that it is uniquely built with high-quality and reliable materials. The ride-by-wire throttle is sound-free and comprises high components like paintwork and infotainment instruments. 

4. HD Connect

An HD connect system enables the rider to check the motorcycle’s status and stats when connected to a phone. The HD connection can also be used as a tracker to track the bike if it gets missing or stolen. The bike offers a maximum ride experience. 

Harley Davidson Electra Glide

1. High-Performance

Electra Glide is a comfortably designed touring bike for an averagely-sized individual and is essentially built for tourist enthusiasts. It is built with an air-cooled Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine and has superb throttle controls and a nice suspension performance, perfect for adventure. 

2. Enough Tire Grip

The bike’s front and back brakes are electronically connected, which provides an ideal amount of pressure to the tires. Irrespective of the road you are riding on, it will make you a better rider, notwithstanding how professional you are with power bikes.

3. Suspension Setup

There are also high-functioning front and rear suspension setups, with modifiable rear shocks which enable you to control the posh bike. There are also two up comfy seats that provide comfort for its riders. 

4. Comfort

The motorcycle also features an armrest for its back rider. Electra Glide is well-known among motorcycle enthusiasts for its ride experience, style, balance, design, and performance. 

Comparing Harley Davidson Road Glide to Electra Glide

Regarding engine specifications, both Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Electra Glide are uniquely the same. While they maintain little difference in their pricing, the similarities bikes have several similarities bikes share. 

If you’re asked, ‘which of Harley Road Glide and Harley Electra Glide is superior e one is superior to the other of the two bikes? Below are the major differences between the two motorcycles.

Fairing Design 

One of the major differences between the two motorcycles is that the Road Glide is designed with a frame-mounted fairing, while the Electra Glide is designed with a fork-mounted fairing. Electra Glide offers little weather protection compared to Road Glide, mainly because of the difference in their chassis and fairing. 

When undergoing an overnight ride, Road Glide offers a warmer temperature. Two vents are set up in the fairing snouts, and when opened, it flows out air from the two sides of the headlights, right above the triple clamp and down to the rider’s torso.


Meanwhile, for Electra Glide, there are winglets right below the fork-mounted batwing fairing. During warmer temperatures, the winglet will rotate and provide cooling air for the rider. When releasing cool air to the rider, a small amount of wind will escape, which will be directed to the lower torso of the rider.


Between the two motorcycle windscreens, the Road Glide has a taller windscreen that can block the visions of some riders, unlike the Electra Glide windscreen, which has a minimal windscreen height. When tested, Road Glide seems to be more stable and easier on the road during windy days, while the Electra Glide was mostly pushed on the road by the wind, which wasn’t the case with Road Glide. However, there are no too obvious differences between the two bikes’ windshields. 


Of the two motorcycle engines, Road Glide has a Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight engine, while Electra Glide has an Air-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight engine. And while both were test runs, the Electra Glide engine was superior and more powerful than the Road Glide engine. 


Another important feature worth is the headlight. Electra Glide features Day maker headlight, which is more powerful than the features of the two bulbs on the Road Glide. Night riders will prefer Electra Glide headlights to that of Road Glide.

Handlebars and Riding Position

In the handling part, the Road Glide offered an undemanding, very easy, and highly secure ride, while the Electra Glide offered a flashy but still fun and attractive ride. There are slight differences in their handlebars and fairing design. 

Also, the riding positions of the two bikes are different, majorly caused by their handlebars. The Road Glide handlebar is higher but with a rearward setup. And riders will have to sit upright while riding. This can make the controls difficult to maneuver and make directing the throttle problematic.

On the Electra Glide, the grips are lower and closer to the rider. The handlebar’s width enables space for the rider to manipulate the bike without the rider necessarily extending his arms widely. This comes in handy when doing U-turns. The rider will only lean forward a bit when riding. 

Easy Set-Up 

Regarding usage, Road Glider is easy to use because it provides more protection for riders. It features a phone connector setup, a very spacious storage compartment, and a very accessible outlet.

Infotainment Instrument 

Electra Glide infotainment instrument, the Boom, is easily accessible to reach for the rider as it is set up closer to the rider. The Boom Box inch screen measured about 4.3. While the Road Glider Boom Box, measures about 6.6 inches of screen, the instrument is no closer to the rider and can’t be easily reached. 

Even with the larger screen size, it appears smaller to the rider because of the distance between it and the rider. Despite the difference in screen size, the two stereos produce a loud sound that can be heard at high speed. 

Seat Height

According to Harley, the Road Glide seat height is 29.0 while the Electra Glide seat height is 29.1, but the two bike buttocks have been confirmed to be identical. 


Both the Road Glide and Electra Glide have accurate and functioning GPS. With a Ride Planner service, one can transfer the route to the bike using a USB thumb drive.  


Electra Glide is cheaper compared to Road Glide. The Road Glider is sold for $27,299, while the Electra goes for $24,249. 


If you’re asked which of Harley Road Glide and Harley Electra Glide is superior or better, what would be your response? Certainly, it’s going to be difficult to point out. That’s the way it is. Harley Davidson comes out with bikes that are not differentiated based on their quality but on certain specialties.

The two bikes are exceptional, beautiful, and sophisticated. Road Glide is specially designed for some categories of people; the Electra Glide bikes are meant for other people. The choice is based on the rider’s budget, preference, taste, and purpose. 

You now know that if you’re on a lower budget, Electra Glide quickly comes to mind. On the other hand, for a heavily built tour rider with an above-average size, Road Glide is the better option. At the same time, if you are someone around 5 feet tall, simply an average-sized individual who likes to play around and enjoy a bike tour, pen down Electra Glide for you to buy.

Interestingly, the two models are currently trending, and customer reviews have been incredible. People talk about the fork-mounted and frame-mounted fairing bikes and confirm these bikes are truly worth the price and thirst.

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Harley Davidson Road Glide vs. Electra Glide Comparison

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