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15 Best True Dual Exhausts For Harley Davidson

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Are you getting started with your Harley Davidson and looking to get the most out of its performance? Dual exhausts can make a huge difference in not only performance but also the way it sounds when you’re riding.

True dual exhaust systems offer the best combination of power and sound, making them an excellent choice for bike enthusiasts. We’ve put together this list of 15 true dual exhausts for Harley Davidsons that are guaranteed to take your ride to another level.

Why You Need a Dual Exhaust System For Your Harley Vehicle

Usually, your Harley vehicle engine may have a single or dual exhaust system, depending on its size. For a four-cylinder engine, you’ll have a single exhaust manifold system; if your engine is V-6 or more, your vehicle will run on two exhaust manifolds. That means that each bank or head has its own exhaust system.

But what’s unique about the true dual exhaust system for Harley? A lot is unique, special, and different about your engine if it uses a dual exhaust system. 

Maybe the first thing to say is that a true dual exhaust system will help increase your engine’s performance, cause an increase in power and torque, and avoid unnecessary back pressure or bottleneck.  Simply using a dual exhaust means you’re giving your engine a performance upgrade.

Apart from also giving your vehicle an elegant and healthy look, a true dual exhaust gives room for the exhaust to exit the engine, thereby giving the engine enough space to breathe. An eight-cylinder-single-exhaust vehicle can choke up the engine, cause back pressure and rob the vehicle of sufficient horsepower.

Now that you know why your vehicle needs to run on a dual exhaust system, let us focus on the best deals you can get from Harley as the year begins. Are you ready to ramp up your bike and give it an excellent power and performance upgrade? Here are the best 15 Harley Davidson dual exhausts.

1. Rinehart 100-0200 4 Xtreme True Dual System

Manufactured by Rinehart, a known brand you’re already familiar with, the 100-0200 Extreme  True Dual System for Harley Touring is a true legend of the brand. 

With a full system exhaust for 2009-2016 Harley-Davidson Touring models, this chrome-finished exhaust comes with a stepped header design allowing your engine to operate efficiently at peak performance, delivering maximum horsepower.

In addition, the 100-0200 Extreme True Dual System for Harley has equal-length head pipes, which ensure equal exhaust gas pressure between cylinders. This provides for optimum performance.

In addition, the 100-0200 Extreme True Dual System for Harley has equal-length head pipes, which ensure equal exhaust gas pressure between cylinders. This provides for optimum performance.

Built with anti-reversion louvers that remove the negative impulse that robs the engine of its required horsepower, the system features 12mm & 18mm oxygen sensor ports with optimum placement for dyno tuning. 

The O2 ports ensure proper measurement of the amount of exhaust gas that comes from the port, making the engine perform at an optimal and efficient level.


  • Laser-cut shields route heat 
  • Header configuration and full-coverage
  • Available with 3.5-inch or 4-inch mufflers

2. Vance and Hines Power Duals

Vance and Hines is a tested brand in the automobile industry, popular for its top-quality OEM and aftermarket parts.  So you can be sure that Vance and Hines 46832 Power Duals Header Pipes are a true dual exhaust with amazing features.

It ensures your bike gets the performance, style, quality, and power it needs at the top level. This dual exhaust comes with a heat shield that not only generates but also increases your engine horsepower and torque than you find in stock.

This dual exhaust also removes all signs of heat issues that passengers on the left side of the vehicle often complain about. It routes hot exhaust gases below the footpeg and thus protects important parts of your bike engine as well as side covers from damage caused by heat.

Wouldn’t you also enjoy the fitted oxygen sensor ports that make these power duals a superior brand to stock?


  • Full coverage: Heat Shield
  • Crossover chamber
  • Dual Fitting Oxygen Sensor Ports

3. Covingtons True Dual 2:1 Exhaust

Jerry Covington is at it again! Get more horsepower, enhanced performance upgrades, and increased torque for your Harley engine. 

As one of the Top 15 Harley Davidson Competitors, Covington 12122B True Dual 2:1 Exhaust Black for Harley Softail FXD FXR is in a world of its own.

The Bassani Black Covington Hot Rod 2 into 1 Exhaust System boast an elegant look, handmade bespoke 2-in-1design, and a great style. 

The system has a megaphone collector and 3½  turn-out end, including a removable and serviceable baffle and the Covington-style, holed full-coverage heat shield.

To ensure engine efficiency and great work delivery, this chrome-finished dual exhaust is built with oxygen sensor ports and plugs, which include pre-07 models. The exhaust fits 86-UP Softail (Including the Rocker), 91 09 Dyna Glide, and 87 94 FXR models.


  • Serviceable and removable baffle
  • Oxygen sensor ports and plugs
  • Performance upgrade 
  • 3½  turn-out end

4. Rush True Dual Head Pipes

This 100% US-made dual exhaust comes with a chrome finish, a show-quality chrome, or black high-temp. Also double-baked, powder, and ceramic-coated, the Rush True Dual Pipes also come with mounting hardware.

Moreover, the manufacturers ensure that the component is coated on both the inside and outside of the head pipes. This is to enhance flow and reduce ambient heat to up 300°. The coating also lowers pipe high temp to comfort the rider and passenger.

Incredibly heavy-duty and with well over 30% more steel (than the 18 gauge you find with other brands’ products), this exhaust boasts 16 gauge thicker steel. That in itself guarantees your longevity, durability, and better sound.


  • Head pipes are 1-3/4in. in diameter
  • Full-coverage heat shields
  • All mounting hardware
  • 16-Guage steel pipe
  • Ceramic coating & Chrome Finish

5. Vance & Hines 46871 Black Power Duals

Vance & Hines, in its uniqueness and top-quality delivery, can’t stop amazing its numerous customers with out-of-the-world products in the automobile industry. 

The Vance & Hines 46871 Black Power Dual exhaust system has a unique look typical of the contoured heat shields on the Power Duals head pipes.

These features elegantly mask the prowess of the Power Chamber crossover that enhances performance over the stock head pipes. If you’re looking for an exhaust that helps reduce high temperatures up to 250oF, this is the right choice.  It boasts full-coverage heat shields that keep riders and passengers from the heat generated by the pipes. 

It is built with Dual Bung Oxygen Sensor Ports of 18mm & 12mm diameter and a trike adaptor Kit for use on Trike models.


  • Full-coverage heat shield
  • Reduces temp up to 250oF.
  • Comfortable 

6. Vance & Hines 17-19 Harley

Remember that you won’t get the 17-19 Harley FLHX2 Power Duals Head pipe System (Black) cheaper than $649.99 (excl shipping cost) on amazon. That ordinarily should tell you the quality and power of this dual exhaust system.

If you need a performance upgrade for your bike and a magnificent look, elegant design, and high-flying style, don’t leave out the Power Duals when quoting things to fix on your bike.

That aside, Power duals don’t deal with individual head pipes; it integrates a stepped heat shield that increases horsepower and enhances your engine torque. This you won’t find in stock.

Besides, riders and passengers get the comfort they desire and deserve while riding on a bike powered by the Vance & Hines 17-19 Harley FLHX2 Power Duals Head pipe System (Black). They are fitted with O2 sensor ports.


  • O2 sensor ports and plugs
  • Full-coverage Heat Shield
  • Enhanced performance

7. Vance & Hines 47229

It’s one of the true dual exhaust kits that deliver performance upgrades, hot-rod sounds, and full-length heat shields. It comes in either chrome or black finish.

Priced at a competitively low and affordable price, this staggering exhaust system represents what Vance and Hines truly stand for. 

With its 1 ¾ head-pipe that enhances a 2 1/8 muffler body and integrates it with a 2 ½ 220o heat shield, Black Short Shots Staggered Full System Exhaust delivers performance improvements and sound.


  • Signature Twin Slash End Treatment
  • Full Coverage Heat Shields
  • Quiet Baffle Option Available

8. Competition Series 2-Into-1

The Competition Series is a full-length representation of ultra-high-performance drag race exhaust systems. If you want a dual exhaust system that powers up your bike engine and gives it the increased torque and horsepower that it needs, then this is the right part to go for.

Developed by the Research and Development team of the Vance & Hines race shop in Indianapolis, this product is lightweight and top-quality stainless steel. 

With the tapered and stepped pipes, riders and passengers need not worry about the safety of their legs from the hot exhaust that emanates from the pipes.  


  • Lightweight Stainless Steel Construction
  • Tapered and Stepped Head Pipes
  • Slip-Fit Merge Collectors
  • Wideband Sensor Ports
  • Optional Quiet Insert Available

9. Freedom HD00060 Exhaust

Step up the performance of your Harley engine with a dual exhaust system that boasts anti-reversion, full-range torque, and optimal horsepower. 

With one-piece removable baffles and serviceable 16 gauge, heavy-duty heat shields, the black or chrome-plated steel Freedom HD00060 exhaust has a 2-step performance that delivers a full range of torque. 

Moreover, this dual exhaust comes with O2 sensor round ports and plugs with mounting hardware and brackets. It fits well for forwarding and mid controls, delivering performance and style and producing amazing hot-rod sounds.

Built with two steel louvered mufflers and a single-inlet and outlet configuration, the exhaust has an O2 perfect for OEM and upgraded installation.


  • Black or chrome steel finish
  • Chrome steel finish
  • Heavy-duty heat shield
  • Removable baffles
  • 02 ports and plugs for all models
  • Mounting hardware

10. Cobra True Dual Head Pipes 6250

You can’t get value more than going home with this top-quality dual exhaust for a cheap price on Amazon.  With a 1-piece full length, heat shields are 2.5-inch in diameter, one of the largest in the market.

The heat shields cover the exhaust pipes, from the ports to the chromed muffler bodies, making the exhaust’s design and effectiveness top-notched. 

The pipes are designed to deliver optimal torque and enhanced power to the engine while also increasing the ability of the stock bikes. You don’t have to start looking for the mounting hardware, as the exhaust comes with it to quicken and ease installation.


  • Delivers optimal torque
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Easy and quick to install

11. JFG RACING 2″ Drag Pipes Exhaust For Harley

Black-finished, the JFG RACING 2″ Drag Pipes Exhaust For Harley Davidson Sportster worked perfectly for the 1986-2015 Softail Models with forwarding controls, and floorboards, 1984-2015 Touring Models, 86-2013 Sportster Models with forwarding controls only, and 1991-2014 Dyna FXD and FXDWG Models with forwarding controls.

This dual exhaust is made of stainless steel and is easy to install.  With great working conditions, this 100% brand-new aftermarket exhaust boasts elegant looks, style, and high-performance upgrades.


  • 100% brand new aftermarket
  • High-performance upgrades
  • 1 ¾ head pipes
  • Easy to install
  • Stain steel

12. ACCESSORIESHD – LSD Big Radius Style STEALTH Exhaust

 ACCESSORIESHD – LSD Big Radius Style STEALTH Exhaust Drag Pipes is fit for all Harley Softail W/Heat Shields, and with $325.00 (estimated), you have it in your garage. But remember to prepare for the shipping fee.

With a full-length 2.25 diameter, the exhaust is great on all Harley Softails and choppers and boasts left-side drive transmissions. The full features include full-coverage heat shields attached to clamps, baffles, brackets, and hardware.

It allows the use of the rear pegs and provides oxygen sensor plugs and ports. With a beautiful show, the chrome-plated dual exhaust is very easy to install.


  • 02 sensors and plugs
  • Chrome-plated
  • Great value for a fair price

13. Rinehart 100-0100 Chrome Xtreme 3.5″ True Dual 

This modest exhaust plant is one of the top 15 Harley Davidson Competitors. It suits the 2009-2016 Harley FLH/FLT Touring models. 

Besides having the across-the-range power increase, this dual exhaust comes with 2¼” heat shields, which allow airflow into 3½” muffler bodies and keep the rider and passenger’s leg away from heat.

The muffler bodies are covered with black billet aluminum signature end caps. It is also fitted with 02 sensor ports ad plugs which make it suitable for use with aftermarket tunes. It is truly a newly formed 3.5″ muffler canister that boasts a stronger and decent look.


  • Clean look and elegant style 
  • 2 ½ heat shields
  • Billet aluminum end caps
  • Increased torque and performance

14. Bassani Xhaust 99-17 Harley FLSTF True Dual Head Pipe

A true dual head pipe from Bassani Xhaust that never goes out of fashion, Bassani leverages their popularity to bring out this incredible product.

Utilizing equal-length head pipes to maximize performance, the Bassani Xhaust 99-17 Harley FLSTF True Dual Head Pipe keeps the ever-sanitary look that defines Bassani’s. 

With a 16-gauge steel construction that is highly polished with a chrome finish, the front cylinder pipe is routed to the left side. At the same time, the rear cylinder pipe is routed to the right. 

Moreover, the Bassani Xhaust 99-17 Harley FLSTF True Dual Head Pipe requires Bassani Softail mufflers. It means the exhaust does not come with muffler accessories. They are sold separately. Interestingly, the header pipes and mufflers will not interchange with O.E.M.

The pipes fit very well and produce a great sound, too.  It comes with a unique look for your Harley bike. It is also built with full-length chrome heat shields that fit well and look great. 

At a reasonable price, you get this product delivered to your door step.


  • 16-gauge 
  • Steel construction 
  • Fit for 99-17 Harley FLSTF 
  • Easy to install

15. Rinehart 100-0203 Black 4″ True Dual

If you need an exhaust that is truly dual and operates at a very optimal level, then Rinehart 100-0203 Black 4″ True Dual Complete Exhaust System offers value and a fair price.

The header pipes include 2¼ diameter full-length heat shields that prevent the leg and foot of the rider and passengers from the exhaust’s heat. 

The header features multi-bend radius technology and a three-step size performance increase that boasts 1 at the head and a 2 black finish.

It also has a unique header design that fits Softail and Dyna styles. These styles provide one of the largest horsepower and increased torque experiences you can ever imagine in any exhaust system you find around.

Moreover, Rinehart 100-0203 Black 4″ True Dual Complete Exhaust System is easy to install and can be used for the 1995-2008 Harley FHL/FLT Touring series. The mounting bracket is responsible for holding the rear pipe in the center to give extra support and reduce pressure. 

The exhaust also features designed torque-chamber baffles, which produce incredibly deep and good sound, but with insignificantly low noise. The product is also black-polished and billet aluminum iodized, with only 96 dB at half throttle (250rpm).


  • Largest horsepower
  • Increased torque
  • Fit 1995-2008 Harley FHL/FLT Touring models
  • Fair price, great value

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know a little more about the different types of true dual exhausts for Harley Davidson motorcycles, you can make a more informed decision about which set is right for your bike.

If you want the best performance and sound out of your motorcycle, we recommend investing in a quality set of aftermarket exhaust pipes. We hope this list of our favorites will help you get started. Whatever type of true dual exhaust system you decide to purchase, be sure to buy from a reputable company so that you can be sure you’re getting high-quality parts that will last.

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The Best True Dual Exhausts For Harley Davidson 

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