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Average Dirt Bike Cost: 20 Different Models Examined

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Whenever you’re in the market for a new best dirt bike, you should consider many factors to aid your search. One of the factors to consider is the price. Whether it’s your first time buying a dirt bike or your fifth, you need to know the average cost of these bikes.

The best brand-new bikes from the most popular companies have an average price of about $8,000-$9,000. Used bikes, however, depreciate at about $1,000 every year. This means a bike worth $8,000 from 2015; would only be worth about $3,000. And that depends on how well the bike was cared for by the previous owner. Although buying a brand-new dirt bike is a bit more costly than buying a used one, the quality you get from a new one is unmatched. Ultimately, saving up those few extra thousand will be worth your while.

We now go through a list of 20 dirt bikes from the most popular bike companies. We also go a little into their features and highlight their prices.

1. Husqvarna TE150 – $8500

2021 Husqvarna Dirt Bike

This lightweight and nimble model comes with a two-stroke engine. Despite that, it is well-balanced and provides impressive riding abilities while greatly easing the rider. Powered by a 2-stroke engine, this model goes for about $8,500.

Thanks to this model’s enhanced ergonomics, riders can enjoy comfort even for many hours of intense riding. It has a chassis made of 30% carbon, making the overall frame of the bike incredibly light.


  • Two-stroke engine
  • Optimal balance
  • Lightweight

2. KTM 250SX-F – $9000

Average Dirt Bike Cost 10

This entry is from one of the top European bike companies, the KTM. Fitted with a lightweight polyethylene gas tank, this model provides improved ergonomics.

It also can contain up to 1.85 gallons of fuel for heavy racing and enhanced endurance. It comes with a four-stroke engine.

This year’s model has a resonator inserted more fully into the pipe. This makes for improved engine performance, and because of the slimmer exhaust, it also makes much less noise.

This powerful and impressively featured bike costs about $9,000.


  • Spacious fuel tank
  • Comes with resonator
  • Minor noise
  • 4-Stroke

3. Sherco SC 125 Cross Country – $8600

Average Dirt Bike Cost 2

Sherco dirt bikes are known for their high performance. This year’s model is significantly lighter than that of last year. It features a 2-stroke engine and costs about $8,600. 

Although it is a tad more substantial than other 125 cc bikes, it maintains optimal mobility, which makes it great for trail riding.

It also comes with a unique feature – pulling itself back when the rider falls below the power.


  • Lightweight
  • Able to pull itself back when the rider falls below the power

4. Yamaha YZ250F – $8599

Average Dirt Bike Cost 4

Yamaha’s great performance model is built with a symmetrical intake and exhaust ports, a more powerful connecting rod, and a fresh new counterbalance system that provides a more exceptional ability to handle up-end and midrange power. Powered by a 4-stroke engine, this bike will cost around $8,599.

It also features an innovative technological addition in engine tuning capabilities. Riders can now adjust the air/fuel mixture of their bikes with their smartphones.


  • Built with symmetrical intake and exhaust ports
  • Innovative engine tuning design

5. GasGas TXT250 Racing – $7900

Average Dirt Bike Cost 5

Spotting an incredibly sleek design, this GasGas model has one of the unique aesthetics of any dirt bike. It features a 2-stroke engine.

It comes with a wholly redesigned swingarm and includes a progressive linkage system. The combination of the swingarm and the links makes the bike so commuting and stable. It also adds and improves traction at the rear.

It also features fresh new kevlar clutch discs, enhancing the engine’s overall performance. The simple cover over the clutch disc is a more thoughtful addition to this mode. This makes it easier to remove whenever you want to replace the clutch discs.

This reliable and high-performance machine comes at $7,900.


  • Aesthetic superiority
  • FreshKevlarr clutch discs
  • High-performance 2-stroke engine

6. Beta 250RR – $8699

Average Dirt Bike Cost 6

This is another excellent entry from the Beta brand. This model weighs 229 pounds, making it only slightly more massive than 125cc, but it comes with more power off the trails. It comes with a 2-stroke engine.

This model is designed with a brand-new frame, which is more durable and lighter. This is partly due to the specially designed ZF Sachs rear shock, which is now about 300 grams lighter than older versions.

And you can say goodbye to the mess of pre-mixing fuel, as this model is equipped with electronic oil injection. This system can also regulate oil flow for different throttle positions and decreases smoke by over 50%.

Be willing to part with $8,699.


  • Weighs 228 pounds
  • Special ZF Sachs rear shock
  • Electronic oil injection

7. Honda CRF250RX – $8300

Average Dirt Bike Cost 7

This Honda model comes with a heavier weight than its partner from the Honda brand. Its net weight stands at around 244 pounds. But the dirt bike makes up for the heavyweight feature with other amazing qualities. It comes with a 4-stroke engine.

This build, however, provides the bike with a lighter feel, making it easier to control. The light chassis only further aids its overall feel, making pivoting off obstacles and switching up lines a lot easier to operate.

The mode of this bike slightly alters the steering, but once you get used to the little changes, you eventually feel more comfortable behind this model’s handlebars.

The bike’s clutch is mighty reliable, with very little chance of giving out or stalling the bike. It also comes with optimal ergonomics. Everything is placed at the appropriate location, so you spend a second trying to figure out the clutch’s new position or pedals. It’s offered at $8,300.


  • Weighs 224 pounds
  • Universal design
  • Comfortable for riding
  • 4-stroke engine

8. Husqvarna FC250 – $9100

Average Dirt Bike Cost 8

This model has a light engine but gives an output of up to 46h. This makes it extremely powerful and especially suitable for the motocross track. It boasts a 2-stroke engine.

The bike’s engine components weigh just about 57.5 lb (26.1kh, and are designed tightly together, effectively reducing rotational inertia.

It has an impressive frame to enhance the bike’s overall performance. The frame comprises 30% carbon fiber, only contributing to the lightweight of the entire bike.

It comes pricey at $9,100.


  • It gives an output of 46h the engine of 57 pounds
  • Extremely lightweight compared to others on the list
  • Sturdy carbon frame

9. Honda CRF250R – $7999

Average Dirt Bike Cost 9

This Honda model made the 9th spot on our list, and it’s no surprise, as Honda is one of the largest dirt bike manufacturers. The CRF250R is one of their better-known models.

This model is fitted with some new adjustments. For better top-end performance, it has an abridged exhaust pipe at the right side of the engine. And for better low-end performance, it has a new can profile. A 4-stroke engine powers it.

This bike is also straightforward to steer, making those tight bends with minimal effort. The easy steering, however, makes the bike a little twitchy on rough terrain. This con is not unbearable; it’s just something to remember when behind this impressive machine’s handlebar.


  • Easy steering
  • Shortened right-side exhaust pipe
  • 4-Stroke engine

10. KTM 250XC – $9400

Average Dirt Bike Cost 10

This model is designed with an ungraded frame, contributing to the bike’s more comfortable handling and straight-line stability. These features come into play on a track full of rough spots and unexpected divers.

The bike offers more protection against soiling with its newly designed air boot and airbox. These features improve the overall performance of the bike. It comes with a 2-stroke engine.

But wait, there’s more. This model has a much more durable yet lighter lithium-ion battery, providing excellent performance and better starting. It’s offered at $9,400.


  • Innovative airbox and air boot
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Innovation at its peak

11. Sherco SE 300 Racing – $9300

Average Dirt Bike Cost 11

This model is especially suitable for riders of all experience levels due to its ability to withstand the heavy pressure of enduro racing.

One significant improvement in this model is the lighter materials and design. Compared to the model of 2018, this model has a more advanced handler position, saving 400 grams of weight. It also comes with Neken triple clamps, about 90 grams lighter than the previous model.

There is also a notable improvement in the bike’s overall flexibility, making it more suitable for the Topsy-Turvy trails. With about $9,300, one piece of Sherco becomes yours.

With an increased chassis flown, this model limits most of the impact to the lower part of the bike, keeping them from transferring to the rider’s hands. This model comes with a rerouted wiring harness for increased flexibility and protection. This makes it raiser on the rider mounted on the bike.


  • Shock-proof design
  • Lightweight
  • 2-stroke engine

12. Beta 125 RR – $7999

Average Dirt Bike Cost 12

The Beta 125 RR is a smaller bike from the Italian dirt bike company Beta. This bike is known for its great kick lightweight. Lighter bikes are usually easy to handle, making them tremendously fast motorcycles for people who have just started biking. It is also a good option for those who only desire more acceleration and less bulk.

This bike also features Sun and Rain modes. The Sun mode is equipped with midrange and top-end, aiming for faster performance. The Rain mode has lower rpm and short shifting, which gives you optimal performance from your bike.

The attractive combination of these modes and the overall lightweight of the bike make it suitable for everyone. With $7,999, you’ll get this guy for all your off-road activities.


  • Rain mode and Sun mode
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Attractive look
  • 2-stroke engine

13. Kawasaki KX250 – $7800

Average Dirt Bike Cost 13

This Kawasaki model has impressive low-end power. It is also effortless to handle while riding. This easy handling is partly attributed by the machine’s lightweight, only about 221 pounds. But the bike’s overall narrowness is mainly responsible for easy handling.

This model is especially great for those searching for a bike that’s very easy to maneuver. The sheer ease of its handling trumps the slim build of the bike. It boasts 4-stroke engine power. 

But with the lightness and easy mobility of the bike comes a case of extra sensitivity, especially on the rough spots of the track. With this in mind, you will want to adapt to this model’s mobility.

At only about $7,800, you can get this hugely capable, lightweight machine.


  • Weighs 221 pounds
  • Extra handle sensibility
  • 4-Stroke engine

14. Yamaha YZ450F – $9299

Average Dirt Bike Cost 14

This model is designed with a stiffer front axle, effectively improving cornering and traction. This enhances the overall maneuverability and control of the bike. A 4-stroke engine powers it.

It also features an upgraded electric start system, which helps on the track when the bike stalls. It is offered at $9,299.

Finally, it has a more comfortable seat and chassis, offering more riding support. This is achieved with an increase in seat foam density. Now bikers can be more comfortable, even when seated upright.


  • Electric start system
  • Comfortable seat and chassis

15. 2017 Beta 250 RR – $8700

Average Dirt Bike Cost 15

This lightweight model has a two-stroke engine. It is very convenient to handle and more so to manage. A 2-stroke engine powers it. With something in the neighborhood of $8,700, a piece of the 2017 Beta 250 RR will find its way to your garage.


  • A single-cylinder, two-stroke engine
  • An electric start
  • Electric oil injection
  • Weighs 224 pounds
  • Lighter feel

16. 2018 GasGas XC 300 – $7600

Average Dirt Bike Cost 16

The 2018 GasGas model has an optimal seat height adjustment. It can go as low as 37.8 inches. This makes it convenient for riders of a little less than average height.

It is suitable for beginners and established riders who love to off-roading. It costs about $7,600.


  • A single-cylinder, two-stroke engine
  • An electric kickstart
  • Weighs 231.5 pounds
  • 37.8 lower seat height limit
  • A two-stroke-oil lubrication engine

17. 2019 Honda CRF250R System – $8000

Average Dirt Bike Cost 17

Designed with an electric startup, the Honda model provides convenience that only a few other dirt bikes can match. The bike boasts a 4-stroke engine. You’ll have to part with around $8,000 to acquire it.

It falls into the lightweight category, weighing only about 237 pounds.


  • A single-cylinder, four-stroke engine
  • An electric startup
  • Features Smooth, Standard, and Aggressive riding modes
  • Weighs 237
  • A programmed fuel injection system

18. 2017 Husqvarna TC 250 – $7799

Average Dirt Bike Cost 18

This model is great at minimizing shock and vibrations. This is due to the counterbalance in the engine. Riders can take harsher landings with less effect on them.

It is also one of the lightest dirt bikes out there today. It has an impressive weight of 211 pounds. This greatly enhances the ease of its handling.


  • A single-cylinder, two-stroke engine
  • A counterbalance in the engine
  • An easy kickstart
  • Weighs 211 pounds
  • Nimble handling

19. GasGas XC200 $7999

Average Dirt Bike Cost 19

The 2019 Enduro model has considerable power, although it only weighs about 220 pounds (100 kilograms). It features a firm Kayaba suspension, a Magura clutch pump, Keihin carburetor, and Excel wheel rims.

This model has an updated electrical system. It is fitted with a fresh starter and battery system for a higher charging capacity. A 2-stroke engine powers it.

This updated machine costs $7,999, and it is worth every penny.

  • Weighs 220 pounds
  • Electric system
  • Excel wheel rims
  • Kayaba suspension

20. Kawasaki KX450 – $9299

Average Dirt Bike Cost 20

This outstanding model is equipped with a chassis made of a completely new front brake master cylinder, coupled with a rear brake rotor, increased in size from 240mm to 250mm. A 4-stroke engine powers it.

It has parts of cast aluminum, which makes it much easier to steer. It is also very stable, countering those rough sections of the track. The adjustable peg and the handlebar mounts achieve the stability. At $9,299, you can be sure this is an expensive model.


  • Easy handling
  • Rear beaker rotor of 250mm
  • Adjustable handlebar mounts

Average Dirt Bike Price: Buyers Guide

Knowing the average prices of some of the best dirt bikes out there today, you’re almost ready to pick out your own bike. There are, however, a few more things you should know before you make any deposits.

Motocross or Trail riding

One of the classifications of dirt bikes is the kind of recreational riding they serve: Trail riding or Motocross. Therefore, you need to determine the purpose of the dirt bike before purchasing one.

Motocross: This is a racing sport. It is done on a set of outdoor tracks varying in terrain. They are lighter and easier to handle. They also have smaller tanks but with broader and narrower tires. All of this is powered by a superior engine with a kick-start feature.

Trail Riding: This is comparable to off-road riding with a 4×4 truck, in the sense that you ride on a designated path, facing whatever type of terrain you come across. They are considerably more comfortable, as their purpose is for long drives.

There is more rubber in the tires, making them more prominent and the bike taller. This gives the riders more ground clearance to work with significant obstacles. The gas tank has more capacity, and the suspensions are softer and more comfortable for riders.

Although there is no rule against using one bike to serve the other’s purposes for the best results, you should pick the more suitable dirt bike.

Weight, size, and height

Besides the type of dirt bike, you must also consider the height, weight, and size of your intended purchase. These specifications vary in every dirt bike, so you must select the one that best suits you carefully. One way to do this is by trying the bikes out on a test ride.

While on the test drive, you should look out for three things. You should ensure you can plant both feet on the ground while sitting on it. Your hands should bend 90 degrees at the elbow, and your back should be straight when you grasp the handlebars. Finally, your legs should not be so cramped that you can’t move them quickly when performing maneuvers on the track.

As far as weight goes, the bike must be light enough to secure handling when turning and pushing, even with the engine off.

To cut the story short, the main aim is to feel comfortable on the bike when riding and handling.

New or Used

The third main thing to consider is whether you want a brand-new bike, an old one, or a used one. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, having a new dirt bike is excellent. However, beginners who’ve only had a few lessons are likely to get into minor accidents, damaging the bike even a little. This is not a risk you should take on an expensive new bike.

Therefore, it is advised that new riders should get used to dirt bikes. They function almost as well as a new bike but are much cheaper. Once you’ve gotten good enough, you can upgrade to new bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common related questions.

Q: Can dirt bikes be used to commute?

While it is not its primary purpose, the Trail Riding dirt bike can be used for commutes. This distance, however, is minimal.

Q: Can I master a dirt bike without knowing how to ride a street bike?

Yes. There are beginner courses for dirt bikes that don’t require any prior knowledge on bikes.

Q: What’s the best price for a dirt bike? 

The first thing to know here is that a range of items and brands on the market compete for space, sales, and brand visibility. No price is too much to splash on a dirt bike, considering the features and benefits. For a new dirt bike, you’ll need something between $8,000 and $9,000. The values for a used model come down by $1,000 annually.    


The journey we have walked in the last few minutes is when we’ve examined the average price of a typical dirt bike. You can be sure you won’t have to break the bank on any of the models mentioned.

You must also remember that you must spare some bucks to get the best item. Don’t price is not static, depending on the brand, manufacturer, and sales channels (e-store or brick-and-mortar). Try to measure your average dirt bike weight.

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