Best Motorcycle Boots

10 Best Motorcycle Boots

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One of the great ways riders care about their safety and those of other road users is to put on the best motorcycle boots. As crucial as this safety gear are, only a few riders take them seriously while in the saddle of their best dirt bikes.

A significant number of riders may ordinarily not have issues wearing other riding safety gear, like motorcycle helmets, gloves, or jackets, riding with motorcycle boots on sometimes to look extraordinary.

Like every other protective gear, motorcycle boots help to provide riders with some degree of protection and a sense of security. You could escape many fatal injuries by wearing the best motorcycle boots in the event of an accident.

And if you’re interested in buying the best motorcycle boots, I’ve helped you with all the information you need about the best items on the market.

1. Harley-Davidson Scout Boots

Harley Davidson has been around for a while, and it’s hard to discount any product coming from this trusted and tested brand with the flip of the finger. The first thing to remember about the Scout Boots is that they’re licensed motorcycle riding boots.

They make a great pair of boots suitable for riders and those who prefer them for office use. We must thank the incredible abrasion and slip resistance, as well as the modern look this model wears.

Popular among young riders, the Harley Davidson Scout Boots features a harness strap that reminds you of the shady leather made from calfskin hide.

Apart from providing an amazingly rugged appearance to the boots, the harness strap is securely fastened to an O-ring to give a snug fit on your feet. This is brilliantly reinforced by the YKK locking inside zipper, which makes your feet close to the shoes.

That shouldn’t amaze anyone much, given that Harley Davidson itself doesn’t compromise good look, style, and great design in its motorcycles and safety gear, including Electra GlideSportsterTouring seats, and even batteries.

It would help if you had this pair on your feet because protection is the right word to describe it. Harley-Davidson makes these boots an incredible piece that protects your feet from high impact in the event of a clash. You’re also shielded from abrasion and pain-inflicting debris and pebbles that litter the road.

Thanks to the superior full-grain leather, you won’t see any other design that’s as lightweight as Harley Davidson Scout Boots. The rubberized outsole is in a class of its own, given that it’s sturdy and resistant to abrasion and slip.


  • Harness straps
  • YKK inside zipper
  • Premium full-grain leather


  • Abrasion and slip-resistant
  • Great for riding and walking
  • Available in dual colors


  • Leather is of relatively low density
  • Relatively pricey

2. TCX Fuel WP Boots

If you need a pair of motorcycle boots that stand head to head with Harley Davidson Scout Boots in terms of features and function, I think you won’t make a mistake opting for the TXC Fuel WP Boots.

Although this fantastic kit comes at a price more affordable than Harley Davidson’s model, it still boasts all the features you will love to see and experience in typical best motorcycle boots. I’m talking about safety, protection, great design, snug fit, abrasion resistance, and anti-slip features, to mention a few.

To start with, the ‘WP’ you see in the TCX Fuel Boots stands for ‘waterproof.’ What does that mean? You can walk in the rain or ride all winter long. You won’t see a drop of water affecting your TCX boots. This owes gratitude to the incredible design and engineering integrated into the boots.

It’s designed for cruiser users who prefer classic to modern looks; this shouldn’t be a limiting factor for those who love to ride ordinary motorcycles. You’ll appreciate the superior delivery than you bargain for.

The vintage full-grain leather material provides riders with complete support, comfort, and protection while cruising around. The forefoot of the boots is designed with a single piece of premium leather.

Plus, the interior lining is equipped with waterproof material to prevent moisture from entering the boots and to make the shoes resist the effect of elements, including debris, dust, and all forms of dirt that may want to find their way into the boots.


  • Interior Waterproof lining
  • Full-grain vintage leather
  • Great for cruising
  • EN13634 regulation-certified


  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Abrasion-resistant


  • Not suitable for track riding
  • Limited in use

3. SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

The SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots are the right pick if you’re an adventure-riding fan. This model is popular and sought-after for its capacity to offer protection, comfort, and excellent quality performance, which is typical of what you will need to make your riding experience memorable.

There are great features that set this stuff apart from other competitors, including some of the models. It’s given that the SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots offer to be waterproof and lightweight.

Made with vintage synthetic leather, the SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex boots boast lightweight, and you can ride around on your adventure bike with ease. It does not slow down speed nor add extra pounds to the overall riding weight.

The manufacturers knew beforehand that riders wouldn’t want to buy a pair of motorcycle boots that snuffles out of your legs and stifles your feet and toes without any space for breath. Hence, they produce the SIDI Adventure with enough breathability to withstand the stress and impacts often accompanying riding off-road. The waterproof Gore-tex fabric is behind this typical innovation.

Whether you’re set to ride in the rain or under extreme scorching temperatures, these boots will make your experience worth relishing. Plus, the boots are designed with premium full-grain moisture-absorbing suede-designed microfiber. Plus, the upper sole of the boots boasts Cordura material that ensures enough grip while your legs remain on the pegs.


  • Designed with Gore-Tex Membrane
  • Vintage full-grain leather
  • Anti-wear interior


  • Shock resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Affordably priced


Not suitable for walking

4. Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach

You wouldn’t like to miss many things about this motorcycle-riding boot. From durability to comfortability, flexibility, and affordability, having the Smith and Wesson men’s Breach in your garage won’t be a regret.

The design is beautiful, casual, sleek, and refreshing. It has its merit in its versatility of use. Riders can use both as office shoes for casual riding. This is why the sneaker-like look it dons makes the Smith & Wesson Men’s Beach a choice for seriousness and informality.

Designed in dual colors, these boots are made from a blend of nylon and real leather. That accounts for its lightweight. The rubberized outsole of the Smith and Wesson is hardwearing, slip- and abrasion-resistant.

Whether you ride in the rain or under extreme weather conditions, these boots will absorb moisture and soak in all the elements. This is an excellent outcome of the HydroGuard waterproof technology.


  • All-day wearable 
  • EVA midsole
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Great price range


  • Flexible and comfortable for riding
  • Waterproof and slip-resistant
  • Great casual design


  • Relatively pricey
  • Not ideal for running

5. Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites Tactical Sport Boot

Bates began its journey in this industry in 1985 and has since become one of the leading footwear giants, including manufacturing one of the best motorcycle boots.

The Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites Tactical Sport Boots are an excellent pair for sports riding. It features a proprietary shell that delivers incredibly full waterproofing. Yet, it remains one product that steals the show when it comes to breathability, providing your feet with the comfortable and relaxed feel they need.

Interestingly, these boots are made with lateral zip to ensure that you can quickly don and doff them easily. The side zipper available in 5 inches and eight inches can last longer and, for days, can withstand any riding on track or trail. There’s also the non-zipper style.

What’s more, the Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites Tactical Sport Boots are made with lightweight material to provide the comfort and traction you need while on the tracks. The outsole is made with rubber material that ensures the boots don’t slip and is resistant to abrasion and oil.

Durability is no issue with these boots because it is built to last, thanks to the deep lugs that don the outsole to provide enough traction that you can count on while on those rough terrains and under scary weather conditions.


  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Rubber-made outsole
  • Great traction


  • Affordably priced 
  • Slip-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight


  • Not waterproof 
  • Soft sole wears out quickly
  • Not safety boot

6. Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Boots

Maelstrom provides riders with motorcycle boots that combine comfort with protection. With top-quality, washable, polishable, and waterproof leather material, this model makes riding much easier and more comfortable.

The nylon-made upper sole of the Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Boots is a durable yet lightweight part designed for comfort, flexibility, and a dry feel in cold weather. The rubberized outsole makes the boots an excellent pick for stability and slip resistance. If you also desire hardwearing, these boots provide that great feature.

With this boost comes some excellent performance, thanks to the quality lacing and YKK side zipper that provide incredibly strong support.

You don’t have to worry or get anxious whether you’re riding in the snow or under extreme temperatures or environmental conditions.

The boots will neither lose their elasticity to moisture nor collapse under heat. It’s very refreshing to wear despite the somewhat softer outsole. The boots won’t make the noise of a whiny sound.

If you buy this guy, you’ll have invested in value and a top-quality kit.


  • Tad soft outsole
  • Ankle support
  • YKK zipper and excellent lacing
  • Made of quality leather material
  • Rubberized outsole


  • Excellent build
  • It provides great ankle support
  • Waterproof
  • Reasonably priced
  • Prioritizes protection


  • Not intended for day-long wearing
  • Relatively soft outsole

7. O’Neal Element Men’s Boots

Here’s a point: the O’Neal Element, Men’s Boots, are not unisex, so women’s boots for riders should steer clear of this model. That shouldn’t be bad news for women because this model’s sibling on this list is designed for men and women.

That’s just by the way. There are some honesty and transparency from O’Neal about this product. The fact that the boots are unisex should not dissuade us from the substance that this stuff is made of.

I’ll tell you cost-free that durability is the definition of the O’Neal Element men’s Boots. Then, comfortability, excellent feet support, and ease of donning and doffing are features perfectly integrated into this fantastic guy.

The design features semi-classic and modern nicety. It comes with adjustable and replaceable catches that offer comfort and protection. The durable, well-built soles further reinforce these. Then comes the heel support and that incredible padded interior, which makes wearing and doffing a lot easier than you find with many of the models out there.

The leather thermal protector, coupled with the metal shank, is made to make your feet and toes comfortable and provide them with maximum support and safety even while you’re on hard riding. There’s also a hardwearing sole that offers excellent traction as you ride on those rough, uneven surfaces.


  • Hardwearing sole
  • Adjustable and replaceable buckles
  • Incredibly cushioned interior
  • Great look


  • Offers maximum support
  • Quite comfortable
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • Not waterproof
  • Designed for men only

8. O’Neal 0324-110 Rider Boots

The O’Neal 0324-110 Rider Boots are designed for motorcycles, thanks to their quality leather material that will absorb moisture and survive under extreme environmental conditions without losing its quality.

Its style may not showcase the excessive niceties that define some of the sneaker-looking boots, but you can be sure the O’Neal is the practical boot for in and off-season.

The boots boast excellent safety and will protect your body from the fatal injuries that often result from accidents. I’ll tell you before I unveil the design that this model is durable, super-safe, and offers comfort.

The quadrangle buckles make the tightening of these boots a lot easier. This is the design change in this new model, which creates an upgraded version of the old model released by O’Neal.

The synthetic leather is an addition to the entire durability promise and delivery that the O’Neal 0324-100 Rider Boots enjoy. The shin is made with a molded plastic shin that confers the king of comfort status on the boots. It’s super-easy to don and doff.

You’re not likely to opt for any other motorcycle boots if you find out that the O’Neal has a plush interior and an insole that is adequately cushioned for a comfortable ride. What about the super-abundant air mesh and the great heel support you receive while your leg is in the pegs?

Suppose you don these boots for the entire 444 miles that stretch from Nashville to Natchez, taking the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee, Alabama, or Mississippi. In that case, you won’t feel any discomfort. This is enabled by the rear pull tab and the anti-slip, which ensure that the sole provides excellent and massive traction.


  • Synthetic leather
  • Cushioned insole
  • Anti-slip


  • Perfect for long-distance riding
  • It offers tons of protection
  • Ensures incredible riding experience
  • Affordable
  • Guarantees maximum support for your feet


  • Quite tight
  • Lacks memory foam

9. AXO Drone Boots

The AXO Drone Boots might be what you’ve been looking for if you’re okay with dirt bikes. It’s a fantastic pair of shoes that deliver as promised in terms of comfort, safety, protection, and strength for riders who enjoy riding on the dirt.

How do we begin to appreciate this crazy guy if we don’t point out the top-quality leather material it’s built with? You can see the manufacturer’s dedication when you realize that this model is a sturdy and incredibly constructed model for trails and tracks. Don’t get it twisted; it doesn’t mean regular motorcycle riders can’t find this excellent equipment to help themselves with on-street riding.

Let’s turn the page to performance. You can don these boots for an extended period and trust me; you won’t feel any discomfort whatsoever. We have its resistance to abrasion to thank in a significant way.

I’m not done there. The fact that the boots are made for high-impact and stressed occasions is not suggestive that you should condemn them to the dirt. Yet, the designer intends that they be worn by motocross and dirt bike riders.

Now, let’s look at the design. The AXO Drone Boots are laced with a mesh lining and an anti-slip inner, making it one of the top slip-resistant motorcycle boots on the market. The toe box is roomy enough to allow fresh air to enter your toes without being coaxed to function in the peg.


  • Made for high-impact riding
  • Wide toe box
  • Dual function: motocross and regular motorcycle riding
  • Non-slip interior


  • Sturdily built
  • Prevents debris and dirt from penetrating
  • Roomy yet snug boots
  • Provides maximum protection


  • Uncomfortable walking with
  • Not good-looking for office use

10. Alpinestars SMX-1 R Boots

Alpinestars needs no introduction because the company has been around for a while, bringing its wealth of experience to bear on delivering top-quality motorcycle boots.

The Alpinestars SMX-1 R Boots come as a reprieve and respite for those riders who don’t like donning tall riding boots. The boots are an incredible offer if you think having enough airflow has been the issue with wearing tall boots during the hot weather.

Having a pair of boots that match the height of Pro racing boots is the way to go, especially if you have to go through the summer challenges almost every time. After all, it would help if you had reliability, protection, flexibility, and ventilation.

This guy is great for street and track riding and can be purchased at a price that won’t require you to break the bank. Affordable as it may seem, the Alpinestars SMX-1 R Boots bring value in design, style, safety, and weight.

Designed as a very lightweight and durable boot, this fantastic guy brags abrasion-resistant and anti-slip features. We have to thank the more exceptional synthetic material which blends TPU protectors with it.

That’s not all. The incredible in-house QC team brings out the best in the model, having made it go through the rigorous process of quality checks to certify the Alpinestars SMX-1 R boots by the CE Cat 2.

Protection is not compromised in the construction of the Alpinestars SMX-1 R because the manufacturer uses lateral stability to ensure it provides the needed protection to the rider. There’s also the perforated medial TPR and toe box for breathability. It boasts enough ventilation.

The Alpinestars SMX-1 R boots guarantee enough traction when your feet are in the pegs, thanks to the rubberized sole, which also confers high durability on the boots and disperses water as quickly as it enters the boot.


  • Media zip closure for easy donning and doffing
  • Doubly dense ankle protection
  • Built-in dual-injected TPU forefoot slider
  • TPR shift cushion


  • Great protection 
  • Durable
  • Affordably priced
  • Lightweight


  • Bulky built
  • Not as comfy

Buying Guide For Motorcycle Boots

Following the features of our motorcycle boots brag, you can gauge what essential functions a pair of motorcycle boots should have. So, it would help if you were on the lookout for these things before you decide to want to break the bank for them.

There are essential and non-essential factors to consider. By the essentials, I mean those features that, if they visibly lack in the boots will be like tossing money out the window. Your boots can’t afford to be lacking in those features. Otherwise, we get a different name rather than a motorcycle boot.

Let’s do a quick rundown of the essential features a pair of motorcycle boots should have to be worth all the bucks:

  • Crash and Impact Protection
  • Quality of Material
  • Size
  • Ergonomics and Comfort
  • Pricing

Crash Safety & Impact Protection

I’m sure the reason for wearing protective gear while riding is to reduce the impact of crashes and be protected from severe injuries. So, you can’t compromise this feature; it’s as essential to motorcycle boots as tires are to motorcycles. On the one hand, your boots must provide safety and protection from serious injuries. Mostly, they must be abrasion-resistant.

Conversely, your riding boots must also protect against the elements, including water, wind, and air. In other words, your boots must be waterproof and weatherproof. Also, it must guarantee airflow during summer and a close-fitting wind cap in winter. If you have a pair of weatherproof riding boots, you’d be able to undertake those long-distance motorcycle trips non-stop.

Quality of Material

Typically, high motorcycle boots are made from several top materials. You must consider the material with which the boots are made before you make an order. Elements of riding boots provide sturdiness and strength to ensure comfort, protection, abrasion, and impact resistance. A high-quality motorcycle boot protects your feet and shins from slipping or peeling in the event of an accident.

There are enough materials out there from which manufacturers make their brand of motorcycle boots. We have leather, armor, Kevlar, Gore-Tex, and heat plastic polyurethane. Each material boasts different functionalities and purposes, and leather is the most used material. The leather material should brag great density and a full-grain design.


While protection and resistance from abrasion or impact are crucial, your riding boots must provide enough comfort. You need to enjoy stopping and moving with your shoes without feeling pains, itches, or skin peels at the forefeet or midfoot.

The design of your motorcycle boots must be highly ergonomic. By that, I mean they must feature an incredibly sturdy sole, which helps support when you need the motorcycle to stop. Hardwearing and grip are two other features that make boots comfortable on the leg.

Design & Style

Design and style are also essential when choosing which motorcycle boots to buy. If you’re an office type who prefers going to work on your bike, you’ll need some footwear that wears a classic, cute, and comfortable look. You won’t wear armor boots with extended height, a weird look, and a jagged structure. Just something that looks befitting to the office.

Right Size

I’d have skipped this factor because I take it for granted that riders should know better than buying under-sized or oversized boots means they’re inviting disaster and discomfort. Make sure the boots you’re ordering fit your feet, not too large, not too small. Nothing is taken away if you measure your feet’ size before ordering. Checking online size charts will also help a great deal.


Are you surprised I have to talk about pricing and budget? You shouldn’t. How much you can spare depends on what you get on the market. While there are quality motorcycle boots out there that come at the right price, there are those that will tear your purse.

I suggest you should be ready to commit cash to get the best in the market. It’s just logical to say that you should consider your safety first and more than your budget. While you can’t afford to compromise protection, you must also not break the bank if the boots you can afford still guarantee protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are timberland boots perfect for riding?

The simple answer is yes. Timberlands are a great option to use for motorcycle riding. They come with a lot of leather. As I’ve hinted, leather boots are more durable and comfortable with excellent ergonomics. Timberland boots guarantee your feet, ankles, dorsum, and planum protection.

Q: Are motorcycle boots better than shoes?

If by shoes you mean regular boots, then I must admit that motorcycle boots are preferable and worth wearing with shoes.

I’ll advise against wearing regular shoes because they don’t provide as much protection, stability, and balance as you find with motorcycle boots. Although they may provide some level of comfort, that aspect of safety is missing.

Q: Are short motorcycle boots safe?

Absolutely! Short motorcycle boots brag the stability, comfort, and protection you need when riding, especially on bumpy roads and uneven terrain. It’s important to note that short motorcycle boots are meant to provide balance and not for any specific kind of riding.

Q: Why do I need to wear motorcycle boots?

You need to wear boots because you need to stay safe and alive on the road and protect the lives of other road users. Don’t forget you’re also responsible for and for your family responsible for and your family.

As a bike rider, you have to be proactive, and one of the ways to do that is to take preventive measures against accidents. Wearing boots doesn’t only ensure balance, comfort, and stability; it provides a high sense of safety and protection in the event of a clash. You know how fatal a motorcycle clash can be, right? I never wish to experience one.


Whatever your attitude may have been, there is a need to realize the protective role motorcycle boots play in the overall safety and security of riders.

If you follow this buying guide, you won’t have issues with frequent replacement of boots or trying to use your radar detectors to escape the scapegoating hunt of the traffic cop.

Now, if you ask me which of these motorcycle models you should go for, honestly, I won’t be able to answer because I’ve only used a handful of them. I hope you may buy all. I assure you that regardless of the boot model you purchase on this list, there is excellent value for money.

Stay safe! Ride safely!

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